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  1. It's ciudadanía por naturalización, Snowyco. La naturaleza is nature--the beach, the trees, the mountains, etc.
  2. JAJJAJA. The 'poster' says feria. But as I mentioned in my post up there, it does NOT give the hours that the actual expoventa will be open to the public. It gives the times during both evenings that various bands/dance groups will perform. Not enough info IMHO. Suppose I went over there at 8AM to buy tachihual for breakfast and nobody was there to sell it to me?
  3. The times listed on the poster for the festival do not include the festival hours, if there are hours. The times listed are the times for music and dance--not the hours the festival is actually open to the public.
  4. More Liana


    Early mexica (later called aztecs) and maya people also ate dog. The xoloitzcuintle was raised for warmth--the hairless dog's body temperature runs several degrees above that of human beings, and the indigenous people slept with the dogs--and they also used the dogs for food. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2017/11/hairless-dog-mexico-xolo-xoloitzcuintli-Aztec/ Here's a xolo puppy, photo I took in Mexico City about 5 years ago.
  5. More Liana


    And at one time, it was common to be sold cat rather than rabbit. Once skinned, their anatomies are very, very similar. To the point that there is a saying about it: "Me vendió gato por iiebre." 'He sold me a cat instead of a hare.' By extension, it means someone cheated you.
  6. Of course, the saying goes, "Can you afford the remodel AND the divorce?"
  7. Kyle, when Mexico's current president took office on December 1, 2018, one of the very first things he did was raise the minimum wage, which at the end of 2018, was 80 pesos per day, everywhere in Mexico. Up until AMLO took office, annual raises in the minimum wage had been approximately 4 pesos. In the area near the USA border, AMLO doubled the minimum wage, to 176 pesos. In other parts of the country, the raise was about 25 pesos.
  8. Ummm...Juan O'Gorman, anyone? (I guess his papá was born in Ireland, though...)
  9. More Liana


    The butchers at this Mexico City market stand added a handful of alfalfa to this cabeza de puerco. As someone mentioned, the pig head is the basis of the broth for pozole. Once it's cooked, the head is sliced up. A bowl of pozole can contain maciza (all leg meat), cabeza (sliced meat from the head), or surtido (a combination of slices of leg meat, cachete (cheeks), nose, ears, and tongue). You can ask your server for the kind of meat you prefer. I used to love to go eat pozole at Cenaduría Elba in Chapala--IMHO the best at Lakeside.
  10. The name of Ajijic's patron saint is ANDRÉS. St. Andrew, in English. I keep seeing the erroneous name posted here on Chapala.com. San Andreas is a fault line and a movie, but there is no such saint name.
  11. It's ficus benjamina, and it is native to India and Australia. Family‎: ‎Moraceae Order‎: ‎Rosales Species‎: ‎F. benjamina Kingdom‎: ‎Plantae
  12. I know two restaurants in Mexico City that ONLY serve huaraches, and both are always jammed. Lots of times when I take tourists for a market tour, we stop at one of the restaurants for breakfast. The huarache is a wonderful thing. Here's a link to El Huarache Azteca, one of the two restaurants: http://www.elhuaracheazteca.com/
  13. In Mexico, women do not change their names at the time they marry. So there is no concept of "maiden" name here.
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