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  1. I have been to Pian and to Tepetate and thought both were awful. YMMV.
  2. I use .com and .com.mx, have Prime on both, use a USA debit card on both, and delivery can be as fast as overnight or as slow as 8-10 days. Nothing has gone missing and the service on either is terrific, typical Amazon.
  3. Yo1, I've been wondering why he posted here since the post appeared. This insurance thing doesn't exist in Chapala, but it definitely does in Mexico City and probably does in Cuernavaca. I paid it for the first time when I rented my second Mexico City apartment in February 2018. The cost of a year-long policy at that time was $6000.00 pesos over and above the cost of the deposit and the first month's rent. Mine was through a company called Previsión Legal, which anyone is welcome to look for on Google, just to see what it's all about.
  4. Is this a house you will be living in and paying rent, or is it a house you will be renting to someone else? If you will be living in the house and paying rent, to whom are you paying rent? The person or bank that receives your rent payments is your landlord (casero). There is often a requirement that renters pay one year's insurance (especially in the CDMX) to guarantee that the renters will pay the rent and abide by the terms of the rental contract. I believe that is what you are posting about.
  5. It's obvious to me that the people who have posted regarding the link that started this thread have not bothered to read the article. The article CLEARLY STATES that this new rule applies to cruise ships departing from the USA. And FYI, if you simply looked at the words in the link itself--not even the article--it should be apparent that the NYTimes thought it was political news. I don't care one way or the other, it simply seemed like travel news that would interest some members of this board. I guess "interest" means "let's all bash one another". Good grief.
  6. I was there nearly a year ago and will go again the next time I'm in Ajijic. It's just wonderful. https://mexicocooks.typepad.com/mexico_cooks/2018/07/you-cant-go-home-again-restaurante-teocintle-maíz-ajijic-jalisco-.html
  7. Several years ago I had a problem with Volaris. After three months of attempting to recover money from Volaris, I reported the problem to PROFECO and in three days Volaris deposited the full amount owed me to my bank. Sometimes it's not about just the money, but the principle of the thing.
  8. Of course not. If I had meant that, I would have said so. That's good news, Kiko. Maybe they have figured it out.
  9. The point is, Bancomer contacts me ONLY when I make a purchase or transfer. Of course I save my receipt or confirmation email for either of those. Bancomer has NEVER contacted me with a possible fraud alert. Only my USA-based bank does that.
  10. Yes, I get a text message on my phone when I use my debit card or do an online transfer. I don't get alerts about possible fraud, though--alerts that ask me to call the bank to confirm that I made the transaction, or tell the bank that yes, it is a fraudulent transaction. Do you? My USA bank offers that service, Bancomer, no.
  11. If you didn't see this announcement, effective Tuesday June 4, 2019, you'll want to read it. There are several other articles in the NYTimes (and I'm sure in other newspapers) about this new wrinkle. https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2019/06/04/us/politics/ap-us-united-states-cuba.html?searchResultPosition=3
  12. I check my balances daily. Two seconds of my time gives me 24 hours of assurance that my money is where it's supposed to be. CG, my USA bank alerts me to any suspected fraud. I don't see that option on my Mexican bank accounts. Can you clarify that your bank is in Mexico?
  13. This can only be handled in Mexico City.
  14. About 3 years ago, I crossed using the CBX at Tijuana for the first time. What others have said is exactly what happened to me: got my baggage at baggage claim, walked back a few feet and got my CBX ticket, and walked across the bridge, showing my USA passport to the INM desk on the bridge. Because it was my first time using the CBX, a USA government employee actually took me across the bridge, asked if I wanted to see how to get back into the bridge on my return trip to Mexico, walked me through the whole process, showed me every detail, and walked me to the door, where my friend was waiting to pick me up. I was amazed by the extraordinary service I received--without asking, just as a favor--from the USA government. Bdlington, I'm sorry your experience was less than excellent. That guy you talked to didn't know what he was talking about and caused you a bunch of problems.
  15. I quoted your post in its entirety. I didn't see another post.
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