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  1. More Liana


    Could you tell us what Hys salt is? Thanks!
  2. More Liana


    I use this kind. I like it because the mesh is finer than Computer Guy's, but that's just me. It's easy to wash, too.
  3. I certainly prefer gas, for both stovetop and oven. I inherited a Kenmore microwave/convection oven combo. I've used the microwave occasionally, but I've never used the convection feature. About 15 years ago in Guadalajara, I bought a floor model midrange (jaja, range) MABE stove that I loved until I had to give it up--long story. LOVED. The stovetop burners were completely adjustable, from the lowest simmer to the highest boil, and of course were instantly adjustable--because they were gas. Long ago I purchased extremely heavy-duty MABE parrillas to replace the skinny ones that came with the stove, just because. The oven held perfectly whatever temperature I required--I used a standard hang-on-the-rack oven thermometer. I baked biscuits, corn bread, brownies/cookies/cakes, pizza from scratch, you name it, with never a hitch. About a year ago, I reluctantly bought (on Facebook Marketplace) another MABE stove, 6 months old, in Mexico City, and schlepped it to Morelia with me--along with the thermometer and those heavy-duty parrillas. Wonder of wonders, the new one works exactly as well as the old one. MABE rules, IMHO, and not for a whole lot of money. I think I paid about $6000 pesos for each of mine. I hope I last as long as the new one will.
  4. You'd do better if you looked up Tlajomulco de Zuñiga.
  5. Por supuesto qué sí, Slainte. Lo que dices, y bien dicho que sea, no corresponde a la pregunta que hice. No encontré nada en lo que ha subido el poster que indica si es extranjero/a o ciudadano/a mexicano/a. Dijiste que es mexicano/a y te pregunté de cómo sabes. Cuentas con una bola de cristal?
  6. Slainte, how do you know that s/he was born in Mexico? Just curious...
  7. In Morelia, where I live, a recently-opened state-of-the-art hospital has a program one can buy into that provides free medical appointments at the hospital (for checkups and for illnesses), free lab and other testing, free ambulance service if needed from one's home or anywhere else in the area to that hospital, first night free room if you have to be hospitalized, and a long list of other attractive benefits. Not free prescription meds, though, and if one needs a specialist, one pays, but at a reduced rate. There was no medical exam, no questionnaire about any illnesses either current or prior, no requirement to give a list of meds you take. Just sign the paper and they give you a membership card. I recently signed up and paid the one-payment annual cost. How much was it? 2800 pesos. Yes, 2800 pesos. Some of you should talk with the new San Antonio hospital about doing something similar.
  8. When Telmex installed my internet here in Morelia, the tech warned me about changing the password for the modem. He said it could potentially cause big problems for the user. My password is on a label on the front of my modem, not the back, directly under the numbers that identify the B19E modem. I have to look at it every time I need it, but I wouldn't change it for the world.
  9. All of which cannot be deciphered in an email.
  10. Turks Head is a great suggestion. Unfortunately I've never seen one for sale in a Mexican market, but YMMV.
  11. Get the squash with the hardest shell you can find. A squash like a pumpkin won't work, the shell is too soft. TBH, I don't know another squash with a shell as hard as that of the Castilla. Could you substitute camote enmielado on your menu instead? I know it's not the same, but it's really delicious.
  12. No, your quote clearly states that it is a Spanish-language daily IN THE UNITED STATES. I have just this minute found an article in La Jornada, in its section labeled "Estados". https://www.jornada.com.mx/ultimas/estados/2020/01/05/muere-menor-en-ataque-armado-a-familia-en-tamaulipas-5984.html And here's another from a newspaper in Reynosa: https://www.elmanana.com/buscan-a-atacantes-de-familia-estadounidense-mier-ataque-armado-riberena/4996496
  13. No one yet has posted a link to an article in Spanish from any newspaper in the area of the alleged incident. Where did all of these ENGLISH LANGUAGE links get their information?
  14. I wonder where the AP got this info. I don't see any mention of it in any newspaper from that area, nor in any other Mexican newspaper that I've looked at.
  15. It shouldn't be hard. Did he buy it in those plastic packages, or did he buy it from the "wheel"? Did you read my post on Chowhound, the post that Bisbee Gal refers to? My post tells you how I make it. It's never been hard when I've bought it.
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