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  1. You are spot on! We don't have time to deal with all of this fixing, TV out and downloading, we just want to sit down and push buttons and have TV. Thank God we kept our Shaw as we are back to watching it most of the time because it works, for now!
  2. This has nothing to do with the internet, my speeds are well over 10 and when I do get TV it works, the bad part is we don't get it for a week at a time because our provider cannot keep up!
  3. We were invited to the American Legion for a demonstration of Roku by a well known lady in these parts that does services and a gentlemen was present also. They tried to show us the system but most of the time the internet was so sporadic at the legion they could not show us much. They did tell us that the feed was from LA in the United States but did not refer to us what time programing would come on. The deal was you buy the Roku and if you signed up for a year you got a discount. So we did, the first week we had to program the Roku every day that we watched it, then for some reason we had a couple of weeks that it worked with very limited TV to watch. Then it all started with no programming for 1 week, then we finally get a response that they are working on it, another week goes by and they tell us how to update it, so we did and it worked 1 day and then had to take 2 days to program it again. Now that it is all up to date, it is all in Spanish, the guide is in Spanish and most of the programs are in Spanish, yes we need to learn more but when we paid for US TV we want English programs. So many of us have asked for refunds and they say they don't give refunds. Real good business here. We and many that signed up that day at the Legion say beware and don't work with this company because it is all about the money not the service. Nothing against the Legion by the way, they had no idea like most of us.
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