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  1. Mainecoons, I couldn't agree with you more about the tidal wave of plastic waste that is overwhelming our world. There are rafts of plastic junk floating in the Pacific that are bigger than whole states in the US. Various kinds of plastic are ingested by wildlife, which ends up killing them. This mindless, wasteful destruction has got to come to an end. I know that banning plastic bags and a handful of other items won't solve this, but we've got to start somewhere.
  2. I bought my used Mexican car there and was very satisfied. Often, in Mexico, you do get what you pay for. Taking a chance on some of the other options may end up with big problems down the line. S&S checks everything very carefully and you can count on them. They will also take you over to Guadalajara to look for a car, no charge, and keep looking until you find what you want. They make sure all paperwork is in order and the car is properly registered and plated before they deliver it to their lot in Riberas for you to pick up. They also offer the service to re-register your car when needed. Saves a lot of standing in lines and going to different offices and I found it worth every penny of their fee.
  3. I vote for porn star. You' probably had a lot more fun back in the 80s than the desert Island survivor
  4. While I don't have any photos of the Sparling Tailed Woodstar, I have quite a few of other hummingbirds that frequent our area. They were taken at the home of the woman known as Flossie the Hummingbird Lady. Flossie has since moved back to the US and lives in a nursing home now, but she still loves hummingbirds. I told Flossie's story and showed several species from her yard in my blog, Jim and Carole's Mexico Adventure: https://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2013/01/flossie-hummingbird-lady.html
  5. Mexico has been mixed race since the beginning of of the Conquest. Hernan Cortez had a child by his indigenous translator/mistress La Malinche. The child may have been the first mestizo (mixed race person), or at least one of the first. Shortly after the Conquest, the Spanish began importing large numbers of African slaves to work in the sugar haciendas. People from the Far East began appearing very early too, brought over by the Manila Galleons. Spanish men had children by women of all these various races and the different groups also intermarried. People with a purely Spanish or European background have always been a minority in Mexico. The vast majority of Mexicans are mestizo.
  6. That's why they say you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
  7. This link is to a story that ran on Michigan Live. They got four experts on infectious disease to rank 36 different activities as to the level of safety from covid-19 and some things you might consider before engaging in them. The experts didn't always agree on their threat rankings, so the rankings were averaged and disagreements noted. I found it very useful, since most of the activities are similar to what expats might consider here at Lakeside. https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2020/06/from-hair-salons-to-gyms-experts-rank-36-activities-by-coronavirus-risk-level.html?fbclid=IwAR05qyKn9vrwze-laHSHO1Nb93wHH1OanQUW2oZhDjXlnGh66dReIGCG5nM
  8. Just keep in mind that properties here are still way over-priced IMHO. There was a several-year buying frenzy that drove up prices until just before covid-19 hit. Clearly, the pandemic has flattened the market considerably, if only because the traffic from the US/Canada skidded nearly to a halt and real estate offices still appear to be closed. However, in my experience from the 2008 crash, it took several years before the market began to look good again. Some of the conditions of that time also apply now. There is virtually no mortgage system here, at least as you would understand it up north. People nearly always pay the full price up front. By doing so, they have no monthly payment and therefore don't feel the pressure to sell, even in a down market. Also, since they have sunk such a large part of their net worth into the house, and often have paid additional large sums to remodel, they tend to be very reluctant to drop the price. Thus, a house can sit on the market for years, as I have seen many do. I think your "wait and watch" suggestion is the best policy.
  9. This guy looks like someone who is always sticking his nose into everything.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. How about responding to the request rather than standing back and throwing spitballs. Or, just refrain from responding.
  11. The problem is, without large scale testing, you don't know whose contacts to trace. There are doubtless many folks walking around who have been exposed and perhaps even infected who are not yet showing symptoms or who are asymptomatic but contagions, This is the real reason for wearing masks. They are to protect others from the wearer, more than to protect the wearer him/herself. Those who go about in public with no mask because they "aren't afraid of the virus" or are "exercising their personal sovereignly" are irresponsibly endangering others.
  12. donenrique, please contact me at jcmx07@hotmail.com so we can discuss this further.
  13. Well, if I am still looking in mid-summer, before you go back to Mexico City, I'll be in touch. Thanks!
  14. Can you pm me with the years of the laptops and what OS they have? Also, do they have 13", 15" or other size screens?
  15. This is an excellent, short video about the purposes of face masks in the coronavirus pandemic. One important point they make is that face masks are much less about protecting you than they are about protecting everyone else from you. Lots of very practical information about different kinds of masks and how to wear and care for them. https://youtu.be/P27HRClMf2U
  16. I am looking for a used, but still relatively new, Apple MacBook Pro laptop, 15" screen but would consider 13". I don't want to buy one new, because it would come with the Catalina operating system which will no longer support my iPhoto program. Anything with a Mojave or earlier OS would be good.
  17. According to the article, Sweden's death rate from covid-19 is more than 3 times that of the combined totals of its Scandinavian neighbors.
  18. I think one of the reasons (but not the only) that the death rates for the 80+ age range are so high is that so many of them are in nursing homes. Any kind of close, regular contact, whether it's congregate living, working in meat packing plants, or riding the subway is a natural breeding ground for covid-19.
  19. Since testing is so limited, we have no idea how many asymptomatic kids are out there, not getting sick but spreading the disease to people older than themselves. This is not just about protecting the kids from covid-19, but about preventing them from becoming vectors of the spread. That said, all of the downsides you mention are valid. We're in a pickle and will remain there until we have adequate, reliable, and widely accessible testing.
  20. Yes, I remember all the moaning by the airlines about high fuel prices. They shed rivers of tears about how they just HAD to start charging for checked baggage to offset those fuel prices. And when the fuel prices dropped, I remember how they cancelled the checked bag charges. Oh! Right! They still charge us for the bags. Gee, how silly of me to believe them...
  21. Gee, and I was hoping to make a bid for the Monet. Don't care for his work myself, but my wife is a fan. Oh well, I'll have to settle for the work of R. Crumb.
  22. My watch battery is dead. Ordinarily I would simply go to one of the guys at the tianguis to change it. Obviously that is not an option at this point. Does anyone know of anyplace to get a watch battery replaced?
  23. "whether or not I can manage construction remotely." I would definitely not advise doing this. You will have your hands full just dealing with issues that come up on a face to face basis with contractors, workers, government officials, etc. I can't imagine how you would accomplish this from out of the country. Do you speak Spanish? Fluently? Making sure your instructions are understood and carried out as you intended with be tricky if you are not. I have lived down here for 13 years and known plenty of folks who have built homes or had them significantly refurbished. They always report lots of problems, delays, unexpected hassles, etc. I don't want to rain on your parade, just to be sure you know what you are getting into.
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