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  1. We just noticed what appears to be black mould along the base of the wall under the bathroom sink. There is also salitre on the wall above it. We have read that black mould is dangerous if inhaled. What is the best way to remove it and does anyone have any names w/phone numbers of professionals who have handled this successfully for you?
  2. We got a message on our Shaw Direct TV Satellite system that "Receiver has lost signal. Network connection lost" Normally this only happens when a rainstorm interferes with the signal and the signal is regained as soon as the rain lets up. There has been no rain today and the signal has been lost for a couple of hours now. Is this happening with anyone else? Any thoughts, solutions?
  3. I have a Brother HL 5140 laser printer (black and white only) which I have been using for many years. It has developed a problem and I am looking for a local, Chapala area, person who is good with repairing old printers. Any recommendations?
  4. Carrying a $2.00 USD paper bill only prevents Covid if all the digits in the serial number are letters. Otherwise, no protection. Someone should tell AMLO.
  5. Hmmmm...back when it was first announced that a Walmart was to be built in the present site, I said this will be total mess for traffic at this intersection. It's been a mess for several years, but now we have moved to the "supership stuck in the Suez Canal" stage. Surprise, surprise!
  6. My wife I got our shots on Sunday in Chapala. We heard at the last minute that it was happening, so we down- loaded and printed our necessary forms and set off. We were sure it was going to be an ordeal--or at least at typical Mexican adventure. In the end, we were pleasantly surprised! It was held at Christiana Park and was surprisingly well organized. We we arrived about 10:30am and had to stand in a short line (3-4 people ahead of us) to get the registration done. I had tried to do it on-line, but there was no way to download the certificate. No problem, several guys with laptops were at Christiana's front gate to take care of it. This took about 15 minutes and we headed for the end of the vaccination line...and headed...and headed... and headed...It stretched from the main gate at Christiana to the front door of Cruz Roja. Fortunately, almost the whole distance was in shade and the staff had set out chairs all along the way so everyone could be seated. They were letting about 30 people in the gate at time, so we played musical chairs every 20 minutes or so, getting closer and closer to the gate. When we finally got to the main gate, we had been there about 3 hours. I had brought water, some snacks, and a book, so it was not unpleasant. They counted us off at the gate and we were then guided to a canopy under which were lines of chairs, one behind the other. We sat and again waited, this time for about 20 minutes. Then workers started down the aisles, giving injections to people on either side as they went. The shot was very gently administered and virtually painless. Even as the injection staff were working their way down the line, other workers were following them, taking our paperwork and filling out forms for our second shot, to be administered in about 3 weeks. All the Mexican staff were very courteous and supportive and some actually spoke English (at least better than my Spanish!) so we could get our questions answered. At one point the staff filling out my form didn't speak English but she was able to call on one of my seatmates who could translate my questions and her answers. Our stay under the tent was about 45 minutes total, including shots, forms, and waiting for allergic reactions. Then they shepherded us out and we were DONE! The whole thing was somewhat tedious, but not unpleasant, especially compared to what so many folks in Ajijic experienced. I plan to do my next shot in Chapala again, unless I hear that Ajijic has got its act better together.
  7. VPN doesn't make any difference. I use Hotspot Shield and my virtual site is somewhere in Southern California. The same problem happens with or without the VPN turned on.
  8. My condo complex is considering having Telmex install fiber optic to all units. Is this likely to solve the problem? I still don’t understand why some websites are affected and not others.
  9. My wife and I have both experienced difficulty connecting to Goggle and related websites at various times during the day or evening. For example I couldn’t connect around 11:30 pm last night and she couldn’t between 7-10am this morning. At other times of the day, everything works fine. What is particularly odd is that we can connect with some sites just fine but not others. No problem with Washington Post or NY Times, but nada with Google. Anyone else having this problem or knows what’s going on?
  10. Wearing a mask that doesn't cover your nose is like wearing a condom with the tip cut off.
  11. We have heard that Jalisco’s motor vehicle department has reactivated its office in Chapala, but we can’t seem to locate it. Anyone have an address? Hours of operation? Also, given the pandemic, do you need an appointment? Is the Recaudora office where you make payments in the same place? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  12. I had Luis do some work for me and I found him honest, reliable, and he accomplished what I wanted at a reasonable price.
  13. Mainecoons, I have faced the same situation at Mexico City airport several times. I have tried the shuttle, the bus and a taxi. Take it from me, just take a taxi. It's much quicker and simpler than any of the other options and the cabbie will know just where to drop you off for the shortest walk. The ride is only a short distance so the fare is not much. All you need to know is the most direct route from your arrival gate to the taxi sitio.
  14. cookj5


    Merida is a wonderful colonial era city full of charming architecture, plazas, and historical landmarks. It has great restaurants and lots of colorful street life. Within 30 min. to an hour in any direction there are ancient Maya ruins. The only downside I found was that visiting in the summer is prohibitively hot and humid. Best time to go is December-February when the weather is mild and pleasant. I did a series on our visit in my blog "Jim and Carole's Mexico Adventure" https://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2012/03/northwest-yucatan-part-1-merida-white.html This is part one. When you get to the bottom of a page, look for "newer posts" to get to Part 2, and so forth. Enjoy!
  15. What is the cost of installation to your home? Is there a monthly charge?
  16. The big flat screen TV that was in our house when we bought it five years ago has finally crapped out. It is probably at least 10 years old. We want to replace it with a new one but are somewhat baffled at our choices. The selection at Walmart (we don't want to drive to Guad), primarily included the LG and Samsung brands. We want something fairly simple that we can hook up to our Shaw cable and to our DVD player. What we found seemed to be much more complex than that, with all sorts of complicated options that we'll probably never use. Also, with our old TV we could control the on/off, channels, and video source either with the remote or with a set of buttons on the side of the TV. However, the new ones don't come with control buttons on the side or back. Apparently, the only way you can control them is with the remote and if your remote goes out, you are screwed until you can get it fixed or replaced. We want something that is of good quality, relatively simple, and that doesn't require a Phd. in Electronics to operate. Any suggestions? Other brands to look at? Just try to get our old TV fixed?
  17. What you say is correct. However the original poster says the employees were the ones not wearing masks. This has nothing to do with being uncomfortable with confrontation. It has to do with lax management and employees who don't give a rip who they infect--and infections are increasing rapidly in Jalisco.
  18. It probably would. However, that is not the only statistic to watch. Hospitalization utilization and deaths from covid-19 are probably a better indicator of what is going on than reported infections, given the disparity in testing.
  19. Sweden's death total, as of Sept. 22, 2020 is way higher than its neighbors Denmark, Finland, and Norway. It is true that Sweden, with a population of just over 10 million is larger than its neighbors. The other three each have populations of about 5.5 million. So Sweden is about twice as large as each of them. However, Sweden's death total is 5,876 as of Sept. 22. That is 9.3 times as many deaths as Denmark (643 dead), 17.13 times as many as Finland (343 dead) and a whopping 22 times as many as Norway (267). I would call Sweden's record a pretty miserable one, compared to its neighbors. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1113834/cumulative-coronavirus-deaths-in-the-nordics/
  20. We have lived in Ajijic for almost 14 years. For the first 10 years or so, we depended upon ATMs to access our money in our NOB account. Ultimately, we found that having a Mexican bank account gave us better access to the pesos we needed. This was particularly so after we bought a house that needed occasional repairs and when we needed substantial sums to buy a car, pay medical bills, etc. Many times, the amounts needed were greater than you could get from an ATM, unless you went back repeatedly over a period of time. Over those first 10 years exclusively using ATMs, we did encounter a number of problems with them. Sometimes our usual ATM would be inoperable for some reason. We would then have to scramble to locate one that was functional, often at an inconvenient time, such as just before departure on a trip. We discovered that trying to access funds on certain days (particularly during fiestas) sometimes resulted in a message on the screen that the ATM was out of money. When we couldn't get an ATM to operate properly, we would always return home to check our US account online. Sometmes we would discover that the funds we had asked for had been withdrawn, even though we had an ATM receipt that said zero funds withdrawn. The local bank with the problem ATM never takes responsibility and always refers you back to your US bank. This meant we would have to go through voice-mail hell to get through, and then fight with them to put the money back. Ultimately, It made sense to have an account in a local bank where we can access pesos in the amount we need, while dealing with actual human beings, rather than a machine. Others may have different experiences or opinions, these are mine.
  21. We just got an email from MultiVa that we can no longer deposit a US check in our savings account unless we shift 25% of our money into an investment account. Has anyone else gotten a communication like this from MulitVa? Are any other local banks/investment houses putting out similar communications?
  22. I have used Sammy Reyes (333-4820167; 331-289-5209) for more than a decade to take my wife and I to the airport, often at very early hours. He is absolutely reliable and usually shows up earlier than the appointment. Charge from Ajijic to the Airport is $450 pesos (not including tip). I usually give him at least $20 pesos/piece of luggage. He has several vehicles of various sizes. Make sure you mention how much luggage you have.
  23. I talked to Polo this morning. He will be returning to the LCS on Monday, Sept. 28 with appointments starting at 11 AM. By the way, Mainecoons, are you sure the problem is with the hearing aid itself or just the little rubber earpiece? When the earpiece collects too much earwax, it can make the hearing aid inaudible. You can soak the detachable earpiece in hydrogen peroxide and that will sometimes clear up the problem. Otherwise you need a new earpiece. It's best to get a couple of sets so you have spares when Polo is not in town.
  24. It is not only NOT a scam, it is part of the South Dakota state law to allow people from out of state to get SD vehicle titles, registration, and auto plates: 32-5-4.1. Nonresident registration application--Issuance of nonnegotiable interstate title--Purpose and duration--Violation as misdemeanor. Any person who is an owner of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, truck tractor, road tractor, trailer, semitrailer, or recreational vehicle or trailer, who is required to apply for registration under chapter 32-3, 32-5, 32-5B, 32-9, or 32-10, and whose legal residence or chief place of business is outside the state, shall submit an application, a copy of a valid title or registration from another jurisdiction and payment of all applicable fees to the department. Upon receipt of such information, the department shall issue a nonnegotiable interstate title. A nonnegotiable title is not a valid legal document for any purpose or transaction except to make application for yearly South Dakota registration. The nonnegotiable title is valid as long as title ownership remains the same. A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor. Source: SL 1969, ch 179; SL 1988, ch 236, § 11; SL 1989, ch 255, § 14; SL 1989, ch 257, § 54. I had SD plates on my car for many years, although I originally moved to Mexico from Oregon. The nice women in the Clay County DMV were always very helpful and understanding.
  25. Gee, that makes me wonder if any of that showed up in his paintings...
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