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  1. I was wondering the same thing. How about responding to the request rather than standing back and throwing spitballs. Or, just refrain from responding.
  2. What happened to the one confirmed case in Chapala that was shown on a similar chart a few days ago?
  3. The problem is, without large scale testing, you don't know whose contacts to trace. There are doubtless many folks walking around who have been exposed and perhaps even infected who are not yet showing symptoms or who are asymptomatic but contagions, This is the real reason for wearing masks. They are to protect others from the wearer, more than to protect the wearer him/herself. Those who go about in public with no mask because they "aren't afraid of the virus" or are "exercising their personal sovereignly" are irresponsibly endangering others.
  4. donenrique, please contact me at jcmx07@hotmail.com so we can discuss this further.
  5. Well, if I am still looking in mid-summer, before you go back to Mexico City, I'll be in touch. Thanks!
  6. Can you pm me with the years of the laptops and what OS they have? Also, do they have 13", 15" or other size screens?
  7. This is an excellent, short video about the purposes of face masks in the coronavirus pandemic. One important point they make is that face masks are much less about protecting you than they are about protecting everyone else from you. Lots of very practical information about different kinds of masks and how to wear and care for them. https://youtu.be/P27HRClMf2U
  8. I am looking for a used, but still relatively new, Apple MacBook Pro laptop, 15" screen but would consider 13". I don't want to buy one new, because it would come with the Catalina operating system which will no longer support my iPhoto program. Anything with a Mojave or earlier OS would be good.
  9. According to the article, Sweden's death rate from covid-19 is more than 3 times that of the combined totals of its Scandinavian neighbors.
  10. I think one of the reasons (but not the only) that the death rates for the 80+ age range are so high is that so many of them are in nursing homes. Any kind of close, regular contact, whether it's congregate living, working in meat packing plants, or riding the subway is a natural breeding ground for covid-19.
  11. Since testing is so limited, we have no idea how many asymptomatic kids are out there, not getting sick but spreading the disease to people older than themselves. This is not just about protecting the kids from covid-19, but about preventing them from becoming vectors of the spread. That said, all of the downsides you mention are valid. We're in a pickle and will remain there until we have adequate, reliable, and widely accessible testing.
  12. Yes, I remember all the moaning by the airlines about high fuel prices. They shed rivers of tears about how they just HAD to start charging for checked baggage to offset those fuel prices. And when the fuel prices dropped, I remember how they cancelled the checked bag charges. Oh! Right! They still charge us for the bags. Gee, how silly of me to believe them...
  13. Gee, and I was hoping to make a bid for the Monet. Don't care for his work myself, but my wife is a fan. Oh well, I'll have to settle for the work of R. Crumb.
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