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  1. The problem is, he's hardly ever there. I got him to do some work but had to come back numerous times because the booth across from Telmex was always empty. I finally had to leave a note at the booth. Eventually he responded and I got my cartridge back, but it took forever.
  2. A lot of discussion of whether I knew the north from the south side of the lake (after 12 years here, I certainly hope so!) but still no information about where the fire actually is/was? Does ANYONE know for sure?
  3. I don't know where (or what) the "ugly road" is, but I drove to the other side of the north shore's mountains yesterday. That meant going out past Jocotopec to Highway 15, and then up to the turnoff to Potrerillos an Las Trojes. The road takes you all the way along the north face of the mountains. I was looking for evidence of a fire that would require the amount of helicopter activity that has been going on for the last several days. There was no evidence of a major fire, either underway or extinguished. There were a few small burns near the road or on the hillside, but they were clearly the result of small, controlled field burning. Does anyone know the location of the fire that has caused so much activity?
  4. I went with her for my renewal in Jan. 2019. She was excellent, worth every peso of her fee.
  5. And the medical professionals up there do superb walletectomies all the time. Very expert!
  6. I can't speak to Guad airport, I have had very good service from both National and Budget at other Mexican airports.
  7. We need a good reliable plumber. Our regular guy is unavailable. Any recommendations? Please include a name and contact phone. Thanks for any help on this.
  8. I believe that city is spelled Ocotlán.
  9. And don't EVER open any links until you are absolutely sure the email is legit.
  10. I have a considerable amount of info about Tapalpa, accomodations, and things to do in the area on my blog. Here are some links: Tapalpa Part 1: https://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2010/12/tapalpa-waterfall-expedition-part-1.html Tapalpa Part 2: https://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2010/12/tapalpa-waterfall-expedition-part-2.html Hiking the Tapalpa Plateau: https://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2016/08/hiking-tapalpa-plateau.html Have fun!
  11. When my wife and a went out for lunch today (Sunday 4/7) we expected the usual bumper-to-bumper Sunday traffic on the Carretera and few parking places. To our surprise, the traffic was very light and stayed so for the rest of the afternoon. Also, the Ajijic Plaza had only a light crowd, even though there were lots of vendor booths, as if the vendors were expecting the same crowd as we did. I know the snowbirds started to leave April 1, but it's still early in the month. Also, Sunday is a prime day for Tapatios, throughout the year, and we saw very few. What's up?
  12. "We have many purist here who quick to complain about the exploitation of undocumented Mexicans working NOB for "slave" wages....I wonder if this a typical reason so many wish to go North and earn a "living wage" There is a basic difference between an undocumented worker who goes north to find work and a local worker who is hired by an expat. The undocumented worker, because of his/her status, is easily exploited and often is paid below the going rate. That is why a lot of people up north employ the undocumented. Sometimes unscrupulous employers simply refuse to pay after the work is done and the worker has no recourse. He/she can hardly complain to the authorities. When an expat here hires a local person, the worker has the option to accept the job or look for another at the wage he/she wants. If there is a dispute over wages owed, the worker has recourse to Mexican authorities who can enforce surprisingly strong Mexican labor laws. Now, this doesn't mean that every undocumented worker up north is brutally exploited, nor does it mean that every Mexican worker down here is able to fully exercise his/her rights. But, on balance, the local workers can ask for the wages they want and have recourse if they are treated badly, while the undocumented folks can't.
  13. There's a shop in Chapala I have used a number of times. It is a couple of blocks east of Madero on Degollado at the intersection with Privada de Degollado. I usually have to leave the shoes for a week, but the prices are good and I've always been happy with their work.
  14. You've probably heard the old joke about this? What do you call a person who can speak three languages? Tri-lingual What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bi-lingual What do you call some who only speaks one language? American
  15. I just had some work done on my water system and the plumber mentioned that my roof-top tinaco needs to be cleaned out. Anybody know a workman who would do this? Preferably someone you have had personal experience with and are willing to recommend. Name and contact # please. Thanks in advance for any leads.
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