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  1. Thanks to all for your replies, and suggestions. I shall look in the places you all suggested. I was thinking of colloidal silver for internal use.
  2. I wonder if this item (colloidal silver) can be found locally. Does anybody know?
  3. I have one available. Please pm me if you are still interested.
  4. Have you found someone to share a Shaw account? If not, I will send you a pm
  5. Dra. Claudia Camacho will not be back until next January. I called her office and made an appointment with Dr. Miguel Torres. My question is: Has anybody here had cataract surgery done by him? How do I know if he is as good as Dra. Claudia? Thanks for the input.
  6. Try Tobias Medina, he is excellent, he can help you. He speaks English fluently, very honest and knowledgeable. his WhatsApp number: +52-1-331-356-3169, home 387-761-0554, cell 331-356-3169
  7. I might be interested in sharing my account with your friend. Does she have a dish and a receiver?
  8. I am also bothered by these new topes. They are horrible. One way to have them removed if all of us, every single person, would drive into the gas station, and tell them that we will not ever buy gas there until they remove those topes. And then leave. Without getting gas. If enough do that, perhaps they will think about it?
  9. A psychologist I know gave this link: https://www.ijpcc.com they will be able to do the testing you are looking for. Good luck!
  10. Thank you so much, Ferret, for your excellence information. I will write to Ron Magen asap. TKessler, once that new microinverter comes out, would you let all of us know about it? I think that I am not the only one who would like to find out more about this. Thank you again.
  11. Go Solar, which company do you work for? I need a tel. number to reach you
  12. Thank you all for your comments and advise. I found the article on the new lithium batteries extremely helpful and informative. I shall call Go Solar for further information.I now think that it's do-able. As for the price? We shall see.
  13. I recently had solar panels installed on my house. This will not help me during the frequent power outages that happen in our neighborhood. I heard that there are companies that will sell an additional system with batteries which will store the electricity from the solar panels, and this then can be used during a power outage. Has anybody installed such a system, and if so, are they happy with it? Does it work well? Who installed it? Any advise is appreciated.
  14. Alejandro lives in SJC 331-382-0795 He speaks very little English but is very dependable. Jose Blas in Ajijic is also good, he has done a lot of work for us. 333-815-1594
  15. So, where do you find those nurses? I would love to have a name or two, plus phone numbers, if possible? thanks,
  16. I can highly recommend Tobias Medina (Toby). He lives in San Juan Cosala, has been doing work for us for over 10 years, is very efficient, thorough, and honest. And he is totally bi-lingual. His cell # is 331-356-3169, his home # is 761-0554.
  17. Someone posted a message, saying that there are problems with access to the airport again, due to renewed protests. Has anybody experienced delays coming or going to the airport? Thanks
  18. Thank you, Mostlylost, for your advise. I will do my search to Jalisco and hope to find some name brands. I would love to hear from Ednet94, when he writes about getting a "good big solar heater", which one did you buy and have used for the past 5 years?
  19. This is such interesting information! I am looking for a new hot water heater, but know nothing about solar heaters. Would one of you be kind and give info about different brands available here at lakeside? thanks!
  20. Thank you all for your replies. They give me confidence to try Carbonite.
  21. Has anybody had any experience with Carbonite, a company that does cloud back-up for computers. I am considering buying their services, but read somewhere that they are extremely slow in the initial back-up phase. I would be grateful for any advise.
  22. Thanks all for the advise. I was purposefully vague in my description of the incident so as not to create more bad will. In the past, the owner's dog had bitten someone else under similar circumstances (people walking past his house, dogs charging out of the gate). In this case, the owner was actually present when it happened, and yet he first denied any responsibility, and only under pressure, later and when confronted in my presence, he very reluctantly offered to pay for doctor's fees. I am not quite sure why this would be a "very generous" offer? It was a woman who was bitten. Both of us
  23. Today, in a well-to-do neighborhood, a Mexican worker on his/her way to work was attacked by a dog and bitten. The owner of the dog offered to pay for medical bills, but at this moment we do not know if the dog bite needs professional medical attention. If it does not get infected, no doctor's visit is needed. The dog owner offered to pay some compensation for the pain, but we do not know how much to ask for. Can anybody give some advise as to how much this worker should ask for in such an incident? The worker was on his way to my house to work when this happened, that is how I became in
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