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  1. Here is an excellent rental agent: Ellen Wicker (331) 365-4819 yourhome4now@gmail.com -managed my property got 12 years. 6 of those were as a rental, before I physically moved here, and the other 6 while I lived here, providing various services including gardener, maid, payroll, taxes, and tree trimming. She is honest, careful , and even though I have now sold the house - she remains s good friend. Ken Lienemann
  2. I am calling Germany. 00-49- phone number. Has worked like a dream for more than a year, and now, suddenly, it doesn't. Go figure!
  3. It's a mystery. I know that I am using the correct prefix and country code. My plan has not changed for many years, and yet I can no longer make those calls that I used to make without any problem. BMH, may I ask, when was the last time you called either France or Germany?
  4. I used to be able to call anywhere in Europe for free using 00+countrycode + phone number from my Telmex landline. Shortly before Christmas, from one day to another, this service was no longer available, meaning, I would get a busy signal, no matter how often and what time day or night I tried to make my calls. Has anybody else had the same problem? Thanks
  5. Thank you everybody for your vote of confidence for this company. Now I know that I have nothing to worry about.
  6. Has anybody done business with this fumigation company? They will have access to my house for several hours while they fumigate my house. I wonder how safe that is?
  7. Ian, do you have a phone number for Lydia? Thanks!
  8. Dear Dr. Santiago, you gave us a phone number, however, no one answers when people call that number. I have tried all morning, beginning at 9 am through a few minutes ago. I also sent you a text message, but have not yet received a reply. Could you possibly post more details? Will you have the quadrivalent available? If so, when? Thank you.
  9. Thanks to all for your replies, and suggestions. I shall look in the places you all suggested. I was thinking of colloidal silver for internal use.
  10. I wonder if this item (colloidal silver) can be found locally. Does anybody know?
  11. I have one available. Please pm me if you are still interested.
  12. Have you found someone to share a Shaw account? If not, I will send you a pm
  13. Dra. Claudia Camacho will not be back until next January. I called her office and made an appointment with Dr. Miguel Torres. My question is: Has anybody here had cataract surgery done by him? How do I know if he is as good as Dra. Claudia? Thanks for the input.
  14. Try Tobias Medina, he is excellent, he can help you. He speaks English fluently, very honest and knowledgeable. his WhatsApp number: +52-1-331-356-3169, home 387-761-0554, cell 331-356-3169
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