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  1. 13.9 would be the Canadian exchange rate
  2. LeonCBDAjijic... which lab is performing your third party testing and do you have the results available for viewing.
  3. LeonCBDAjijic... which lab is performing your third party testing and do you have the results available for viewing.
  4. Good find Angus! That's for a pound but lower in the link there is one for 6 oz. You can slice 'em up in 1/4 to 1/2 inch increments and grow your own. They do tend to be invasive though (like mint) so I think I'd plant in a container.
  5. It would be more to the point if you made the students who broke it pay for it. Perhaps then they would understand the value of the machinery involved and take better care when using it. One breaking should have been a red flag... three?
  6. I suspect that immigrants (legal or not) simply want jobs not free stuff. They want jobs and want to pay their taxes. Deadbeats come in all races, creeds and colours... and some of them are homegrown. And I won't get into the very wealthy people and corporations who go out of their way to avoid taxation.
  7. Well, if they did, there might be less traffic... but there would be a whole lot more abandoned vehicles.
  8. Life in Mexico IS a Novela and Murphy's Law is alive and well.
  9. I have friends in Rancho Alegre, just this side of Jocotepec, who have four vehicles and only use Salvador. They speak very highly of him and they are very particular. I'd use him too but I'm in Riberas and can't find fault with Escalera. If I need to leave my car there, I can walk home.
  10. Goody for you and all the others who jumped on the bandwagon when many OTHERS who paid in advance to actually BRING iLox to this area have been shut out after iLox specifically stated that prepaids would be hooked up first. A pox on 'em.
  11. I signed up and paid a year in advance on May 5th, 2018 and I am also in Riberas. No communication. NOTHING. Terrible public communications. If I don't have iLox service by May 5th of this year, I will cancel and they will remain forever on my $hit list. I notice that not even Tom Kessler is defending them now.
  12. If you have a current valid driving license from anywhere, take that with you and it MAY negate the need to take a driving test. You will also be asked your blood type. https://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/gobierno/comunicados/tramite-de-licencias-de-conducir-2020 The above link shows pricing BUT the requirements are different than the link for 2019... but the 2019 link still read as needing FM2 or FM3 for foreigners and those documents have been obsolete for a while.... It'll kinda be a crap shoot doing it by yourself the first time but I'm sure you'll get through it. I remember getting ours in San Miguel in 1997... took two days of trips to various locations 1) to pay and get receipt 2) blood work (they didn't believe we actually knew our blood type 3) vision testing and a certificate 4) getting photos of the correct size. I think it will be a whole lot easier now.... and I used to be an organ donor but now they just take one look at me and don't ask any more.
  13. I doubt very much if they're open on a Sunday and believe the clerk just made an error. As far as directions go...I don't bother going through Chapala any more. Coming from the west, I turn right at the lights and go around by the malecon (or Paseo Ramon Corona if you want to be precise) and UP Gonazalez Gallo. The third street up on the left is Degollado and the Recaudadora is nearly at the bottom of it. Do a retorno on Gonzalez Gallo and park anywhere you want and walk the half block up Degollado to the office which will be on your left. I return the same way.
  14. Good for you cricket! https://www.google.com.mx/search?source=hp&ei=CkYsXp-_GcjUsAXm8oq4DA&q=coppel+chapala&oq=coppel&gs_l=psy-ab.1.2.0l10.3263.5285..15452...0.0..0.164.590.5j1......0....1..gws-wiz.ZWGeEg0Z7LI
  15. Face to face is fine IF you have mobility and are fairly close. If someone lives in Jocotepec and wants information from Coppel about whether or not something is in stock, I would most certainly want to find out in advance.
  16. Usually an OXXO is open 24/7. IF they were smart, they would have deliveries in the middle of the night so as to not create a traffic problem. Then again, it would also be nice if Walmart restocked in the middle of the night... but they don't. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  17. I have NEVER had cocktail sauce with horseradish in it in Mexico when ordering a shrimp cocktail... I make my own when I need to but I'm not sure that the concentrated pickled variety available in SuperLake will adapt well to Valerie's recipe and it would be very expensive to try and fail.
  18. They have moved into their larger store in Riberas... just west of The Container Restaurant... lakeside of the carretera.
  19. I can honestly tell you that there will be no reduction for service not received whether it's your fault or theirs.
  20. Google Earth is surprisingly up to date since it shows the new house constructed next to me in the last year. However, it is extremely hard to get in close enough to see details that people are being charged for so I suspect that some guessing is taking place. Floradude, roof overhangs and covered porches and covered carports have always been included in the square footage of Mexican houses for tax purposes. It is somewhat deceiving when actually going to buy a house unless you are aware of that because it is so different from NOB.
  21. You can also drop them off at Dr. Lastra's office. He donates some of his time to older Mexican seniors without other resources. I took him a small green garbage bag full of my hubby's meds and he appreciated it.
  22. They are indeed very different. On the other hand, the OP didn't say what he wanted it for which would really be the indicator of which would be best for the purpose.
  23. Agree with Jreboll and there are currently a number of different diameters available at the Truper Store between Handy Mail and iShop... on the west wall just inside the entrance.
  24. Uh, TelsZ4, "Newbie" generally only means new to THIS forum.... and, if you've ever had a problem logging in and had to change your handle, you get to be a "newbie" all over again.
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