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  1. Read the link again please. Some of the watches send to 3 e-mail contacts of the client's choice automatically to inform them of a fall. The client doesn't have to set it up. They just have to wear it and keep it charged. It's pretty amazing technology. The drawback is that the phone has to be charged and that means not wearing it. Many falls occur at night when getting up to use the loo.
  2. Off topic but please be aware that the "furry" caterpillars are also in the hills above Ajijic. They are venomous and require a trip to a clinic IMMEDIATELY for the anti-venom. My dog walker, Richie, had a brush with one this past Sunday. He is a young, strapping young man and he was in agony for 17 hours.
  3. Which Notario Number or name are you looking for? I checked all of them and none are located on Zaragoza that I can see.
  4. COVID-19 natural immunity versus vaccination | Nebraska Medicine Omaha, NE
  5. Hope there are no branches over your house. They sound like bombs hitting the tiles and even break the tiles on occasion.
  6. Turning down the volume is easy for people. It is not so easy for the animals and birds who are traumatized.
  7. And some people would benefit from putting the numbers of vaccine related problems in a comparison to the millions and millions of people who have been vaccinated without problems. Do the same for deaths.
  8. And the edge of the building on the right side in the photo is the furniture outlet place.
  9. San Antonio Tlayacapan, Mexico Hourly Weather Forecast | Weather Underground (wunderground.com) Be aware of the possibility of more wind later.
  10. We are feeling the outer effects of Hurricane Rick at this moment. Drizzle and a little wind. Hurricane Rick has made landfall but it is a small hurricane. Fun watching the wind gauge on Ajijic Weather - Home
  11. Please keep in mind that TotalPlay is expected in Chapala Haciendas in December or January... so, say, May. From the people who now have it..."great speed, excellent customer service and no outages".
  12. It is not out of sight. However, if it's closed and all the doors are shut, there is no sign to indicate that a business exists.
  13. The winds are all over the place in their predictions and have changed today, for the same time frame predicted Monday, from thirty to forty to now ten miles per hour. We'll get what we get and I guess it depends on what category of hurricane hits the coast.
  14. Actually, I thought the same so I googled. Drano is (apparently) safe for septic tanks and pvc pipes.
  15. The San Antonio Hospital does CAT and MRI... and others...scroll down to imaging. San Antonio de Chapala Hospital | Medical Services (hospitalsanantonio.com.mx) also... the Riberas Medical Center may have the facilities but their website does not clarify what is available... HOME | RMC (hospitalrmc.com)
  16. Yes, the canterra place is still there... right next to the furniture outlet (on the west side).
  17. Never put cloro down into a septic tank!!!!! It kills the bacteria that do the digesting that keeps the system working properly.
  18. When they make the 20 peso coin lighter in weight, I MAY use them. At least they've made the edges different from the 10 peso coin. It used to be easy to make a mistake between the two.
  19. The shower drain is often the problem and, unfortunately, is often the one without a trap. Which makes it difficult to live with. The flat covers work well. Alternatively, trapped hair stinks! And the stink won't go away until the hair is removed or rots completely. I wouldn't suggest bleach since it's a septic tank but you may want to pour a bottle of hydrogen peroxide down it. I prefer the drains lid in a checkerboard rather than slots or slits. Hair sits on the top and is easily removed after every shower.
  20. Make sure that there is water in all traps... if there even are any traps.
  21. I'm more worried about the wind than the rain and will make sure all my rechargeables are ready for action. Forty miles/hour, as seen on Ajijic Weather 10 day forecast, is a stiff breeze. Scroll to the bottom for wind. San Antonio Tlayacapan, Mexico 10-Day Weather Forecast | Weather Underground (wunderground.com)
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