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  1. Ferret

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    Yeah, it's kinda like bangin' your head against a brick wall. I actually don't care one way or another. But, I also consider being served a meal at a table to be "full service" so, imho, the entire establishment is a service area. The food court at the Laguna Mall is not full service. YMMV.
  2. Ferret

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    No it's not but the conversation drifted into allergies. The law about dogs in restaurants is only concerned with food hygiene not about allergies. Still, a little consideration goes a long way when dealing with heavy application of both perfume and aftershave. On an airplane it's even worse. And back to our regularly scheduled disagreement...
  3. Ferret

    Round window

    Don't worry. The majority of windows made in Mexico are custom made to fit a space. Take a drawing of what you want to an iron worker. Better yet, have the iron worker come to your "space" and show them the drawing. Measurements will be taken and your window will get made and installed. If you can imagine it, they can make it.
  4. This computer stuff (and life) is constantly evolving Pete. I don't remember being able to do what I described in the past either. The board is changing too so we'll just have to keep sharing the "updates" that we trip over. Glad I could share with you.
  5. Ferret

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    Sorry, still laughing. Because they're always right? Until they're not and get voted out. Computerguy, Cora has never had an accident in the house and I've had her since she was three months old. Zorra never had an accident in the house either and we had her since she was 8 weeks old. Ginny has had accidents... when she had a severe intestinal infection but none since. My girls are fine on their own in the house. I don't take them to restaurants.
  6. Yes you can eliminate all evidence that you made a post within someone else's thread Pete. Click on options at the bottom of your post and choose delete.
  7. Ferret

    Phone lines down this morning?

    And my landline is back on.
  8. Ferret

    Phone lines down this morning?

    My landline is out today as well. Still have internet though. Whuh? Wish they'd hurry up and finish... this has been going on (off and on) for a couple of months now and it's getting tedious.
  9. Thank you for your post Susy Wilson. I totally agree with your statement "CBD made from cannabis seems to be more effective than that from hemp perhaps because of the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis". As with everything, quality and concentration come into play. I would not give up Arjay. You just haven't found what works for you yet. I had daily (sometimes multiple) cataplexy episodes for 28 years until I started taking a half a grain of Indica based cannabis oil (only THC no CBD) just before bed at night. I started it in November of 2014 with the hope that it would help me get the deep stage of sleep. The elimination of the cataplexy was a surprising side effect and has made an enormous difference in the quality of my life. Oil in a syringe is far more potent that any liquid tincture. We are all different and what works for one does not work for another. It does not mean that you should give up.
  10. I just deleted my post from 11 hours ago in this thread... it's gone. But this is what is said... "For a certain time period, ANY person who is replying within a thread can delete or edit their own post. If you press the "quote" button on their post, it will show up in your reply and then you respond under their quote. What you have quoted cannot be changed or deleted... unless, perhaps, the original poster deletes the entire thread (as stated above by Al Berca). Edited 11 hours ago by Ferret clarification "
  11. Ferret

    Quinoa search

    The manager (owner?) of El Granero will order what you want if she doesn't normally stock it. She goes to the Abastos in Guadalajara on Wednesdays (ask to make sure) and will buy for you what you need in the quantity that you want and will phone you when she's got it. I ordered yellow split peas to make French Canadian Pea Soup.
  12. Ferret

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    You don't have to sign up Zeb. Just click the little x in the box and the subscribe offer disappears.
  13. At the bottom of YOUR post, there are three words "quote", "edit" and "options". If you click on "options", you will have a choice of "hide" or "delete".
  14. If you "quote" the post of the person that you are replying to, it will not be deleted even if they delete or edit the original.
  15. Ferret

    Older style roof tiles

    I think it depends on the installation and how tight it is. Never had bats in a tiled roof. However, they are both pollinators and skeeter eaters.
  16. Yeah. Such fun except I have no electricity but my i.d.i.ot phone works but not anything requiring electricity. I'm running at the moment on my cell phone hotspot. Cripes.
  17. Ferret

    Older style roof tiles

    Related but off topic... I know I'm going to quote old prices from 2005 but would like to know what each tile costs today. Then, we had a choice of tiles with BOTH sides smooth or one side smooth and the other side rough. Smooth cost 4.5 pesos each and rough on one side cost 2.5 pesos each. We chose smooth because, when the tile is upside down and acting as a channel for the water, leaves and crud get caught on the rough surface and rot and create a lovely environment for mold. We had to buy a LOT of tiles for the construction so price would have made a difference. Never regretted the choice and the tiles, six years later, were as clean and pristine as the day they got laid on the roof. Just something to keep in mind.
  18. It may have already been put into digital format and may be available on the internet to download... either free or for a small charge. What's the name of the tape and the name of the artist?
  19. Ferret

    I Shop closed?

    That doesn't mean they're closed. Could be electrical problems or phone line problems. That is the same number that I use for them. Or, you may e-mail them …. ishop01@ishopmail.com Unless, of course, they have no internet either.
  20. Ferret

    Phone lines down this morning?

    I have both landline and internet.
  21. It is in the Bugambilias Plaza... along with El Torito grocery store and Yoli's Hair Salon along with Chopsticks Restaurant... and opposite Z gas which is at the corner of Revolution and the Carretera. The plaza beside the WEDNESDAY market. Enough hints?
  22. Ferret

    Lap Swimming in East Ajijic??

    My hubby used to swim laps there. He couldn't walk very well but he was a fish in the water. Loved it!
  23. Ferret

    Planned CFE outages

    If CFE has your e-mail address, they will send you the notifications of the when and where (which streets will be involved). They're not perfect but it's a step in the right direction.
  24. I forgot to point out, that in my 22 years of dealing with CFE, the Vonage modem and phone are the only pieces of equipment that I've lost. I know that I err on the side of caution but it has paid off for me. Always remember that a three pronged outlet cover is NOT an indication that there is actually a ground wire attached and functioning.
  25. The very first thing I did when I moved to my house in Riberas was ground all the outlets. There was only one grounded outlet in the whole house. I have voltage regulators plugged into those grounded outlets and surge bars plugged into the voltage regulators... and then my "stuff" plugged into the surge bars. In two and a half years, I've only lost my Vonage modem ... and I'd been using that for 15 years (since before Telmex provided unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada).