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  1. Well then, guess I'll have to go to The Pickle Barrel the next time I'm in Toronto. Rather noisy and definitely not the same deli vibe though. https://picklebarrel.ca/temporary-menu/
  2. And she probably peppered it with a few well rounded adjectives while sounding apologetic as well.
  3. Oh man, that was MEAN! I would kill for a Yitz's Deli corned beef or pastrami on rye, with double dills and slaw.
  4. I would really like people to give links to understand from where their statistics are derived. From THIS website... https://www.sinobiological.com/research/virus/1968-influenza-pandemic-hong-kong-flu And the time frame over which those 1 million people died in the world was two years but 33,800 of them in the U.S. The current Coronavirus epidemic has killed DOUBLE THE NUMBER IN TWO MONTHS in the U.S. That's what's different and that's with the draconian measures.
  5. Bisbee Gal, 765 and 766 are Telmex exchanges and the area code for both is 376. I think that iLox numbers are 102... don't know for sure because I opted out of the iLox phone based on reports here of dropped calls.
  6. In the little plaza between Deli 8 and the hardware store. The little plaza is smack between Paz Licores and iShop.
  7. You mean the vaccines that are in development are a figment of everyone's imagination? How about the time that allowed for a viable drug to be approved... and the lives it saved by doing so in such a manner that the hospitals were not overwhelmed. I think Canada is doing a fine job... and am very thankful that there are very few yahoos there.
  8. You have to flatten the curve first and that depends on where you're located and, therefore, timing is everything. It was too soon to open up for Georgia https://www.livescience.com/georgia-coronavirus-updates.html
  9. It has NOT failed. It works and the proof is in the countries who did it and are slowly opening up. https://covid19info.live/
  10. Excellent article Sea! This line in it stood out to me... "The strategy assumes that citizens will exercise personal responsibility — something that has been harder to enforce in other, larger countries." Personal responsibility. That is a "WE" approach as opposed to an "I" approach. Those who are considerate of others and how their behaviour affects others will win this race. It would also appear that the pain is short term as opposed to a long painful dragging out of the infection rate. Stay the course.
  11. OregontoChapala gave you good advice. The precautions that were mentioned in his/her post are standard for any type of waste water treatment that is not hooked up to a municipal sewer. You can google "care of a septic system" for more information confirmation. One thing that is usually not in older Mexican homes is a vent stack... make sure you have one. In many chalets in Canada, there is a plaque on the wall above the TP holder that states "Nothing in the septic unless you have eaten it first". Rude and crude and very much to the point although there is TP now made that is septic system friendly. I wrote this poem to a tenant who continually flushed tampons and baby wipes into the system causing lots of problems... "Though things that are flushed are often hush-hushed, It's important that you should know, In the city, you're not, when you sit on the pot Lest you block what is known at "the flow". Foreign things at a junction, can cause a malfunction, If the contents aren't bodily made. And while you seek relief, you'll cause nothing but grief, And the management's lengthy tirade." Edited to add: This link about the kind of TP to use... I LOVE this guy's sense of humour... https://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/the-only-toilet-paper-you-ever-should-buy/
  12. I still don't have solar hot water but it's because I approached it a$$backwards. The propane hot water tank in this house was HUGE and I replaced it with an on demand wall unit to start with the expectation that I would eventually have a solar hot water system and it would be my back up. I have a 180 litre propane tank which I filled 18 months ago and still have propane.... and have had hot water whenever I wanted it. I operate the hot water heater, the dryer and the stove with no limitations. Works for me. YMMV.
  13. If your Doctor told you to take Electrolit, then keep taking it. However, it contains other things besides Magnesium and those things are probably not needed in a person who is not dehydrated. https://www.superama.com.mx/catalogo/d-farmacia/f-estomacales/l-sueros/suero-rehidratante-electrolit-sabor-manzana-625-ml/0750112510434 Magnesium is taken as a supplement when it is low but all the other electrolytes are in balance. Many different kinds of magnesium are available and everyone reacts to the different kinds depending on their needs and wanted end results. https://www.stopneckpainnaturally.com/magnesium-the-miracle-mineral-that-stops-pain-including-chronic-neck-pain/ https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Magnesium-HealthProfessional/
  14. Fine. If you want to be politically correct, what they are stating in the videos is based on their own limited knowledge and experience. That's dumb. Especially to extrapolate their limited knowledge and experience to the whole world.
  15. All homes in Mexico end up being recorded, on the deed, in pesos not U.S. dollars.
  16. Sigh. Already seen and watched and discussed and debunked in THIS thread... These guys are dumb.
  17. Too bad that I can't put two reactions to rate your post mudgirl. I both liked it and laughed out loud. But it's also sad because so many people do abuse themselves by eating poorly by choice or convenience. Zucchini can be good for you but not if it's deep fried and served with a dipping sauce. Remember that old adage "you are what you eat". On the subject of supplements, I would recommend that people read up on Magnesium and Vitamin D3. Most of us are deficient in both.
  18. Weak people don't stay home. SMART people do!
  19. Then I stand corrected but that sure isn't normal for CFE.
  20. In the summer of 2018, they were doing this in Riberas as they replaced poles. It was painful then so I understand your frustration. I believe that those who are registered with CFE contigo are receiving the notifications via e-mail. During the time in Riberas, ComputerGuy was taking screenshots and posting them on here. They detailed which blocks would be affected and during which days and hours. It wasn't perfect but it was at least a heads up. So, is there anyone on here registered with CFE contigo who can do the same for the residents of San Antonio? If it's any consolation, the pain is worth it... haven't had an outage since. And they are doing it now before the rainy season... because Mexican CFE workers never work in the rain or at night. Go figure.
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