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  1. There are lots of wide mouth mason jars in all sizes available in SuperLake. I use the very large ones as canisters. Or you can check Amazon.com because nearly all of them ship to Mexico.
  2. Delta is one that vaccinated people CAN spread. That is what happened in the study that the CDC conducted which made them change their minds on masking for vaccinated.
  3. BTW, I have now lived in two houses here where the line has developed leaks and the gas line has had to be re-routed over the roof. In the house we rented in La Huerta, a "roll" came right at me while I was sitting at a wrought iron table. It picked up the chair AND me and then set us back down. The little house that I bought, in 2016 in Riberas, had already had the pipes re-routed. In both cases, the consumption of propane dropped drastically. The previous owner of this house said that the propane lasted a long time and she wasn't kidding. I replaced the 300 litre tank with one that is 180 litres because the tank was twenty years old. I last filled it in December of 2019. Because of this thread, I went out to check... still have 25%. Time to order although that would probably last another two months. imho, NO houses should be built here with the lines underground.
  4. That totally cracked me up Kiko! Out of reactions.
  5. New Zealand and California don't even make the top 10 in terms of earthquake/tremor activity. Mexico does. 10 Earthquake Prone Countries in the World | Skymet Weather Services
  6. Thanks for the detailed explanation. So sorry this is affecting Have Hammers so badly. There were never any students there when I went as I always checked with Lalo first.
  7. Direct piped will never happen in areas prone to earthquakes or tremors. It would be a recipe for disaster.
  8. He's a human being. Most people do care and, if nothing else, the squabbling is keeping this thread at the top of the list. Angus is either laughing his head off or is in deep shit. If anyone has been able to communicate with him, in any way, please relieve our anxiety.
  9. What happened to Lalo? I had been going there and paying to have lumber cut to specific sizes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings because I don't have the equipment. I always found him to be efficient, courteous and helpful. The last person I dealt with was a bit of a grump and made me feel unwelcome.
  10. iLox is okay and better than nothing. I am hearing from people as far out as Las Fuentes and locally in Riberas that TotalPlay is the best bang for the buck. Consistent as noise in Mexico. I am considering dumping iLox for them but it's not high on my priority list yet. I am still ticked that I paid for an upgrade to iLox... and got my speed cut instead.
  11. It is a continuation of the first shots for those 18+ because the turn out was so poor last week.
  12. Wow. Do you think that posting this from another thread on this forum makes you smart? Not only that you didn't even give the original poster credit for it but he likes it anyway. On page 7 of this thread. How Mexico Forgot its Covid Crisis - Page 8 - Mexico General - Chapala.com Webboard So, I'll post the same answer that I gave to your buddy (and original poster) Jim Bowie. Followed by Joco's answer in the same thread... Did you really think we'd be that dumb or did you forget what's already been posted on the forum that you moderate?
  13. No, Mike Merryman is David Merryman's son. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
  14. A huge loss for the community! RIP my very good cyber friend. Condolences to all his family and friends.
  15. Too funny! No, it's in the interest of the majority of people who have a brain and can put two and two together. p.s. don't schedule a trip to New York.
  16. Has anybody heard from Angus or been able to communicate with him? He has not picked up pm's for nearly two days now.
  17. Lilifher Deli & Bakery Parking. Goodie! Now I can more easily patronize this business.
  18. Found the link on InsideLakeside of the first comments about the Estate Sale... What's the story in Ajijic? (insidelakeside.com)
  19. I just got this e-mail from Barbara's Bazaar. I tried to find the other mention of those who attended their most recent Estate Sale but couldn't find it... so I'll put the contents of the e-mail here:
  20. And I repeat... the testing for different variants of covid 19 is called genomic sequencing. Even the Texas government knows that.
  21. There most certainly IS a test for the Delta (and other) variants. It's called "genomic sequencing". Delta Variant FAQs (state.tx.us)
  22. This comes as a surprise to you? Of course people are disillusioned! There WAS an opportunity to have turned this around. Guess who's to blame!
  23. Yum! Let me know when I can order one please!
  24. Bobby Brown is sure active on this thread. Is he saying anything worth checking out? I don't know because I have him blocked.
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