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  1. Inflation is happening all over the world and is a result of shipping and supply difficulties that are due to the Covid Pandemic. You know... the pandemic that the previous administration tried to say would be over by Easter of 2020. Now you have the war in the Ukraine... the Ukraine is also known as the breadbasket of the world.
  2. I have known about La Floresta for years. However, the properties there are substantially larger than those in Riberas del Pilar... and Riberas has a lot of construction going on. I guess there are areas of Riberas where it is a problem but not where I live on San Mateo. Many people do flush their water softening back flush water to the street as do people with pools when they back flush after adding certain chemicals to their pools and vaccuum. With all the potholes in the road, that water can sit for a while and is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  3. Including yours? On the other hand, you may have a deformed "d" on your laptop. It was a hilarious comment and absolutely true but I'm referring to the documentation of IMPORTANT stuff. I am still trying to get an answer to the difference between a Cedula de Identificacion Fiscal and a Constancia de Situacion Fiscal. Are they the same? I have the first (a full page printed) and it has a QR code on it and states quite clearly "Inscripcion persona fisica sin actividad economica extranjera". Apologies for the lack of the appropriate accent marks. I read that the CARD is required with photo and signature because of the number of Mexicans with the same name and all of this is to distinguish between them. We, as foreigners, rarely have totally duplicated names and we have other identifying documents like passports and INM cards that already have our photos and signatures on them.
  4. I just bought a new car last Tuesday at a large dealership in Guadalajara called Camarena Automotriz Occidente and also gave them my Cedula de Identificacion Fiscal... the one with the QR code. My invoice shows a generic RFC. When I asked why they didn't use MY number, they stated that is how their system is set up. Duh. I understood it to mean that the person who inputs the information on the invoice can't be trusted to do it correctly. Double duh. Has no one ever heard of proof reading?
  5. My condolences to Alix. She and Emile were outstanding hosts when any of our family stayed there. Emile will be missed.
  6. Well, if they do it like they do in Canada (don't know about the U.S.), they will fix the street first. Then they will dig it up to put in the sewer lines. Then they will fix the street again. Then dig it up to put it new water lines. Then they may fix the street again... or not.
  7. 376-765-5653 or cell number 331-026-5450
  8. Of course it will, ask a friend to help you.
  9. After you sign into your Amazon account (I sure hope you sign out after ordering), click on your name and a drop down menu appears. First, click on My Account and a drop down appears on that too. Click on orders to show what's happening and you should be able to cancel it IF it hasn't already shipped. Also, you can click on addresses and add or delete an address.
  10. Out of reactions again. Ni modo. I LOVE all the funnies so just keep that in mind in case I don't get around to laughing at your post. Florists? That's hilarious. Shows the importance of good spelling. Even the yellow pages or google can't help if you can't spell it.
  11. I do not know if this will be of help but worth a try... SAT launches facility to request your Proof of Tax Situation with Tax Identification Card | Tax Administration Service | | Government gob.mx (www.gob.mx) I use Microsoft Edge as my browser and it automatically translates from Spanish to English for me. This service MAY only be for actual taxpayers. I dunno.
  12. San Miguel de Allende also has LOTS of weekend Mexican visitors but mostly from Mexico City.
  13. There is NO time wasted when researching ideas and options. It's a valuable comodity. I can assure you that those individual elevators can trap you. I have a friend in Canada with a three story house and the master bedroom is on the third floor. His wife stocked the elevator with bottles of water and snacks... along with a bucket and TP just in case. If the electricity goes out and you don't have back up power, you're stuck. I have a single story house but, if I didn't, I would choose the open chair glider because it operates with a back up battery.
  14. At one point in time, this company sold the single individual elevators but I can't find them now on their website. Maybe they still can or at least provide the information on a company that does. However, they still provide individual chair glides for stairs so people can remain in their home. https://www.movilidadsinlimites.com/index.php Happyjillin has one. Basket on a rope with a pulley system will work for getting your stuff to the mirador.
  15. Enjoy! Mexico has a lot to offer and retiring early while your health is still good affords you to the opportunity to experience it. We certainly did.
  16. For sure things change. When I first came to this area in January of 1996, I thought I'd roll over and die of boredom. I was 45. Took a 12 hour bus trip to San Miguel de Allende and that was that. I rented an apartment to start May 1st and took the bus back to Ajijic. Flew home and informed my hubby of the decision and we packed up a van and drove down. My hubby only ever went back to Canada once after that. San Miguel was vibrant and alive with theatre, musical venues and fabulous restaurants. We lived there very happily for nine very interesting years.
  17. BTW, my comment about opening a business and employing Mexicans was not about ALL businesses. I know of others who have provided computer services and worked on their own etc. etc. But, B&B's, Restaurants etc. do employ Mexicans. Even if you worked on your own, you were buying local parts and pieces that benefit other Mexican families. And what about all the artists who sell their work here? I guess that will come to a screeching halt for newbies as well?
  18. It's changed for new people applying not for those who have worked and paid taxes for years. That would be cutting off their nose to spite their face.
  19. In both the temporary AND the permanente visa choices, it states that you will not work in Mexico. This is very new and will limit a lot of people from applying. Gone are the days when you were able to open a business and employ Mexicans. Not sure if that is good or bad.
  20. Got it. Wow. Never ever seen that before.
  21. When ordering from Amazon or Amazon, Mexico, it is easier and more convenient to have things delivered to iShop then you can pick up at your convenience. You do not have to have a box there, just pay 30 pesos per package received. I have multiple addresses stored in my account depending on to whom I want it sent. iShop is one of them.
  22. Ummm, I just read the whole link that you posted Mexicoafterlife. I do not see anywhere on the application what you quoted in your post. From the link (tipo de visa (marca con una X)):...you should have checked Residencia permanente...
  23. OMG. So funny (the last two) and I'm out of reactions again. Here's another one from Natasha...
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