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  1. I am assuming that you are talking about Amazon.com . After signing in, go to "Your account and lists" then click on your account. Pick the window about addresses and add or delete addresses as you wish. When you want to order something and if you have more than one address shown, Amazon asks you which address to send to.
  2. Go Solar was posting at the same time as I was... Yup. Tiny and John are correct. We have NET systems. The power is used within the house during producing hours and the excess is sent to CFE. BTW, I also have just ordered a Jackery 240 watt hour power station which can be charged via an inverter generator (too noisy, too heavy, too bulky and relies on fossil fuels) or an AC outlet (when there's power) or a car charger OR a portable 50 watt solar panel. Guess what I'm ordering next. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D29QNMJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Thanks John. I have a microinverter on each one of my five panels.... and it's still too early to call my installer.
  4. Good link but does it apply here and to every installation. I will call my installer tomorrow and find out what my system is doing. One would think that there was a piece of equipment that would allow an automatic switchover in the case of power failures if the system was net to protect line workers but to allow the producer to use the energy during a blackout. Curious.
  5. Yes, I know that it's a safety feature but I also do not think that any of the power produced by the solar panels goes into the house. It all goes to CFE and we draw from CFE.
  6. Confused since I don't think my solar panels send anything directly into the house. If they did, I think I would have electricity (during producing hours) when there is a power failure and I don't. I THINK it's just a two way street... to CFE and from CFE.
  7. Correct. And, don't forget that you'll be producing less during cloudy days. Today, I have produced 2.5 kwh LESS than I normally do.
  8. I've never even seen RIT dyes here. Other kinds but not RIT. I would ask at the Laundry service on the street that runs right beside iShop. They are located on the right just before the next street down. They will dye things so I'm sure they would know how about colour remover. Maybe not but worth a try.
  9. I hope you get lucky but don't hold your breath. I specifically chose colours with formulas so they could be easily duplicated... except that every single can of paint is just ever so slightly OFF from the original. Colour is inside so no sun fading. ARRGGGGHHHH!
  10. And, as pointed out by Tiny, his meter is different so I can't help. But, for the meter that I have, I would take TWO time and date stamped photos... one of the meter showing the 2.8.0 reading and one of the meter showing the 1.8.0 reading. Back to back, timed and dated photos are PROOF. And, yes, Angus I agree with you. Something's off. If the panels are working properly then something else is running excessively... like a pump or even a voltage regulator gone nuts that is shunting electricity directly to ground. That happened to us in Riviera Alta and the "usage" was astronomical. The top of the voltage regulator was red hot. Changed the voltage regulator (with one that had a fuse) and consumption went back to normal.
  11. You can't. You can only read the two sets of numbers at a given point in time to help you keep track. It's not an exact science. The meter flashes between three screens. Hopefully the one with the code 2.8.0 (sent to CFE) is higher than the screen with 1.8.0 (received from CFE). If it's higher, then the difference between the two is your "credit". I've also been discussing this with a friend in Joco who said they were coming out to "read" the meter today. This has me totally confused because, surely, a digital display is being monitored electronically by CFE and wouldn't require the services of a dyslexic CFE meter reader???????
  12. Bisbee Gal, GoSolar already answered this for you.
  13. I have one of the newer meters since my panels were installed a year ago last March. I check the meter once a week and currently have 392 kwh stashed as of this morning. I have 5 panels and each is rated at 350 watts per hour in perfect solar conditions. I also have the "enlighten" system installed and can check on the computer daily how much the panels have produced. It makes me grin from ear to ear most days. For this whole month I've been averaging 9 kwh produced per day... and my panels could use a bath. I tracked my usage for a year before putting in solar and it averaged 5.5 kwh per day over the 365 days. My "wish" list (an electric fireplace heater) was added to that amount to estimate the number of panels needed. I was very comfortable all of last winter. I will never regret biting the bullet to do this.
  14. It was an hilarious response to a ridiculous question from Dr. Santiago. It was so deadpan that I was duped. And, yes, Trailrunner would know since Trailrunner was working for Dr. Garcia at the time.
  15. All excellent ideas! I do not have an air conditioner and have maintained the inside temp of my house at around 73 F. inside when it's 90 F. outside. The thermal drapes work well but the two biggest impacts I introduced were 1 ) outside shade sails or awnings on the outside of the window to stop the sun from even hitting the windows and 2) creating a whole house venting unit from a small (9 foot square) interior courtyard. The hot air just naturally seeks the highest spot and dissipates. The glass slopes down to the south and up to the north with the small venting windows at the top of the north side. Now, the glass is covered with shade cloth and the windows are open. In the winter, I take the shade cloth off and close the venting windows. The sun provides passive solar heat gain and helps to heat the house whereas, right now, the same structure is helping to cool my house. So far, so good.
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