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  1. Se deben can also be translated as "ought to". It would be so much clearer if the notice said simply "you will OR you will not".
  2. It's cold at night and animals STILL migrate to the asphalt looking for warmth. To this day, I do not know how we managed to survive weaving through a herd of burros on the highway between San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. We rounded a curve and there they were. As one author of the day put it... "a burro ceases to be cute when it's coming through your windshield at 50 mph".
  3. Never had a card go missing when using Fedex from Canada. Mailing one goes missing every single time. It's just plain annoying when cards are stolen especially when they require a PIN which the thieves could not possibly find out.
  4. Just curious... is there any way to pay up front for the next X number of years?
  5. What part of YMMV don't you understand Rick? It's what I do and was recommended to do. I have no regrets. If big corporations and the government can get hacked, I will continue to assume that they started small and honed their skills on ordinary regular people... like me. I'm just not willing to let down my guard to let them try. YMMV.
  6. You're welcome ibarra. I was told many (many, many) years ago to log out of anything that had sensitive financial and personal information. It's a good habit to have imho. YMMV.
  7. Put your cursor over your name at the top of the page and a box will open... drag your cursor into the box and scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "salir". And for happyjillin... if your leave the account open and don't log out, if you are using a credit card, it can be hacked and used. That goes for ANY online account where credit card information is imbedded.
  8. Yes, or filters. I use a filter on the incoming water from the street that goes to my tinaco. It's changed once a month and is disgusting and smelly. The filter is supposed to be washed and reused but there is no way that I'm doing that... it goes in the garbage and a new one replaces it. People who are using sand filters (similar to a pool filter) would HAVE to backwash it to the street. Gee, thanks SOOOO much to the people who are doing that. Please remember that it is not nicely chlorinated pool water that you are dumping in the street. It's a HEALTH hazard.
  9. A meeting WHEN and WHERE in Riberas please?????? I live there and have heard nothing. I can also tell you that water sits in front of my house but it is not sewer water... it is BACKWASH water from two OTHER houses that have soft water installations around the corner from my house.
  10. Mudgirl is saying that the bacteria Cholera vibrio is NOT AIRBORNE like Covid-19 is.
  11. I don't have a fireplace thank you. I have a small electric "wood stove" with a thermostat that goes on and off as needed but pretend flames that impart a lovely ambience all the time (during the cold weather). I planned for the "wood stove" and my countertop convection oven before installing the panels. If I use my kitchen stove top (propane), I crack a window in the kitchen slightly. I appreciate your concern though and those are excellent points to consider.
  12. They are not showing on my bill... not even the last one received in December of 2020. Anyway, I'm happy. Since I installed five panels in February of 2018, my bill every two months has been the 46 pesos administration charge and nothing else. In January of last year, I went in to the pay machine in Chapala at the CFE office and paid $300 pesos (a bono) to cover it for a year... since then, my bill is a big fat ZERO. BTW, saying the number of panels really doesn't mean much unless you specify how many watts each panel is capable of producing in an hour in perfect conditions. Mine are each
  13. There are TWO spam posters in this thread. One is Josh Bradley and the other is Justin Belte. These "repair" companies are spamming from the U.S. Would the moderator, please, remove these posts. Deleted per your request, MOD5
  14. There actually is no deadline unless you're talking about a deadline for getting a discount. I didn't pay it until nearly June last year since I wasn't going where there were crowds of people. No penalty and no problem.
  15. I posted your information on TOB for GoBlueJohn and BarbiCheesecake. Thanks Pedro!
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