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  1. You're comparing health care workers with the general population? They have to wear those masks throughout their shift which is about 12 hours when caring for Covid patients... day in and day out. Unlike the rest of us who have to wear for at most an hour a few days a week. Or, if you actually cared about them, you would get vaccinated so your chances of them having to care for you and wear the damn mask would decrease.
  2. Both Dra. Bertha Lastra and Dra. Olga Lastra have finished their residencies and are ready to practice. Olga did her residency in PV and Bertha did her residency at Puerta de Hierro hospital in Guadalajara. Bertha is currently doing extended study, doing some work at Cruz Roja in Chapala and a medical clinic beyond San Nicolas along with working in Dr Lastra’s office. It is their intention to have their father's location open Monday to Saturday. If they are in the office, they will answer the phone. Like Dr. Lastra, they will be available for emergencies and home visits so, like Dr. Lastra, the office hours will be flexible. Dra. Bertha speaks English and Spanish and Dra. Olga only speaks Spanish. I would suggest calling their cell phones first to find out when they will be in the office or if it's an emergency and requires a home visit. Dra. Bertha 331-440-4532 Dra. Olga 331-248-7597 and the office number is 376-766-1740 Their goal is to provide the same kind of great medical care as their father did. They will make house calls, when needed, just like their dad.
  3. Oh I definitely agree that the official stats for Covid are lowball. But, the article was about deaths in general and they've been keeping track for quite a while. Death of any kind is usually reported with few exceptions. So, the number of deaths (whether from Covid or otherwise) has exponentially increased in waves... those waves tend to coincide with the various mutations of Covid. Excess deaths, that are way above the norm for this country.
  4. https://aristeguinoticias.com/1301/mexico/mexico-supera-las-650-mil-muertes-en-exceso-durante-la-pandemia/ I used the browser Edge with Windows 10 and the above link was automatically translated from Spanish to English. Stay safe!
  5. Doesn't seem to be. The science works. Try paying attention.
  6. Not sure what T.B. stands for but the health tax on the unvaccinated is taking place in Quebec only so far.
  7. You set your focus on only ONE of the signs?
  8. Busting 8 COVID-19 mask myths that are putting Americans at risk (msn.com)
  9. Okay. I got back to Lety at Quality Care today and was told to just cut them up and put in the garbage.
  10. The print is bigger at their website... Menu Temporary | Vickys Sourdough
  11. And some people still don't get the importance of protecting oneself and others. Sigh.
  12. I've been taking CBD (from hemp NOT pot NOR marijuana) for three years now. Great for pain as well. NuleafNaturals.com Cannabidiol Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Replication and Promotes the Host Innate Immune Response (nih.gov)
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