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  1. My experience was the same as Guiness' experience. Maybe Dr. Pinto has good days and bad days. Not really what I want in an eye Doctor.
  2. Ferret


    If avoiding gluten helps them physically with symptoms, why would they continue to eat it? It isn't based on what they think, it's based on what they have observed in their own bodies.
  3. No kidding. When I bought my little house, I found that my neighbour (the seller) had hooked into both my water and electricity. They are now cut off. I also found out why I had TWO different water taps just inside my courtyard... one was coming off MY water line into the house but the other was coming off my OTHER neighbour's water line. I had the latter capped and showed them.
  4. Ferret


    from the article you posted:
  5. Ferret


    Wow. Talk about B.S.. Racist?? Didn't know that Campbell's soups and Uncle Ben's Flavoured Rices were made in China. Maybe it IS the sodium to which the glutamate is attached. Heaven knows that I am salt sensitive too... burns my mouth. And, depending on your body, sodium is dehydrating which would account for the "hangover" feeling.
  6. Closest to you, Lexy, is the kiosk beside the Scallions Restaurant (on the west side of Revolution). I have had keys cut there before a number of times and been happy.
  7. Unless you've actually lived with the Canadian Health System, you know boodiddleysquat. It's based on a triage system and if it's not life threatening, you can wait. If you don't want to wait, you have options... like going to the U.S. or Mexico or anywhere in the world that your bank account will take you. Regarding the Mexican public health care system, imho, it makes more sense to charge for little things to keep the coffers up for the big things. The big things being less likely than a multitude of small things.... and most people worry about the impact of big things that may or may not occur. I dunno, maybe I'm dreaming. OTOH, prevention and education starts in the classroom... so, ya, I'm dreaming.
  8. If you want the pool, Bisbee Gal's suggestion is the best way. If you don't want the pool and can't imagine using it on a regular basis, then don't buy the house. They cost money to be maintained properly and, if you're not using it and enjoying it, you will come to resent it. imho.
  9. Ferret


    How about copy and paste...
  10. This is the website of a wood company in Zapopan that a friend of mine swears by. My friend says that it's the BEST source of wood that he's ever come across in Mexico and he does a LOT of woodworking. They kiln dry which is almost unheard of here. http://www.tedima.com.mx/index.html I hope you find what you're looking for there.
  11. Ferret


    And I think that the way umami is made and from what it is made is very different in Japan and China than in the so called First World. We can have this discussion all day. It affects ME. End story. Bonus for you if it doesn't.
  12. Ferret


    Agree. I think the world could use less umami then maybe weight could be controlled more easily. Umami = gobble imho.
  13. Ferret


    If you are at all in tune with your body, you will observe that some foods and beverages do not make it happy in much the same way the people with gluten sensitivities avoid breads and pasta. What you like and what's good for you are individual... and we are all unique.
  14. Ferret


    I would LOVE to be able to avoid it. The problem is that food manufacturers HIDE the fact that it's in there. If they would just be honest, it would be easy. https://www.livestrong.com/article/377482-other-names-for-msg-or-monosodium-glutamate/
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