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  1. You forget that we're in the middle of a pandemic Zeb? The above mentioned group usually does meet "live and in person".
  2. I had a Mexican account with Lloyd's and it worked fine in San Miguel de Allende and there were no ATM's then. Lloyd's was bought out by Actinver and then the problems began. I do just fine with my Canadian account and ATM's so I closed the account in 2015 and see no reason to have a Mexican account now.
  3. I live one block south of the carretera on a street that runs north/south. Why in the world anyone would use a jake brake on a flat road, I do not understand. On a downward hill, like the libramiento or even coming into Chapala until you get to Soriana, I get it. Sound travels UP... that's why, when we lived in Riviera Alta, I could hear music from El Barco, announcements and music from the water park and jake brakes on the libramiento. On the flats in La Huerta and in Riberas, I hear nothing unless someone is having a party. YMMV
  4. I live in Riberas and I do not hear jake brakes. Ever. Not even during the day. Lots of other noises to keep you awake though so it's just easier to wear earplugs and never worry about it imho.
  5. Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption – Dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and puppies in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico (luckydoglakechapala.com)
  6. I have a 4,000 Canadian dollar limit on my credit card so that's not going to cut it. Also S&S has very few used cars at the moment and seemed not at all enthused about helping me purchase one listed at Autos Usados Seminuevos Y Vehículos Nuevos |soloautos.mx® when I checked with them six months ago. I'll try again though... maybe they aren't as busy.
  7. Any Canadians using this to transfer money to Mexico? I am in the market for a "new to me" vehicle and so I started looking for ways to pay for it. I wanted to check out XE and came across this tidbit of news that, I think, will be of benefit to both Americans and Canadians transferring money to Mexico. Transferring Money to Mexico Just Got Faster | Xe Blog Also thought this was interesting too... How to make an international money transfer with a direct debit | Xe Blog Looking for feedback from those who have used this. I do not have a Mexican bank account and I do not want one. T.I.A.
  8. For those 30 and up AND those who were vaccinated with this group.
  9. If you look at the totals for the years at the top, it's average. So far 2015 and 2016 are higher... and so was 2010 (which is no longer shown).
  10. It rained all night in Riberas and I woke up with another 1.4 inches in the rain gauge. Add to that 1.5 inches in the gauge on Friday morning and 0.3 inches on Saturday morning. It's been a good rainy season so far. The lake is going up sharply...
  11. Agreed. Which is more expensive?... maintaining the brakes and tires or killing people, injuring people, injuring property and losing the truck and the load.
  12. Very true! It is a good idea to check for interactions with all your meds and especially before adding a new one. Doctors aren't perfect. I use https://www.drugs.com/ and click on the INTERACTIONS CHECKER where you list all your meds including vitamins or other things you're taking to check for those interactions which come in three warning systems... Mild, Moderate, Severe. It's not perfect because the names of meds in Mexico are different. Eg. Micardis Plus doesn't register but Telmisarten/Hydrochlorothiazide (the active ingredients) does. I prevented a lot of severe reactions with all the drugs my hubby was taking. There are usually alternatives available and you should check with your Doctor as to what those alternatives are. Always check for interactions BEFORE filling a prescription so you are not out of pocket.
  13. No Covid patients are allowed in the local hospitals. They are all shipped to Guadalajara where there are facilities to treat them. Or are you asking about the local stats? If you are asking about locally, they are posted at the top of this forum. I am also posting them daily on InsideLakeside... More on the virus (insidelakeside.com)
  14. Luis is a wonderful young man. I cannot tell you the number of times he helped us when my hubby was sick. He drove me to hospital visits and my hubby to Doctor's appointments. He helped us with renewal of drivers' licenses, he paid taxes and he paid car license renewals. He is kind, prompt, honest, efficient. A true gentleman.
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