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  1. The heavens opened up in Riberas around 7:40 pm. TORRENTIAL rain and I accumulated 1 and 1/4 inches in a half an hour in the rain gauge. BIG wind and moderate thunder and lightening and the temperature dropped 20 degrees F. I am absolutely amazed that I still have a landline, internet and electricity. I may even have to haul out a blanket for tonight.
  2. Because each of us is unique, I found this article to be of interest. As a narcoleptic with cataplexy, I "discovered" cannabis oil in December of 2014. My hubby decided he wasn't going to use it because he wanted to be clear headed and functional right 'til the very end. He suggested that I try it at night because he said it was definitely sedating. Normally, I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat BUT the quality is lacking because I don't get enough "deep" sleep and have an overabundance of REM which leaves me dragging my butt around most days. So, I started taking a 1/2 a grain of rice worth of Indica THC only based cannabis oil sublingually just before bed every night. The sleep was incredible and I woke up refreshed. What was even more exciting and totally unexpected, the cataplexy stopped in about two weeks after starting the oil. The cataplexy had been a daily occurrence for me for the previous twenty-eight years. Couldn't believe it, so I stopped taking the oil... and the cataplexy was back in four days. I've been taking it every night since. The reason that I'm posting this article is because I get asked a lot if CBD (Cannabidiol) would help with sleep and I always say that it can be stimulating so be careful. I have recommended it if your insomnia or inability to sleep is caused by pain or anxiety or stress because it definitely makes everything easier to cope with. This is assuming that you have normal sleep patterns if the stress, pain or anxiety are removed from the equation. Anyway, enjoy the article. I did and I like using products that have no side effects and are natural. Whatever works for you. https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/how-to-use-cbd-marijuana-for-sleep?utm_source=SailThru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=buy_pickup&utm_term=global&utm_content=pickup
  3. Just about every single thing in my house is second hand bought at consignment stores or garage/house sales with the exception of pots and pans (Costco), sheets (Costco), towels (Costco), and dishes and cutlery and mattress which I tote around with me wherever I go. Takes a while but there's great satisfaction in the hunt. YMMV. Edited to add: I was just thinking about the pressure you're putting on yourself by having your stuff shipped here IF you don't already have a place to move it into. Storage is at a premium and, trust me, just living here is a learning curve that goes straight up without scrambling to find a place or to store it. Again, YMMV.
  4. Menaje de casa. This is the most recent information that I can find (from 2015)... https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/boston/index.php/consular-services/64-household-goods
  5. Shall we assume that the OP has all the correct paperwork for importing a household of furniture? Otherwise he/she is gonna be in for a hell of a surprise at the border.
  6. I would also try some of the Ferreterias. The nylon line is the same one that bricklayers' use to keep their line of brick straight (at least the professional bricklayers do ;))
  7. Something is wrong with Youngtimer's scenario. Did you call them first? Because they absolutely do not do what you are requesting of them. Any applications for either Temporal or Permanente MUST be done at a Mexican Consulate in the country where the applicant is living, in person. Am I missing something that Youngtimer has not disclosed? Edited to add: Once you have the Temporal or Permanente in your hot little hand, you have X number of months to enter Mexico and then, within 30 days of entering, you must present to the INM office to have it executed (which may take months given the current backlog). Instead of going to the INM office yourself, THAT is where the services of Spencer (Chapala) or Sonia (San Miguel de Allende) come into play.
  8. Some things are logical to some but not so to others. I would recommend sweeping first and then power washing. Why? Because I had my roof done in March (before it got disgustingly hot for the worker) and ended up with a very big mess in my gutter and at the bottom of every drain pipe. If you have a problem with leaks then follow RVgringo's instructions about scraping and THEN sweep AGAIN and fill the cracks. As far as the overlapping of the membrane goes, start at the lowest point of the inclination where the rain is draining off (please let there be an inclination in the right direction to your roof) and work UP the incline from there overlapping each section of the membrane about 2 inches over the previous one. On the inside edges of the parapet, the roof membrane should go UP the parapet about two inches, then apply the membrane from the top of the parapet down and over the upped two inches. WideSky is correct that a layer of impermiabilizante goes down first and the membrane is laid over it and embedded into it while still wet. Pray for a calm day because it's preferable if there are no wrinkles. Then another layer when dry the next day.... and another layer applied in the OPPOSITE direction the next day. There are quite a variety of the Fester products in quality. Buy the one that Fester guarantees. And, applying it with the equivalent of a sheepskin roller on a long handle is both easier and quicker... I wouldn't dilute it. YMMV.
  9. Also got one inch in Riberas last night. And I think I've finally (after a year) figured out Ventusky.com . If you don't put in location (Ajijic, Mexico), the TIMING of precipitation is off. I set the precipitation to one hour increments and then moved forward by one hour through the night (virtually not actually). The precipitation happened exactly as expected and even the amount shown above the name Ajijic on the map was correct when compared with rain gauge. The wind direction is also better shown since it is closer to the ground than satellite photos. Love this stuff! https://www.ventusky.com/?p=21.4;-69.7;4&l=temperature I've been putting in the location every time I use it just to be safe.
  10. Have a roll of toilet paper in the car with you because not all the rest stops have it. IF the rest stop is big, there may be an attendant who keeps the facilities clean. They appreciate a tip.
  11. Then you do need service but I would ask at either Strom White (her husband does the propane stuff and he is good but a little unreliable as to time) or perhaps the other store that sells grills which is next to the Pemex station in Riberas. I asked the question because a BBQ comes with a regulator but so does your regular propane tank... two regulators makes for lower heat.
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