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  1. Ferret

    New goverment and residency

    Just to stir the pot... Legal Immigration to the U.S. is very limited. They didn't accept anyone from Canada or the United Kingdom for a very long time. Never did understand that and I don't know if the ban is still in effect. Even trying to get a Visa to the U.S. for a Mexican citizen who wants to take a vacation is like pulling teeth. It's a money maker because those who apply for a visa don't get their money back if they're turned down. I could understand keeping an administration fee but ALL the application money? That's just plain piggy.
  2. Ferret

    Riberas Internet

    It is not out at my house on San Mateo.
  3. https://healthyhempoil.com/shop/herbal-renewals/cbd-for-pets/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=The+2018+Ultimate+CBD+Gift+Guide+is+HERE!&utm_campaign=VIV-Dec+Gift+Guide+non-gmail Rony, I have ordered the CBD for humans from this company but they sent it via United States Postal Service and it took three months to get here. It's fast to the border but then slows down in the Mexican mail system but there is no difficulty as to legality or importation. Please contact them to find a faster way to send OR use one of the local services like http://zippmypackages.com/ (which will add to the cost) or a friendly mule.
  4. Carlos Ramirez 376-765-5597 or 333-703-5891 and tell him it's an emergency. Those numbers are from a few years ago but he is the husband of the manager of Strom White Movers/Napoleon Fireplace in west Ajijic opposite Roberto's Restaurant (or whatever it's called now)
  5. Ferret

    Need a Computer Fixer

    And Mike did make my Windows 10 look and operate exactly like W7 using Classic Shell. Those tiles drove me nuts!
  6. Ferret

    ILOX install

    imho, Telmex in Ajijic has done a lot to damage their image by the games they play. Many of us who signed up for iLox have had many run ins with Telmex and I, for one, will not forget their despicable service and attitude. I can hardly wait to tell Telmex where to put their service. Hasta la vista, baby.
  7. Another happy ending! I gotta tell ya that I find the postings of lost pets to be gut wrenching. It hasn't happened to me in Mexico but did in Canada... for three agonizing days. I know you are feeling enormous relief right now.
  8. Ferret

    New goverment and residency

    Thanks Bisbee Gal. That has been my experience in talking with Mexicans for 20 years. A guest worker program, of the kind that Canada has, would be a benefit to both the U.S. and Mexico. Please note that I'm talking about Mexicans and not the current illegals which are arriving at the U.S. border trying to escape horrific conditions in their own countries.
  9. Ferret

    Cold weather warning

    Just for interest sake, I got up at 6:45 and put my inside thermometer (not rain or weather proof) outside. It was reading 21 Celsius inside. 45 minutes later outside, it was reading 9 Celsius. I am so happy to have upgraded my windows and the skylight in the atrium. The difference in temperature indoors has been dramatic and worth every penny.
  10. Ferret

    Potted plants

    LOL. Well, your post will garner a lot of hits with that title. Did you mean "potted" plants by any chance?
  11. Ferret

    Cold weather warning

    IF I could find an outdoor thermometer, I would take up the challenge. It was hard enough finding a rain gauge locally. Thermometers? You're dreaming.
  12. Ferret

    Annual Motor Vehicle Stickers

    You can remove the sticker BUT keep all the paperwork that came with the stickers forever. It is needed if you go to sell the car.
  13. Just an FYI. I have found it very difficult to find lamb here in Mexico. I hope you have better success. However, there used to be a lady at the Tuesday Market from whom you could get it and I believe her name was Maggie Gaudet. Perhaps others would know or remember.
  14. That is the translation for a leg of lamb... which sure looks like the photo that Angus posted but it's hard to guess the actual size. Shanks are smaller Bing translator says the translation of a lamb shank is caƱa de cordero https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/raw-lamb-shanks.html
  15. I love a happy ending. So sorry you had to go through this because those fireworks scare the hell out of many, many animals. I don't think the Virgin of Guadalupe would be at all pleased.