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  1. Ferret

    Friendly Factor

    WhatsApp is the way most Mexicans communicate. Just got a message from Beto of the ironworks opposite Roberto's La Terraza. We had a flexible appointment for an estimate this morning. He said he was running late and gave me three options for another appointment. I chose tomorrow at 9 am. I understand completely that family comes first and all the other little emergencies in life do too. But, if I am working with someone then they understand that I don't care about the WHY of it, that I am flexible but would really appreciate a message so I don't have to WORRY about them. I would never leave my house if I was expecting someone because, imho, respect is a two way street. If it was an emergency, I would leave a note on the door. YMMV.
  2. Questions were asked. They were not answered. I'm done... from the apple to the basketball. And, for the record, I hope that whoever tied this poor dog to a fence and left it to die alone receives the same fate. At the very least, it could have been taken to the ranch and tied to the gate there... same as my Ginny was... knowing that it would be taken in and cared for. Shame on you, whoever you are. I hope you rot in hell.
  3. Can you help with a computer problem if there is information lacking in the post?
  4. And there is a lime green one available at the second hand store on the lake side just west of the 711 in Riberas. Looks newly upholstered. Try them out before you buy please. Some of them are harder to pull the lever than others.
  5. Are you looking for just a recliner? Or the motorized kind that will put you on your feet as well?
  6. Ferret

    Parking a shipping container

    It can be a pretty spiffy fishing shack if you put some imagination into it. Personally, I LOVE these pools with the below grade window.
  7. Ferret

    Parking a shipping container

    Somebody will buy it for sure if it is owned. It can be made into many things... a home, a garage, a garden shed, even a swimming pool. Google is your friend.
  8. Does luvsdawgs post from 16 hours ago answer your question Guiness? She also posted, to me later, that it was an old dog. I'm happy that it was with people who care at the end.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_unidad_de_inversión https://www.indicadoresmexico.com/udi-valor-unidades-de-inversion-hoy.html So, 700,000 U.D.I's equals 700,000 x 6.252133 = 4,376,493 pesos TODAY. It is a very stable value.
  10. Really boring once you start going north. It is not a coast road with vistas by any stretch of the imagination. Long and boring.
  11. And a signed affidavit.... LOL!
  12. Thank you but I am still upset. If more information had been given about the dog and its state, more of us may have been able to help. Understanding the circumstances of the "rescue" and the rescuers would have eliminated a lot of the attacks. It is well known that many simply lift dogs from the street because, if they don't have tags or are running free, then they must be homeless. Which is an error in judgement in most cases, Their hearts are in the right place but their logic is not. And I apologize profusely to the Do Gooders who KNOW what they are doing under certain circumstances. My Ginny came from the ranch and I will be forever grateful.
  13. I am with Xena on this one. NO information was given about the dog other than it was a German Shepherd and vaguely where it was found. NOT the age, NOT the condition, NOT the fact that those who took it in were so qualified to make the judgement, Not that it had to be taken to the vet. NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING. So what was the purpose of the post? To have someone call and get ripped a new one for the state of the dog? And now I am left wondering if it was the wonderful, wiggly young pup who made me smile on a Sunday a few months a go. To hell with the lot of you do gooders with agendas. I'm crying.
  14. Ferret

    Telmex Internet in SAT

    It might IF you have a good signal and good speedtest on your mobile.
  15. This has to be the Shepherd who wiggled his way into my lap one day a few months ago as I was getting out of my car. He is male and was about 6 months old then. An absolutely sweet and lovable boy. He ran off when he heard other dogs barking. He has an owner somewhere close by but I don't know where. I live on San Mateo close to the lake in Riberas. Whatever happens... somebody is getting a loyal and lovable friend.