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  1. Lots of speculation and innuendo here about age and incompetence. Anyone actually KNOW the age of the driver?
  2. Really nice job on the finishing! Love the contrast detail.
  3. Moisés (Moy) Anaya is the mayor of Chapala.
  4. Certainly everyone has jumped on the driver with speculation and innuendo. I hope the true facts will come out in the future. In the meantime, THIS is also within the realm of possibility... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudden_unintended_acceleration
  5. The online aspect of renewal for Ontario (Canadian?) licenses is a great option. I certainly wish it had been available to me. However, I can rent a car when I'm there with my Mexican driver's license so no biggee.
  6. His site was and is still one of the best sites for information. Many here still post links to his site when a question is asked about calculating Aguinaldo etc. He will NEVER be forgotten.
  7. No, I didn't visit him. I was already living in Mexico for four years before he moved to Mexico. I was here before any internet forums or blogs as well. I have already posted on TOB my impressions of his passing. Why, has this even been brought up on either board at this time though. That's what has me curious.
  8. Do you even know where Rolly lived in Mexico jillin'?
  9. At this moment in time, an absolute NO on both.
  10. Grifters, scammers, frauds and thieves are alive everywhere. Be careful! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/this-social-security-scam-is-just-evil/ar-AAFHbH9
  11. I actually liked the old FM3 and FM2 books that INM had for immigration. THEY got stamped in and out so it was easy to see when you left and obvious that you had returned since you were standing right in front of them. All this new fangled electronic only stuff is going to be a problem one day. I love electronics but I'm also a realist.
  12. I told them the truth. " I lost it. Sorry but here's my boarding pass to show when I left Mexico and here I am back again. Can you fix my problem". They scowled a bit but let me back in.
  13. At the very top of this page, on the right hand side, is an "envelope". Click on the envelope to see your private messages (aka "pm's").
  14. Snort! Nobody uses computers lakeside and nobody wants faster internet. Therefore, a topic about the workings of a computer that is CLEARLY titled as such has no business on this forum? Yeah. Right.
  15. And now for some comic relief... I just recently bought a new computer and wanted an SSD. I thought it stood for Stainless Steel Drive.... DUH! My brain was scrambled with all the choices internally. I didn't get the SSD... maybe later when the computer slows down and prices for them come down.
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