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  1. It looks like Avocado Club is doing a New Year's Eve dinner and dancing bash. One of the menu options is a 2 lb lobster, other less extravagant options also available. I believe they have done the lobster option before. Someone might have feed back from that time.
  2. We stopped shopping at the place by Superlake after getting short weighted twice. We use Pacifico but have not problem walking out the door if we don't like what we see that day. Funny, we had friends from San Blas over for dinner this summer. They said they do not see the quality of shrimp there that we get here.
  3. I don't know the answer to your questions but I'm curious why the prices on your list are a mix of USD and Euros but not pesos.
  4. Am I understanding this right? You are in a Spanish speaking country and complaining because you get poor service because you don't speak the language? Give me a break
  5. I forgot to mention that Pedro doesnot speak English. Sunny, I sent you a pm
  6. We use Pedro Gaytan 766-0209. He charges by the truck load. I don't remember the fee the last time we used him. He comes with several sons to load up the escombro.
  7. We have a writeup that is to big to post. PM an email address if you want it. You will find it useful. In Mexico we as most drive only in daylight. Best Regards

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