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  1. We were in there several days ago. The lady in front of us had a bag of bagels with a large tag that said 79 pesos but no bar code. The cashier punched in the code for bagels and the price came up as 109. She called over to the person sitting at the desk to ask the price and was told 109. That is what got entered. The whole thing was surreal including the fact that the lady didn't disagree.
  2. Try the shop on the Ajijic plaza. It carries the darndest stuff. I don't know its name but it is on the south side.
  3. We have a Sony Bravia model KDL 32FA400 lightly used to sell.  We are asking 3200 pesos.  You pick it up.  We are in La Floresta.  Phone 766-0095

  4. If you are looking at ReSound, considering adding the purchase of their Minimic. It's a small device that you can clip to the collar of your dining partner to make restaurant conversations possible. It can also attach to your tv to transmit the audio to the hearing aids. It allows the person with the h.a. to adjust to the necessary volume while the non h.a. person can set the volume at their comfort level. The last time I discussed h.a. with Pollo, he wasn't aware of the benefits of this accessory.
  5. On Sunday, the entrance to Tepic from Lopez Mateos was still blocked off. The entrance to the east bound lanes was blocked with one of the pieces moved to the side so it wasn't clear if it was open. They do have temporary signage up indicating it should be open.
  6. Need an adapter part for a new computer. Where are people sourcing their computer parts since Benno's closed?
  7. The list that gave the routes and turns years ago would omit several of the newer bypasses. The new liberimento around San Luis Potosi and the new macrolibiermento between Chapala and the airport for example. In addition to Las Palmas in Matehuala, there is a new Hotel San Pedro Express at the San Pedro Parador. We also use the City Express Norte in Monterrey. Your choice of hotel will be impacted by whether or not you are traveling with pets. That is a big reason for Las Palmas.
  8. They are no longer taking dim sum reservations by email. You need to stop by to reserve and pay your deposit. You can call ahead to determine if there is seating available for a particular day.
  9. Two of my favs are the arracherra salad at Lake Taco and the same type of salad at Mario's.
  10. When I got my license in April, they had just switched to touch screen tests and were in English. All 10 questions showed a sign and you had to identify what it meant. Not difficult except for the poor translation of some of the answers.
  11. Just came in through the airport at 630 this morning. No protests around, everything went smoothly. But, what is with all the mosquitoes inside the airport? It was bad when we left a month ago and even worse this morning.
  12. We took our Jalisco plated car to San Diego for a month earlier this year. Other than the insurance, we didn't require any thing else. We did get a lot of comments from ex pat Mexicans in the area. Those led to some fun conversations.
  13. Bisbee, did you use this Costco service for you appliances? If so, would you mind describing your experience? TIA
  14. Where in CA are you? Hubby just got a new pair of Phonak from West Coast Audiology in San Diego. The price was 3200 usd for the pair.
  15. Was this for the first checked bag? I haven't looked recently but when they started charging for all checked luggage, the first bag was $15 usd and the second one was $60 usd online. Sounds like that may have changed
  16. Some of the nursing homes in the area will do regular burns of the adult diapers. Nasty odor from that.
  17. We recently made this trip coming south. We stayed at Baymount Suites in Tucson then Holiday Inn Express in Guaymas. The new bypasses for Mazatlan and Tepic are huge time savers. We stayed in Culiacan but won't recommend the hotel we used. There is a ZAR close to the cuota that we will try next time. We were not traveling with pets.
  18. Yes, we paid ours at Chapala with a Visa card
  19. Another way to window shop would be to go to Airbnb. There are quite a few listings for this area. In addition to the pictures, you get to read all of the reviews. More info to process.
  20. Here is another vote for QuickBlinds. We have sun blocking, see through shades on the south side that keep the house cooler in the summer months.
  21. Inside the LaFloresta office there is a board that lists the current board members and phone numbers.
  22. I've also found it at the "natural" farmacias, the one close to Telmex in Ajijic and the one on the south side of the Ajijic plaza.
  23. I have friends that ordered a replacement on Mercada Libre. It arrived 2 days later with DHL. They were happy.
  24. My husband has both the Resound and Phonak aids. He likes the Resound because he also bought the mini mic accessory. He thinks the Phonaks for clarity of conversation. Like LaChula, he has not had good experiences with Polo. Neither the hearing test or the repair were acceptable. We are going to the US to correct the last "repair".
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