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  1. 49 minutes ago, Natasha said:

    In the event you might want pretty ceramic, Mexican-design coasters, I'm sure you'll find many at the "artisan" store between Coca-Cola warehouse and  traffic light at corner of San José, San Antonio (bottom side of carretera).  They have a lot of really nice stuff in there, mixed in along with the usual "kitsch".

    Or you could make your own.  Pick up an assortment of 4 inch talavera tile and put felt feet on the bottom.

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  2. It is our go to place to pick up pizza.  Our favorite is their combo.  Good ratio of toppings and cheese.  Nice crust, not thick.  We haven't tried delivery.

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  3. Renewed today and had no problem with any of our documents.  They accepted the most recent CFE (February) for my husband and a copy of it for myself.  Only problem was I had to wait for them to reprint the license because the first one said Pase instead of Paseo.  We passed the wait time watching the guy flunk everyone that was trying to take the driving test and parallel park.

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  4. Amlo has said recently that the vaccines will not be available to state or private entities until all of the federal contract obligations have been met, sometime after the end of October.   He also said most of the over 60 will have their first dose by the end of April.  So take it with a grain of salt.

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  5. We like Pizza 2 Go Go  upstairs from El Torito.  We haven't tried delivery but call ahead for pick up.  Open Tue - Sat 2 - 9 pm.  33 1438 4969

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  6. I find the new warnings are comical.  When the cream cheese package started showing the label of excess sodium, I checked out the portion size.  It was based on consuming half a package as a single serving.  The same thing with a package of saltines.  I do use it to compare across brand lines but still check to make sure they are talking about the same serving size.

  7. Hospital San Antonio does Covid 19 PCR Tests.  I went there for one today.  I'm not sick, but I need the test to be admitted to a Guad hospital for minor surgery. 

    The cost is high, $6500 Pesos.  It took about an hour for them to get someone suited up in PPE, complete a two page questionaire and shove the swabs up my nose and throat.  They were certain that they would have results by email in between 24 and 48 hours.

    I checked Chopo today, they are still referring customers to a Guad facility.  I also went to and talked with the Laboratorio Clinico El Lago facility located behind the bus station in Chapala.  They handle testing in a come one come all format at 7:00 in the morning.  That appeared to me to open up the possibility of actually exposing myself to someone who is infected.   Not interested.

  8. There are 2 different markets that are referred to as the Monday market.  In Chapala there is the tienguis which is like the one in Ajijic on Wednesday but bigger.  It is near Sorianna.  There is also a market of mostly prepared food that is at Sunrise Restaurant.  Someone who has been there recently might be able to better describe the products.

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