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  1. I have tried several times to order New Balance from Amazon MX with no luck. Each time I would order a model number that I had bought NOB using the MX size in the tongue of the shoe. It would arrive a half size smaller. We've had this experience with both women's and men's shoes. We gave up.
  2. Are you using a cookie blocker? Some sites do not work well if they cannot use all of their cookies.
  3. According to the govt site: http://app.sct.gob.mx/sibuac_internet/ControllerUI?action=cmdEscogeRuta its 1919 peso.
  4. I had the same reaction to my Moderna booster as I did the second shot. Same timing as well. Neither time would it have stopped me from traveling. Base your decision on your previous experience.
  5. Does anyone know what Tabarka's hours are? I have been calling all afternoon and do not get an answer. TIA
  6. I have to wonder about the waiter that served the ice cold plate of nachos. Nice or not, he doesn't sound like he was familiar with the food on the menu.
  7. My husband had ear molds made by Dr Carlos Flores at Chapala Med this week. He said they would probably be ready in a week or so. He didn't know the cost as these were a different style than he usually made.
  8. The audiologist at Quality Care only comes in once every 3 weeks. For someone needing to forfeit their h.a. for repair, that is a long time for turn around.
  9. Or you could make your own. Pick up an assortment of 4 inch talavera tile and put felt feet on the bottom.
  10. Has anything been done to resolve the dish local networks for Cincinnati? We have been using iptv and streaming but I like our options on dish better - when they worked.
  11. Did Dish ever fix the problem with the local channels being off air for the Cincinnati area?
  12. Does anyone have any new information on this problem? We are supposed to get our networks from Indiana but are having the same problem as the Cincinnati people are. It looks like satellite 77 has been taken off line. It's been more than a week for us.
  13. Yes, they take orders in English.
  14. It is our go to place to pick up pizza. Our favorite is their combo. Good ratio of toppings and cheese. Nice crust, not thick. We haven't tried delivery.
  15. I am looking for someone to install a steel and polycarbonate pergola. I understand many of the iron shops can do the frame but I looking for someone to do the entire project. Thanks
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