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  1. desafinada

    Gas Lines - Unavailability of fuels

    I just walked by the station in Ajijic. There are cars parked but the pumps are roped off. Last evening they had a long line waiting.
  2. desafinada


    Try the local product instead. Vel Delicada in a pink bottle.
  3. desafinada

    Telmex--problem downloading Dec. bill

    I was able to download mine today. However, when they sent the email that the bill was ready last Monday, I couldn't. You may need to wait a day or more.
  4. desafinada


    What are their hours? Every time we drive past, they are closed.
  5. desafinada

    Ordering from Amazon USA or Amazon MX

    We use our USSA credit cards when shopping on Amazon MX. They have their own delivery system and do not use DHL. They deliver to our door usually within 2 days using Amazon Prime. It all depends on if it is an import item. As stated above, they will give you an estimated delivery date when you are ordering.
  6. desafinada

    Where to buy: Drawer glides

    Home Depot if you are in GDL
  7. desafinada


    We've used Liverpool at the Gallerias mall
  8. desafinada

    Ricki's Japanese and Thai

    We had a hankering for tempura last week and set out for Ricki's. The doors were closed around 1230 on Friday and the signage has been taken down. Have they moved or are they gone?
  9. desafinada

    ISO CD Envelopes

    I have found them at the China junk store on the plaza in Ajijic
  10. desafinada

    Hotel or B&B with pool

    Quinta del Sol has a pool as well
  11. For the cardiologist Dr Hector Briseno try qcdoctors.org email is drbriseno at gmail tel for the office is 376 766 1870
  12. I did this a year ago. When they came to Chapala, the test was in Spanish and everyone was required to do a parallel parking test. When I went to Guadalajara with Luzma, the test was in poorly google translated English. It involved identifying the meaning of traffic signs. There was no driving test required if you could show a driving license from anywhere. (One person's was expired and that didn't matter). I don't remember what the cost was but Luzma was able to get the cost I paid in Chapala discounted because I was over 60.
  13. desafinada

    Authentic Tai Chi/Pushing Hands coming to Chapala

    What time and where does the LCS group meet?
  14. desafinada

    Window/glass cleaner without ammonia

    We use Sprayway glass cleaner. It comes in a blue and white metal can and is available at Walmart. Made in the USA so it is pricey.
  15. desafinada

    Skylight domes

    We need to replace a couple of skylight domes. Does anyone source them locally? Thanks