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  1. I don't want to hijack the thread on the Seguro Popular shots. Is LCS doing flu shots this year? Are they available anywhere else. TIA
  2. Did you notice if the pizza "to go" was sent out in pizza boxes? The last time we asked to take the leftovers home, they just piled the pieces on top of each other in a regular carton.
  3. There are several shops in Chapala. One is up the street next to the bus station. You can also pick one up at the tienguis.
  4. Yoou can also fill them with rice instead of sand. Less likely to seep out of the seams.
  5. ILOX has been installed in our house for two weeks now. Here are a few observations. Internet access randomly drops out for short periods; usually only 30 to 90 seconds. I can't comment on the frequency as we use it only an hour or two a day. When this occurs most devices will automatically switch to a different service if one is available. You can prevent this by shutting down your old telmex system or telling your devices to "forget" the SSIDs. ILOX blocks some streaming services; specifically Area-51. We have overcome that through the use of what we consider to be a good VPN, Nord. We will post more if we learn more.
  6. Mario's is on Ramon corona, the street that is in front of the Catholic church running east and west. He is west of the church
  7. Mario's in San Antonio is now serving dinner. He is open until 10 pm on Sat and Sun. Practically down the street from the Spotlight
  8. IMO, the judges on the day we were there must not have like spicy food.
  9. We flew in with Volaris and out with Singapore in May. Both used the International terminal. We still had to clear customs and immigration. There was no cost incurred, just time.
  10. I have been using Overdrive and my library card from NOB to access e books on my Android tablet. My library card has expired and I no longer have someone who can go and renew it. They require it be done in person. What other options are there out there? I have checked into Kindle books but there are 5 publishing houses that will not provide content to Kindle. Is there anything like Netflix for books? I don't mind paying a nominal subscription fee for unlimited content. BTW, I am looking for books, not audio books. TIA for you answers.
  11. Where did you get your info that Tom Brady terminal is sterile? We have flown into it and back out at least once a year. Always required to clear customs and immigration before proceeding to recheck. It may be different if you are not changing airlines.
  12. I just walked by the station in Ajijic. There are cars parked but the pumps are roped off. Last evening they had a long line waiting.
  13. Try the local product instead. Vel Delicada in a pink bottle.
  14. I was able to download mine today. However, when they sent the email that the bill was ready last Monday, I couldn't. You may need to wait a day or more.
  15. desafinada


    What are their hours? Every time we drive past, they are closed.
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