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  1. We sent our TX ballot by FedEx on Tuesday, it was received by Webb County on Wednesday. The cost was 757 pesos at the FedEx office across from Bugambilias Plaza. It included our MX address as the sending address as required.
  2. We just received our email ballots for Webb County, TX. Please read your email carefully and be sure to include your signature sheet with your Texas ballot. We had to click on their link for the sheet, it was not included in the attachments. Webb County does not allow email or fax return of the ballot.
  3. There are 2 different markets that are referred to as the Monday market. In Chapala there is the tienguis which is like the one in Ajijic on Wednesday but bigger. It is near Sorianna. There is also a market of mostly prepared food that is at Sunrise Restaurant. Someone who has been there recently might be able to better describe the products.
  4. Does anyone have a contact number for Jorge? Thanks
  5. We just got back from GDL. Used the macro to come home from Costco. It was clear the whole way.
  6. We have found them in Soriana close to the entrance near the bbq stuff.
  7. We didn't go inside so couldn't tell you
  8. We were told this morning that they did not have electricity.
  9. The Smokehouse is closed on Wednesday. You should be able to order today.
  10. While walking in upper La Floresta this morning, we found a BTE SIE hearing aid in the street. It will be turned in to the office.
  11. As a regular client, they are there and were open yesterday.
  12. To answer the where question, there is one in Ajijic near Plaza Montana on the mountain side of the carreterra. There is also one in Chapala.
  13. The Govenor’s long anticipated speech from last night on opening some businesses, published in La Voz de la Ribera. It’s basically a two-week test to see how we do. In two weeks it could get stricter or open up more, it depends on us. Jalisco Governor Announces Opening of Some Businesses Next Monday. BY CANO ON MAY 14, 2020 With the start of the so-called Phase 0 the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, that on Monday May 18 there will be economic revival of some activities. The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, announced this afternoon that on Monday, May 18th, Pha
  14. Dermika is also seeing patients. Call for an appointment 766 2500
  15. With regard to food safety on take out or delivery, our opinion is that if we trusted their process before, we trust it now. If you think someone is mishandling food, why would you ever give them business?
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