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  1. sounds like "gama derma" butt rot .... there will be a fungus at the base ....... you can never plant another palm there again
  2. the flyswatters are available at "small mart" south side of Ajijic plaza ,,,,,, I knock every thing off the tables .... useless ...... I prefer the sticky coils of paper you hang from the ceiling ..... you get to see them die slowly
  3. I have just spent ANOTHER 3 hours trying to log on only to be put through a nightmare of saying my name is taken,the password is invalid,and finally given a 15 word password that didn't work the first 2 times.I have been a member for YEARS and this happens at least once a year .I am hopeless to explain the horror of trying to contact ANYONE about this problem and make sure this NEVER HAPPEN...

  4. thanks for posting, gravy, we were worried about you. haven't seen you this week--we never made it to the beach. glad you are well,sorry about the teeth.adios,nancy and michael

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