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  1. Not my or my partner's experience at all, and we both have complicated prescriptions.
  2. Dra. Claudia's sister is Dra. Paulina Camacho Choza. Both are excellent in my experience.
  3. Perhaps Amazon rules have changed recently for new accounts...? I have Amazon Mexico+Prime and Amazon US (not Prime) accounts for several years and use the same email address and US credit card for both. I have mailing addresses in Mexico and the US listed on both accounts. Never had a problem with either account or with deliveries to either address.
  4. Try ventiladores.com, several locations in Guadalajara with large selection of fans and parts. https://www.ventiladores.com/
  5. No recent problems with my Telcel service in Villa Nova.
  6. Regarding a recently closed posting about Lexus dealers in Mexico. https://leftlanenews.com/lexus/8518042791556224092/ https://www.motorpasion.com.mx/industria/lexus-llega-a-mexico
  7. Hmmm, I use Uber often and have yet to encounter a rude driver.
  8. They were in Villa Nova - Calle del Manglar/Callejon del Arroyo last week.
  9. Not very difficult to Google "hearing loss and dementia" and find a great amount of information on the subject.
  10. Dra. Claudia Camacho. And yes, she's excellent.
  11. Re-read Widesky's and my post. No driving test if you have a valid license from elsewhere.
  12. 9:45am BP Los Sabinos no wait, Premium only.
  13. My experience a just few months ago with Luzma was exactly the same. All ten test questions pertained to identifying road signs. A painless and fast process all in all.
  14. Shipping address Mexico, billing address US.
  15. Sorry, can't answer your question about Walmart, but I had no problems earlier this year setting up Amazon Mexico Prime with a US credit card. Ordered something yesterday and it still works.
  16. Bancomer machine was working today, Banamex was not.
  17. Transferwise works well for such a case, can be set up from anywhere, and the rate is always among the best.
  18. Also a long time client of Bancomer and never had a token. The mobile app is great, but I also still use the website, particularly to program bill payments for future dates. Upon log in, the website sometimes asks for a random code that must be obtained from the mobile app, but not always.
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