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  1. It's in SAT next to La Paceña.
  2. 1 family member, 2 family friends. So Op, what conclusions are you drawing from this?
  3. Mexico is developing a new vaccine. https://us.yahoo.com/news/mexico-aims-own-vaccine-approved-130117944.html
  4. Our dish was realigned perfectly by Ajijic Electronics. About a week or so ago after that following some high winds we lost the same channels previously lost. Some come back in the evening but those have much pixelation and are unwatchable. Another service call is in order.
  5. "As of Thursday, the Chickasaw and Cherokee Nations announced they were vaccinating everyone. " Can you provide a link to the source of this please? As of Tuesday, March 16, the Chickasaw Nation's news links are reporting that they are vaccinating only OK residents, and photo IDs are required to sign up. I hope you are correct. https://www.chickasaw.net/News/Announcements/New-Chickasaw-Nation-Emergency-Operation-Facility-Allows-Vaccination-Efforts-to-Expand.aspx
  6. This site compares the major transfer services and has ratings of each. Click on the numerical rating for a summary of the rating factors. Exchange rates are constantly updated and seem to be current whenever I've consulted the site. For my own experience, I've found Transferwise to be the easiest to set up, and most consistently without hiccups, and the net pesos received per dollar is usually near the best. YMMV. Monito
  7. Your second paragraph is correct and is what people have already posted throughout this thread.
  8. I have a large dish and have lost many channels. It ain't the size that's the problem.
  9. Getting "not registered on network" with all calls I've tried today with Telcel.
  10. ".. the website stops on the next page and only displays 3 links for information." Same here.
  11. Transferwise has removed the US$980 temporary limit on transfers to pesos.
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