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  1. At Soriana yesterday everyone had masks but quite a few wore them below the nose or just around the neck. The latter included a young father pushing a baby stroller who put on the mask only after I hesitated to pass him, and he removed it after I went by. Store employees said nothing to him or to others doing the same.
  2. Same here with Oceania. Much simpler and easier to deal with than many airlines.
  3. West Ajijic, regular old Telmex 40 down, 10 up.
  4. Doesn't look good for Interjet & possibly other Mexican carriers. Interjet Bloomberg article 03April
  5. My January bill was available online in PDF form on Feb. 6.
  6. I had the surgery done last year and highly recommend Dr. Hector Valenzuela of Quality Care Clinic. He is skilled, thorough, and extremely patient from consultation through surgery and follow up care. The procedure involved a one night hospital stay. Complete recovery took a couple of weeks. Of course, Dr Valenzuela will help you determine if surgery really is the best option or if there is a more suitable solution. Good luck.
  7. Yes, magicJack. Simple to use, good quality on cell.
  8. Not my or my partner's experience at all, and we both have complicated prescriptions.
  9. Dra. Claudia's sister is Dra. Paulina Camacho Choza. Both are excellent in my experience.
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