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  1. As my post says, 3 weeks ago.
  2. Not sure where people get their information. I received my new Jalisco license about 3 weeks ago. No eye test, no driving test because I have a valid license from the US, written test consisting of identifying 10 road signs. I stated my blood type and no proof was needed. In and out in under 2 hours.
  3. rckrckr

    Poutines next to Maria Isabel's

    They also have some of the best coffee in the area. Service is good too.
  4. rckrckr

    Epsom salt

    Thanks. Looked there, must be out. Oh well.
  5. rckrckr

    Epsom salt

    In which dept did you find it? The clerks in the pharmacy area had no clue and I didn't see it elsewhere. Thanks.
  6. Ask residents of Villa Nova about her. She may be European, German perhaps, and has lived in the US.
  7. rckrckr


    Snobbery easily is matched by reverse snobbery in the Lakeside area.
  8. rckrckr

    Patio set

    If you do a Google search, you'll find other furniture stores in Guadalajara, such as - Habitat Garden Meue Habitat Garden is less expensive than the rattan place and carries more contemporary designs. Haven't been to Meue but it looks like they have a large selection.
  9. That's a shame, my experience is the opposite and I fly with VivaAerobus often. I've had your experience with them with Volaris.
  10. Also try VivaAerobus. Usually less expensive than Volaris.
  11. rckrckr

    Local Social Media Sites

    Tangerine Travels is in the Lakeside area for one week before returning to Guadalajara about which they have posted many videos. Most are entertaining and informative about practical matters, especially for prospective first time visitors.
  12. Use it often between Ajijic and Guadalajara and within Guadalajara . Nice drivers, clean cars, rarely wait more than 10 minutes for pick up. Price varies depending on time of day and is affected by traffic conditions, but it's always less expensive than a taxi. Fast customer service if there are questions or issues.
  13. rckrckr

    Best Airline to Mexicali?

    I use VIvaAerobus round trip GDL-Mexicali several times per year. Their fares are almost always lower than Volaris, and for me, the schedules are good. They have a user-friendly website, and offer pricing options as to level of service, i.e. seat selection, priority boarding, etc. So far, no complaints.
  14. rckrckr

    Pool servicing

    Carlos and crew are the best.
  15. That didn't work on my phone so texted 2252 and so far so good.