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  1. Dra. Claudia's sister is Dra. Paulina Camacho Choza. Both are excellent in my experience.
  2. Perhaps Amazon rules have changed recently for new accounts...? I have Amazon Mexico+Prime and Amazon US (not Prime) accounts for several years and use the same email address and US credit card for both. I have mailing addresses in Mexico and the US listed on both accounts. Never had a problem with either account or with deliveries to either address.
  3. Try ventiladores.com, several locations in Guadalajara with large selection of fans and parts. https://www.ventiladores.com/
  4. No recent problems with my Telcel service in Villa Nova.
  5. Regarding a recently closed posting about Lexus dealers in Mexico. https://leftlanenews.com/lexus/8518042791556224092/ https://www.motorpasion.com.mx/industria/lexus-llega-a-mexico
  6. Hmmm, I use Uber often and have yet to encounter a rude driver.
  7. They were in Villa Nova - Calle del Manglar/Callejon del Arroyo last week.
  8. Not very difficult to Google "hearing loss and dementia" and find a great amount of information on the subject.
  9. Probably a recommendation not appreciated by the owner of this forum.
  10. Dra. Claudia Camacho. And yes, she's excellent.
  11. Re-read Widesky's and my post. No driving test if you have a valid license from elsewhere.
  12. 9:45am BP Los Sabinos no wait, Premium only.
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