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  1. I successfully paid with a BBVA credit card after trying two US cards, which were both rejected. The US crc companies told me they had not received any payment requests.
  2. It's probably a harmless Leaf-Footed bug, common in No. America, including Mexico. Leaf footed bug
  3. Ditto, had two stays of 1 night each. Staff was very attentive and responsive.
  4. I make monthly or more frequent transfers between my US bank and BBVA and always compare net pesos received per US dollar with the various transfer services. Transferwise and Skrill always beat XE and Xoom. Both are fast, Skrill is usually fastest, taking no more than a couple of hours for a transaction. In 5+ years, never had a problem with any of these services.
  5. BBVA Mexico's back up is BBVA with assets of 700 billion euros. Maybe not big enough for cedros, but it seems he just needs the last word. So, please c keep posting and adding to your numbers.
  6. Not focusing on parent institutions, BBVA México is the largest bank in Mexico.
  7. Not sure if this information is correct...the website listed is not, perhaps try the 800 number. BBVA Bancomer PCU Email: customer.service@bbva.bancomer.com Website: Bancomer.com/pcu Toll-free: 01 800 BBVA PCU (01 800 2282 728)
  8. Got our flu shots at Hospital San Antonio this morning. Registered in the lobby, no ID requested, and no fee. Very fast.
  9. The down payment and financing rate are completely up to negotiation between the buyer and seller.
  10. Excellent. It is the Catedral de San Juan Bautista. The donation will be made today. Gracias.
  11. Time to shake it up with a slightly harder challenge. This place is off the beaten track and does not see many tourists, Mexican or foreign. I'll donate 1,000 pesos to the local charity of choice of the first person to identify the building and location. First hint: Guerrero.
  12. Today I bought Olivo del Cielo Arbequina variety at Walmart. 500ml for $100p. Amazon sells it for $180p, plus shipping if not a Prime member.
  13. Executed in Patzcuaro. Maria Gertrudis Bocanegra Mendoza.
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