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  1. The last time I read Cynoff label it did not kill spiders.
  2. I have macular degeneration combined with a terrible lense scar removal that left lots of tissue in my vitreous. I was warned my several eye surgeons how dangerous it is to remove the vitreous. After moving to Mexico I researched extensively and found Dr. Arturo Santos at puerto de Hierro Medical Bldg….018007155050. He has treated me for 15 years. I have had two bleeds that thankfully he treated successfully with laser and vitreous injections. No…not required to have monthly injections using his techniques. I would not trust anyone else with my eyes. This is not completely up to date but may give you some professional information. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arturo_Santos_García
  3. As long as I can recall....many, many years, a receipt and a 7-day window since purchase has been required.
  4. Full Bone Density Exams now available Lakeside. The imaging place next to Tio Sam’s is the only place, including the new hospitals, where you can get Bone Density Exams without going to Guadalajara. Imagenologia Imaging 376-766-4635
  5. I was wondering what flowering plants could take the sun also. I bought about 6 various and have placed them where they are mostly in the sun but not the late sun. They look tired. I may have to move them around to a place with even less hours in direct sun.
  6. It will always be Dusty Chicken. It has been Dusty Chicken for many, many years. Anyone recall how many? I’d hate to guess incorrectly. This other place will be the Fake Dusty Chicken Chapala but located in Riberas.
  7. It appears they are cooking it in their front or back yard...look at the pic where they covered up the face of the chef to appear to have a mask smiley face. Looks like a house....
  8. They are fully aware they have copied the name and using it for the business. They will argue some crazy none sense about being on the highway and a mechanic named it that years ago and blah, blah, blah. They don’t give a flying f*****. As long as they get business
  9. Think I heard there is a $200 peso minimum for delivery....but do check. I may be mistaken
  10. I am crushed that Suzanne has passed. I had heard her health was failing. What an amazing woman. It was always a pleasure to hear her stories of her life. My heart hurts for all her children. Rest peacefully and free of pain.
  11. My son and daughter-in-law used him (German Chavez) today for a 6 a.m. pick up for an airport trip. He was here about 7 minutes early. He is insured, fully bilingual and we were super impressed with his professionalism.
  12. Wow! Aren’t you lucky to be notified. We received paper notices when the cable running was going on and they were really appreciated. No tubs of water this time to rinse dishes, flush toilets, clean hands or pitchers of water to cook with drink from. Oh well, just glad to know what is going on and I do appreciate your post.
  13. Anyone have any idea when electricity will be turned back on below Mirasol? It went off this morning and has stayed off. They finished running new cable through this area several weeks ago. And no, we didn't get any notice that it would be off.
  14. Well, I was enjoying the discussion and methods. Don't assume we all are bored.
  15. I've been using the reusable and washable veggie/fruit bags and they work great. Clerk can see through them and they have an easy slide closure. They wash great and dry super fast. I need to buy some small biodegradable bags for trash container in kitchen. I think I saw those on Amazon. I have the stainless straws and I keep a divided togo container in the car. My little effort is not much but a whole bunch of us doing just a little will help.
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