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  1. It will always be Dusty Chicken. It has been Dusty Chicken for many, many years. Anyone recall how many? I’d hate to guess incorrectly. This other place will be the Fake Dusty Chicken Chapala but located in Riberas.
  2. It appears they are cooking it in their front or back yard...look at the pic where they covered up the face of the chef to appear to have a mask smiley face. Looks like a house....
  3. They are fully aware they have copied the name and using it for the business. They will argue some crazy none sense about being on the highway and a mechanic named it that years ago and blah, blah, blah. They don’t give a flying f*****. As long as they get business
  4. Think I heard there is a $200 peso minimum for delivery....but do check. I may be mistaken
  5. I am crushed that Suzanne has passed. I had heard her health was failing. What an amazing woman. It was always a pleasure to hear her stories of her life. My heart hurts for all her children. Rest peacefully and free of pain.
  6. My son and daughter-in-law used him (German Chavez) today for a 6 a.m. pick up for an airport trip. He was here about 7 minutes early. He is insured, fully bilingual and we were super impressed with his professionalism.
  7. Wow! Aren’t you lucky to be notified. We received paper notices when the cable running was going on and they were really appreciated. No tubs of water this time to rinse dishes, flush toilets, clean hands or pitchers of water to cook with drink from. Oh well, just glad to know what is going on and I do appreciate your post.
  8. Anyone have any idea when electricity will be turned back on below Mirasol? It went off this morning and has stayed off. They finished running new cable through this area several weeks ago. And no, we didn't get any notice that it would be off.
  9. Well, I was enjoying the discussion and methods. Don't assume we all are bored.
  10. I've been using the reusable and washable veggie/fruit bags and they work great. Clerk can see through them and they have an easy slide closure. They wash great and dry super fast. I need to buy some small biodegradable bags for trash container in kitchen. I think I saw those on Amazon. I have the stainless straws and I keep a divided togo container in the car. My little effort is not much but a whole bunch of us doing just a little will help.
  11. Have those of you who recently received your citizenship used an attorney or have you done everything yourself?
  12. Sorry, DeborahM, didn't mean to take your post off topic...just wasn't thinking. I have started another post.
  13. can anyone, with knowledge, recommend the most reliable minisplit brand and BTU's. I would like one with heat as well as air conditioning. I see a wide range of life pricing. I know some of that is BTU's, heat option, etc. My house is small...probably between 1200 and 1400 sq. Ft. I'm certain there is someone who knows how to calculate the size of unit needed to cover a certain space and how many kwh's it will pull. It will no doubt put me into DAC. But, a solar pro thinks it might be better, because of my historical low usage, to get the A/C and see where it puts me in DACbefore investin
  14. Thanks, Tom. What is your opinion about one big unit over two smaller units?
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