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  1. We have entered twice a year through Nogales for the past 8-9 years. Always early in the morning and all but once through the in-town (rather than the Mariposa) crossing. Two or three we have gotten the red light, but inspections were cursory at best. The one time we crossed at Mariposa we were subjected to a much more thorough inspection (as was nearly everyone else that day as best as I could tell. No duty but a lot of questions.) Traffic, BTW, is very light in town in the early morning. Just keep following the signs for Hermosillo. We'll be crossing again this Saturday morning.
  2. Not certain which Telecable office you visited, but I have found the young ladies in Riberas to be unhelpful in providing useful information. I have come to rely instead on having a friend visit or phone the office in Chapala, which has proven to be much more reliable - for now that is.
  3. The gods (and their master Senor Slim) are smiling on you.
  4. I had been told that Telecable uses "optic fiber" - at least in our area (Villa Nova). Paraphrasing Humphrey Bogart, have I been misinformed?"
  5. I live in Villa Nova and have had Telecable internet for about three years and have been pleased with the service. Recently, however, the service has deteriorated to the point where today I am getting less than 1 Mbs. (I am paying for 8 Mbs). In response to complaints earlier this week, the company claimed this is an anomaly and promised to send technicians to our area to check. They say this shouldn't happen with optic fiber and that perhaps the problem is unique to my connection. Recently I have been getting 8 Mbs in the morning, decreasing to 4-5 Mbs in the afternoon and often around 3 Mbs in the evening. Today I'm getting near 0 Mbs at times. Is anyone else having similar problems with Telecable?
  6. We pay ours 250 pesos for 4 hours work once a week. She's happy. We're happy. Hope we're not "upsetting the economy."
  7. I am wondering why my online/board name seems to have changed from Orygun Duck to stevemoore45 (my log-in/user name).  Was it something I inadvertently did?  Is there any way to get my original name back?  (This recent change provides very little privacy and I hope it can be corrected.)  Thanks

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