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  1. I'm en route Lakeside after crossing the border at Nogales. The construction/resurfacing of the highway south of Nogales has made the immigration/car permit offices all but inaccessible from the roadway and THERE ARE NO SIGNS to direct you how to get to them. The only way to cross the new concrete slab is to look for a dirt path connecting the current roadway with the slab (but again there are no signs). An alternate may be to continue about 100 meters south of the offices to the OXXO on the righthand side and double back. People who have crossed before will figure this out but newbies will likely be out of luck. There seems to be a temporary Immigration office just north of Hermosillo on the toll road but again no signs or other explanation. GOOD NEWS: At least as far south as Ciudad de Obregon, the toll booths have been taken over by protesters - so no toll. We'll see how far south this extends.
  2. We spent nearly two months trying to apply for them in Chapala. Our efforts were repeatedly met with "Manana" and there was no clear end in sight. Finally gave up.
  3. From all appearances, Villa Nova seems very well run.
  4. I have an ATT plan NOB for my smart phone that allows unlimited calls, texts and data (including roaming) to and from (and in) Mexico. The down side is that for calls people in Mexico must dial as if I'm in the US (and I assume vice versa. I'm wondering what kind of speeds I'll get if I use my phone as a hot spot. I guess I'll find out in June when we get down there. (BTW, we are on a friend's plan and pay much, much less that $149.)
  5. I've asked Iron Socket to look into my VPN problem. Will get back to you if they have a fix.
  6. Netflix is constantly taking steps to block access outside the US. I use Iron Socket DNS proxy which addresses these efforts very quickly (usually in less than a day). I am not in Mexico at the moment so cannot check our connection. Rather I am in Taiwan and the Iron Socket VPN is detected by Netflix. I have no means of testing the DNS Proxy (which uses my router in Mexico). I've had Iron Socket for nearly five years and have been very happy. Their customer support (via email) is top-notch.
  7. We raised our maid's pay in January to $300 for 4 hours. We will pay what we can and what we feel she deserves, WITHOUT concern about the damage we're doing to the local economy. Sorry, but capitalism does allow the freedom to pay what you feel is appropriate.
  8. Indeed, the past four days made me homesick. Like the Oregon coast in June!
  9. Spotted a UFO this morning in West Ajijic. On careful examination, however, turned out it was the SUN!
  10. I second the recommendation of Arturo! He does very good work.
  11. the last 2 or 3 times I've walked down to the lake front on the west side of town, I've noticed overflowing sewers draining into the lake at the base of Rio Zula and Libertad. Perhaps this happens more often than I had thought and I simply hadn't noticed or gone down to the lake frequently enough. The stench was overwhelming. Is this something the city prefers to overlook? Given that it's the dry season, I'm curious as to why these sewers overflow.
  12. Can't give you a price, but suggest you contact Pablo Nunez, a local carpenter. He does en excellent job at a very fair price and I'm sure he'd be happy to provide an estimate. Pablo's cell is 331-247-6426. Additional plusses are that Pablo is always on time and stands by his promises.
  13. What brand is it? I have English instructions for ours (Orbit, I believe). We're away at the moment but return to Ajijic on Monday (1/15)
  14. Will they accept/convert US checks for deposits? If so, how long before the funds are available.?
  15. Anyone have a suggestion for a reliable table lamp repair person in Ajijic? It's likely a simple matter of replacing the socket or redoing the wiring. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  16. I don't have a contact number for Javier, but his class currently meets Saturday mornings from 11 - 2 on the second floor of the Plaza Montana in central Ajijic. He plans to add an addition day to the schedule very soon. Fees for the class will increase from 250 pesos to 300 pesos in the New Year. I have been taking Maestro Ramos' classes for over four years now and can attest to his outstanding skill as a teacher. (Plaza Montana is located at the NE corner of Colon and the Carretera - stairway is located next to the café on the end.)
  17. Number provided seems to be an old one, as I get a "no existe" when I dial. I'll try Strom. Thanks for the help.
  18. We have a vented propane fireplace that we've never used and need someone to look at it to insure it's working properly. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  19. The Boise State - Oregon game will be carried on ABC-TV (2:30 pm kickoff Lakeside), and will be available to those here who have Shaw Direct, Direct-TV or DISH US. It will also be available for streaming via ESPN 3 on your computer. ESPN 3 involves sign-in with your Internet Service Provider (Telmex or Telecable for most of us). I plan to catch the game on my Roku (ESPN WATCH) using a DNS proxy. DUCK fans who need a friendly venue to watch the game, pls PM me. (Seating is very limited). GO DUCKS!!
  20. Had the same thing happen to me in recent months. Mystery cell phone charging and some bogus insurance. They promised a credit. Thankful I only rely on them for phone service.
  21. Actually, the second hand became detached and moves around within the crystal. All I need is for someone to remove it. The watch is cheap but has sentimental? value. Thanks for the suggestion.
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