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  1. I just returned from the emissions test site beyond Ixtlahuacan in Los Cedros (Autoservicio Martinez) and he had stickers and authorization to conduct tests. Turned out, however, that despite my understanding that my 2017 car needed the sticker, he informed me that I would not need it until next year, as the system had recently changed. He verified this on his smart phone. The phone number for the shop is 3313563880; address is Calle Juarez 5, Los Cedros.
  2. There was talk of adding a second floor, but that's another story. (Couldn't resist.)
  3. If you have a VPN or DNS Proxy AND a US-based account, you can get US Netflix, which includes some shows and movies not available on Netflix Mexico. For example a few years back you could not get Jane the Virgin (probably because of conflicting rights to the show).
  4. Thanks. You'd think this would be easy. It's not been - at least for me. The e-visa requirements are very specific and if I make a mistake I loose the $120 visa fee. (Not to mention possibly the price of the tour.)
  5. I have never used MS Office or MS Word for anything other than creating word documents. I realize you are trying to be helpful, but your suggestions are beyond my familiarity with these programs. It would be most helpful if someone would suggest a store/office where I could go to have a 250 KB copy of my passport made. Thanks.
  6. I was working with a 1.1 mb Jpg photo of the passport and trying to convert online to PDF. Most converters reduced it to 68 KB. Too small for the requirement. The converter you suggest converts to 660 KB and even the compressor only reduces it to 500 KB or so. I think I need to go to a local shop and have them create the file with a scanner. Any ideas. Really appreciate your help. I've literally spent hours trying to sort this out and the company assisting with the visa filing is no help,
  7. I cannot get my scanner on my printer to work and have had little success with the Adobe App on my phone.. Where can I get a pdf file of a specific size created? Thanks. w
  8. I've tried that but the conversion software reduces the size to around 68 KB which seems to be too small to meet the requirement. Thanks.
  9. Where can I get a PDF file (copy of my passport) to submit in processing for an e-visa? The file must be around 250-300 KB in size. I only have Adobe Acrobat Reader on my computer and don't want to shell out $15 or so just to be able to create one file. Thanks in advance for ideas.
  10. For those headed to the coast Manzanillo, Melaque, Barra there is gas on the toll road from Cd de Guzman south. No line anywhere as on noon on Wednesday.,
  11. For those headed for Melaque, Barra or Manzanillo on the toll road. As of noon today there is gas from Cd. de Guzman south.
  12. I called the tourist office in Colima this morning and they said there is no problem with gasoline supplies in the city or on the toll road near the city. I also spoke with my hotel in Melaque (where we're going tomorrow morning) and the manager said there were no problems there either. He had not heard of any problems in Manzanillo, so he assumed they had plenty of gas as well. Leaving early with fingers crossed.
  13. For those who might be headed south for the beach, I just spoke with the Colima (city) Tourist Office and they said there is no problem with gasoline availability in the city or on the toll road. Also learned from my hotel in Melaque that there is no shortage there (or presumably Manzanillo).
  14. It doesn't make sense that the government planning strategy to combat theft relied solely on gas stations' reported sales. They had at least a ballpark estimate of how much money they were losing annually to theft (and presumably the approximate amount of gasoline). Were they naively assuming the stations would include in their sales reports the amount of stolen gasoline they sold? Did they assume the stolen gasoline was not being diverted for sale and consumption (and thus part of the total supply)? Seems to me they had to know there would a shortfall equal to the amount of gasoline stolen. Am I missing something?
  15. Anybody know the gas situation on the toll road to Manzanillo? We're headed to Melaque on Wednesday?
  16. Related question: what is the purpose of the small green card I was issued when I bought/registered my car. Yesterday, when I renewed my registration. I was given a new thinner version of the same card. Do I need to keep both versions? Should I keep it/them in my vehicle or in a file at home? (I have been given conflicting info on the latter. One person telling me that I must have it in the vehicle, another suggesting I should never have it in the vehicle.) Thanks in advance for clarification.
  17. My car is a 2017 model, purchased used just a few months back. Based on the above, my smog check appears to be due after the new year in 2019. What is the code on the plate that tells me when it's due for inspection? Also, where and when do I renew my registration/license plates for 2019 (and is it necessary to keep the expired license decals on the car windows after renewal as I notice is common locally)? Thanks in advance.
  18. It's often available at Superlake, where my wife usually buys for kimchi. Abastos (the wholesale market in Guadalajara) is also a good source, but you may need specific directions to find the section that has Asian/Korean vegetables and other goods. There's also a passable Korean restaurant there owned by a very nice family who immigrated to Mexico decades ago.
  19. The info about Telmex in Villa Nova is quite helpful, since I was briefly considering giving Telmex a try once again. I have had Telecable for the past 3 years, and while the speeds will sometimes get very slow for brief periods, I've only rarely had an interruption of service Even at it's worst I can always get Netflix and Amazon Prime. Seems likely I live close to Arroyos.
  20. Photos are stored for free on the Amazon Cloud, but that may not be automatic. As for notes and bookmarks, I was told the same thing when I had to reset my Fire, but amazingly everything was still there when I restored my books. Hope you can salvage you data. Also, not all Amazon tech support types are created equal. I often try for a second or even third opinion. Good luck..
  21. Why is my computer warning me against accessing this website. It says that the website's certificate is expired or invalid. Is something being done to fix this? Thanks.
  22. How proud I was to find this great photo of Ajijic in the Travel Section of this morning's paper. It was among the "stunning summer vacation photos submitted by readers." Thanks, John Allred of Palm Springs. (I think the photo is the former real estate office on Colon near the carretera.) ENJOY!!
  23. I'm en route Lakeside after crossing the border at Nogales. The construction/resurfacing of the highway south of Nogales has made the immigration/car permit offices all but inaccessible from the roadway and THERE ARE NO SIGNS to direct you how to get to them. The only way to cross the new concrete slab is to look for a dirt path connecting the current roadway with the slab (but again there are no signs). An alternate may be to continue about 100 meters south of the offices to the OXXO on the righthand side and double back. People who have crossed before will figure this out but newbies will likely be out of luck. There seems to be a temporary Immigration office just north of Hermosillo on the toll road but again no signs or other explanation. GOOD NEWS: At least as far south as Ciudad de Obregon, the toll booths have been taken over by protesters - so no toll. We'll see how far south this extends.
  24. We spent nearly two months trying to apply for them in Chapala. Our efforts were repeatedly met with "Manana" and there was no clear end in sight. Finally gave up.
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