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  1. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where locally I might be able to buy a wi-fi extender for our home? Thank you in advance.
  2. I don’t think “essentially distilled” quite cuts it for my purposes. The concern is calcium and other mineral buildup rather than simply bacteria. Thanks for the suggestion. BTW, I suspect Arrowhead has an even greater likelihood of containing unwanted minerals unless it specifically says “distilled.” The water used for batteries and irons sound about right.
  3. I’m wondering where I might be able to buy distilled water for use in a humidifier. Any idea what it costs? Filtered or purified water will work but requires more frequent cleaning. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  4. Your cousin appears to be quite a handsome dude. Apparently it doesn’t run in the family. 😉
  5. I hope a certain anti-vote-by-mail constituency doesn't get hold of this photo.
  6. Check Costco online. They have a stationary bike that is far sturdier than the ones available at Walmart. The model is similar to Schwinn brand available in the US. We have both, the Costco model in Ajijic and a Schwinn in the US. The one we bought at Costco a year or two back for around MP10,000 is a Proform bicicleta recumbente 325 CSX.
  7. I always went across the highway and formally did the paperwork to exit the country (for the record) both when I had a temporal and later when we got permanent visas. I was told it is required.
  8. Not to be overly pedantic, but Masque of the Red Death was published in 1842. Poe's writing career ended when he died seven years later. Any similarities to the Spanish flu of 1919 are coincidental. It still might be a worthwhile read.
  9. Nope. Sparrows. Thus the yakitori reference. The original recipe for “burned bird” called for sparrow. Tiny bones and all. I must thank the earlier poster, who solved not only my bird problem, but my ant and cockroach problems as well. 😉
  10. Like the Hitchcock film, my house seems unusually popular this year with the local sparrow community. I’ve tried a number of things (dangling CDs, plastic owls, owl cry recordings, etc) to try to discourage them from building their nests in the eaves above our veranda, but nothing seems to deter them. Perhaps my mistake was to have the eaves cleaned a couple weeks back (apparently the avian equivalent of urban renewal). Anyhow, does anyone have any ideas on how I might rid myself of these pests. (Any one interested in opening a yakitori shop)?
  11. I am curious as to which of the eight great chili recipes won the cook-off. This is the first time in the 10 years we’ve lived here that we’ve been able to attend. Have there ever been entries from beyond the Guad-Chapala region? Good fun and great food for a worthy cause. (BTW, how much is typically raised and how is it divided up?)
  12. At the risk of inciting the scorn of those on the board who are tired of this question, I wonder whether there has been any clear guidance on smog checks this year and where one might get one? Are most large dealers in Guad equipped to do the checks? (I did a search and couldn't come up with any recent posts of this issue. Sorry if I missed something.)
  13. I'm pretty sure that the Cocktail Bar in central Ajijic (Constitucion 32) will have the game on (in English). We had a great Rose Bowl Watch Party there on Wednesday. I'm guessing that local cable and satellite services will also carry the game as well, albeit in Spanish.
  14. Where is the registration office located and what is the deadline for payment of fees. AND, sorry to reopen old wounds, but will Jalisco be conducting car inspections this year and where locally? Thanks in advance.
  15. The QUACK CARTEL wishes to thank Rigo at the Cocktail Bar for providing a venue for our event. Food, drinks and ambiance were perfect for reveling in a DUCK victory on New Years Day. (and he had FIVE not four screens on which to watch the game).
  16. The Cocktail Bar will be open at 3 pm on New Years to accommodate WATCH PARTY attendees. Fans are encouraged to arrive before the 4 pm kickoff. Please RSVP to stevemoore45@earthlink.net or PM me. Still looking for BADGER backers.
  17. The "granddaddy of all bowls" will always be special. Not so the Las Vegas and Cheezit Bowls.
  18. We’ve heard from a number of DUCK fans but as yet none from Wisconsin. Can’t figure it out. Perhaps it’s due to memories of the 2012 Rose Bowl? No fun without some Cheeseheads!
  19. The Quack Cartel (an informal group of local Duck fans) is hosting a ROSE BOWL WATCH PARTY, Wednesday, Jan 1, at the Cocktail Bar in downtown Ajijic. Kickoff will be at 4 pm for this matchup between the OREGON DUCKS and the WISCONSIN BADGERS. Badger fans are most welcome, as are college football fans of any allegiance. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. The Cocktail Bar is located at Constitucion 32, one and a half blocks east of Colon (next to the Lake Chapala Real Estate office in the space formerly occupied by Tom's Bar). If interested, please RSVP to: stevemoore45@earthlink.net or call 766-1757.
  20. Mudgirl, we run in different circles. Most people we know are old and ignorant. (Mutually exclusive categories, BTW). We carry a potable battery starter, which doesn't work with a completely dead battery.) Thanks for your input.
  21. Got a start. We've had the electrical system checked by Nissan last year and no problem. Seems to be the 3 months of inactivity. I bought a battery tender to maintain the charge while we're gone - a recommendation by a dealer in the US. Thanks for asking.
  22. Interesting. I have a 2017 Nissan Kicks. No cables, no fire extinguisher. Frequent dead batteries. Maybe not a "newer" Mexican-plated" car. Thanks for the info, though.
  23. Thanks. We live in Villanova. Few of our friends have cables and the ones that do have real jobs in the daytime. I'll try some of the repair shops. We just arrived in town last night and need transportation.
  24. My car battery is completely dead - beyond the capability of either my portable charger or my newly-purchased battery tender/charger. Left the car for three months in my garage. Battery is one year old and still under warranty from Nissan. Any ideas who I could call to come out for a jump start? Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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