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  1. Orygun Duck

    Shoe repair

    It's actually two or three doors west of the window/mirror shops on the mountain side of the carretera.
  2. Orygun Duck

    cost of propane?

    10.92 pesos per liter today from Zeta Gas. Same price I paid in early December.
  3. Orygun Duck

    Shoe repair

    I highly recommend the former. Fast service at a very reasonable price. Wish I could recall the address but I believe it is just beyond the DHL office. My experiences at the other shop have been mixed - with the owner often absent and having to drop off shoes at another shop across the street.
  4. Just went up to 600 pesos February 1.
  5. Orygun Duck

    Kitchen Cabinet repair

    I highly recommend Pablo Nunez, who has done a number of large and small carpentry projects for us. Home: 766-1339; Cell: 331-247-6426. Very reliable and punctual. Does great work at reasonable prices.
  6. Orygun Duck

    trying to smog my car

    Yes. It means you need a smog check (this month). The waiver for later model cars is only for 3 years. (Meaning this year: 2019,2018 and 2017. I'll need the smog check next year. The charge is 400 pesos at the Los Cedros shop.
  7. Orygun Duck

    trying to smog my car

    If your car is a 2017 model, yes. Directions: Go north until you pass under the microlibrimento and then take the first available U-turn (about 2 kms up the road). Double back and immediately after you've passed under the m/l you'll see a widening of the shoulder. Pull over to your right and within a few meters you'd see a paving stone road leading of the right (a bit hard to see from the main road). Go down that road until you reach the tiny village of Los Cedros. Just before you get to a T intersection you'll find the entrance to Autoservicio Martinez on you right. There's the number 5 written on wall (Calle Juarez 5). If you have a smartphone, Calle Juarez 5, Los Cedro should take you right to the spot. You may want to call in advance to insure the owner, who speaks English, will be there.
  8. Orygun Duck

    trying to smog my car

    I just returned from the emissions test site beyond Ixtlahuacan in Los Cedros (Autoservicio Martinez) and he had stickers and authorization to conduct tests. Turned out, however, that despite my understanding that my 2017 car needed the sticker, he informed me that I would not need it until next year, as the system had recently changed. He verified this on his smart phone. The phone number for the shop is 3313563880; address is Calle Juarez 5, Los Cedros.
  9. Orygun Duck

    Parker inscurance moved

    There was talk of adding a second floor, but that's another story. (Couldn't resist.)
  10. Orygun Duck

    Information on getting Netflix

    If you have a VPN or DNS Proxy AND a US-based account, you can get US Netflix, which includes some shows and movies not available on Netflix Mexico. For example a few years back you could not get Jane the Virgin (probably because of conflicting rights to the show).
  11. Orygun Duck

    Need to create a PDF doc file

    Thanks. You'd think this would be easy. It's not been - at least for me. The e-visa requirements are very specific and if I make a mistake I loose the $120 visa fee. (Not to mention possibly the price of the tour.)
  12. Orygun Duck

    Need to create a PDF doc file

    I have never used MS Office or MS Word for anything other than creating word documents. I realize you are trying to be helpful, but your suggestions are beyond my familiarity with these programs. It would be most helpful if someone would suggest a store/office where I could go to have a 250 KB copy of my passport made. Thanks.
  13. Orygun Duck

    Need to create a PDF doc file

    I was working with a 1.1 mb Jpg photo of the passport and trying to convert online to PDF. Most converters reduced it to 68 KB. Too small for the requirement. The converter you suggest converts to 660 KB and even the compressor only reduces it to 500 KB or so. I think I need to go to a local shop and have them create the file with a scanner. Any ideas. Really appreciate your help. I've literally spent hours trying to sort this out and the company assisting with the visa filing is no help,
  14. Orygun Duck

    Need to create a PDF doc file

    I cannot get my scanner on my printer to work and have had little success with the Adobe App on my phone.. Where can I get a pdf file of a specific size created? Thanks. w