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  1. My car is a 2017 model, purchased used just a few months back. Based on the above, my smog check appears to be due after the new year in 2019. What is the code on the plate that tells me when it's due for inspection? Also, where and when do I renew my registration/license plates for 2019 (and is it necessary to keep the expired license decals on the car windows after renewal as I notice is common locally)? Thanks in advance.
  2. Orygun Duck

    Napa Cabbage

    It's often available at Superlake, where my wife usually buys for kimchi. Abastos (the wholesale market in Guadalajara) is also a good source, but you may need specific directions to find the section that has Asian/Korean vegetables and other goods. There's also a passable Korean restaurant there owned by a very nice family who immigrated to Mexico decades ago.
  3. Orygun Duck

    Internet problems in Villa Nova area?

    The info about Telmex in Villa Nova is quite helpful, since I was briefly considering giving Telmex a try once again. I have had Telecable for the past 3 years, and while the speeds will sometimes get very slow for brief periods, I've only rarely had an interruption of service Even at it's worst I can always get Netflix and Amazon Prime. Seems likely I live close to Arroyos.
  4. Photos are stored for free on the Amazon Cloud, but that may not be automatic. As for notes and bookmarks, I was told the same thing when I had to reset my Fire, but amazingly everything was still there when I restored my books. Hope you can salvage you data. Also, not all Amazon tech support types are created equal. I often try for a second or even third opinion. Good luck..
  5. Why is my computer warning me against accessing this website. It says that the website's certificate is expired or invalid. Is something being done to fix this? Thanks.
  6. How proud I was to find this great photo of Ajijic in the Travel Section of this morning's paper. It was among the "stunning summer vacation photos submitted by readers." Thanks, John Allred of Palm Springs. (I think the photo is the former real estate office on Colon near the carretera.) ENJOY!!
  7. I'm en route Lakeside after crossing the border at Nogales. The construction/resurfacing of the highway south of Nogales has made the immigration/car permit offices all but inaccessible from the roadway and THERE ARE NO SIGNS to direct you how to get to them. The only way to cross the new concrete slab is to look for a dirt path connecting the current roadway with the slab (but again there are no signs). An alternate may be to continue about 100 meters south of the offices to the OXXO on the righthand side and double back. People who have crossed before will figure this out but newbies will likely be out of luck. There seems to be a temporary Immigration office just north of Hermosillo on the toll road but again no signs or other explanation. GOOD NEWS: At least as far south as Ciudad de Obregon, the toll booths have been taken over by protesters - so no toll. We'll see how far south this extends.
  8. Orygun Duck

    INAPAM card worth having?

    We spent nearly two months trying to apply for them in Chapala. Our efforts were repeatedly met with "Manana" and there was no clear end in sight. Finally gave up.
  9. Orygun Duck

    Mirasol Fracc

    From all appearances, Villa Nova seems very well run.
  10. Orygun Duck

    ATT Internet

    I have an ATT plan NOB for my smart phone that allows unlimited calls, texts and data (including roaming) to and from (and in) Mexico. The down side is that for calls people in Mexico must dial as if I'm in the US (and I assume vice versa. I'm wondering what kind of speeds I'll get if I use my phone as a hot spot. I guess I'll find out in June when we get down there. (BTW, we are on a friend's plan and pay much, much less that $149.)
  11. Orygun Duck


    I've asked Iron Socket to look into my VPN problem. Will get back to you if they have a fix.
  12. Orygun Duck


    Netflix is constantly taking steps to block access outside the US. I use Iron Socket DNS proxy which addresses these efforts very quickly (usually in less than a day). I am not in Mexico at the moment so cannot check our connection. Rather I am in Taiwan and the Iron Socket VPN is detected by Netflix. I have no means of testing the DNS Proxy (which uses my router in Mexico). I've had Iron Socket for nearly five years and have been very happy. Their customer support (via email) is top-notch.
  13. Orygun Duck

    How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    We raised our maid's pay in January to $300 for 4 hours. We will pay what we can and what we feel she deserves, WITHOUT concern about the damage we're doing to the local economy. Sorry, but capitalism does allow the freedom to pay what you feel is appropriate.
  14. Orygun Duck

    UFO siting

    Indeed, the past four days made me homesick. Like the Oregon coast in June!
  15. Orygun Duck

    UFO siting