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  1. Guilty. I was far more attentive to the installation and operation of the unit INSIDE the house. I had assumed (never assume) that the outside would be a piece of cake since all they had to do was follow the path of the existing Telecable/Wizz cable on the exterior wall. Didn’t occur to me that there was another (albeit lazier) way to do the install. Yes, I should have known from previous experience over the past 12 years. Let my guard down. Anyhow, Total Play finally arrived unannounced at 7 pm on Sunday to disconnect my system. Three days late.
  2. I recognize belatedly that I should have received the board’s blessing before cancelling my Total Play service, not to mention posting a somewhat negative comment about the same. As for expressing satisfaction with the ugly duckling of the local internet providers, I plead guilty and beg for mercy from the board community. Apologies to Neil Sedaka while I’m at it.
  3. For reasons perhaps unique to myself, I have chosen to cancel my subscription to Total play during the first month. With the assistance of a Spanish-speaking friend, we started the process about one week ago by signing a two-page form and submitting a copy of my ID online. We then made an appointment for them to pick up the equipment on Thursday between 2 and 7 pm. They never showed and neither did they come the following day. Calls to TP support were of little help since they claimed they have no means of tracking their service crews. So it's Saturday and I'm still waiting. I did receive a cancellation number but I'm guessing they must pick up the equipment before things are final. For the record, I had a similar and lengthy struggle to disconnect from DISH Mexico seven or eight years back. Took almost 2 months as I recall. As for Total Play, their initial installation was sloppy, with the tech deciding to drape the cable along a railing on our upstairs veranda. The team that came to fix that problem also went the extra mile to try to make their modem compatible with my set up (but ultimately failed because of how the modem was internally configured by Total Play). I've decided that I am happy with WIZZ, which isn't as speedy but meets my needs and has become very reliable over the past several years.
  4. As long as we're pointing out errors, there is no US Embassy in Guadalajara. It's a Consulate General. The Embassy remains in Mexico City. Now, that felt good!
  5. I though it likely that if all were gringos this would be the result. I didn't think most locals think that way. Price of the test was 200 pesos, which likely explains the long lines (compared with places that charge 4 to 5 times more)
  6. I asked one local in front of me in line and he said he felt “a little sick.” Not a representative sample but you are likely correct.
  7. Despite the sign that indicates opening at 9. They didn’t start testing until around 9:45 They handed out numbers to the first 50 in line The remaining people (around 20 or 30) were told to make their own numbers and return at 11:30. Bring a chair and reading material. Maybe sunscreen. Lots of patience.
  8. 80 to 90 percent locals (it appears). Few (under 10) obvious gringos.
  9. Update: Arrived at the Walmart testing site just after 8 am this morning (Tuesday) and there were already 20 or so people in line for the 9 am opening. By 8:30 the line had doubled. I’m curious as to how many local businesses are requiring their employees to be tested. It seems unlikely??? that international air travel alone accounts for such high demand.
  10. What are the daily hours and cost of Covid tests at Walmart? The reason I ask is that on Sunday people were lined up as early as 8 am and the line grew longer by the time we left the store at 8:45 while the tent was still not open. The hand-printed sign seemed to indicate that they were providing 150 tests between the hours of 9:30 am and 3:30 pm (???). Should we get there an hour early even on weekdays?
  11. Working with my DNS Proxy provider and Total Play, it seems that the TP modem (actually referred to as a Optic Network Terminal ONT) can not be configured to accommodate a DNS proxy either because of company policy or the way they've hard-wired the configuration of the ONT. It appears there may be away to set up a VPN on Firestick, but I'm not about to buy another piece of gear just yet. (I would be interested in know more about this if anyone has had success with this method.) Anyhow, I'm sticking with WIZZ (former Telecable) for now as they've proved very reliable, although not with the high speed offered by TP.
  12. Will do. Should have an answer and hopefully a solution in the next day or so.
  13. Thanks. I'll relay that to my DNS proxy techs, who may have figured that out by now. But a little more info can't hurt.
  14. A discouraging word about Total Play. While their installation was prompt and seemingly efficient (same day!), an inspection this morning of the cable between the pole and our house revealed an extremely amateurish job. Rather than string the cable along our side wall and partially behind some bamboo (as was the case with our existing line from Telecable (now Wiz), they chose to run it along the top of the 8-inch wide decorative cement railing surrounding our second floor patio/mirador. I assumed they would have had better sense. Never assume. I plan to call them back to do the job right. Let's see how that goes.
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