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  1. Perhaps slightly off topic, but the posts made me recall the story of guy who always packed a bomb in his luggage when he flew. Because the odds there would be two bombs on the same flight were practically zero. Old story. Different times.
  2. Thanks, slainte39. I tried a few hardware stores with no luck. Did not try Jara.
  3. For local delivery to hang next to our front gate. I’ve tried most of the logical shops (but my logic and local logic often differ.)
  4. Rully did our veranda/sundeck a couple weeks back. He does excellent work. Thorough and very competent.
  5. I currently live in Villa Nova and have internet service from Telecable (Izzy) to stream video via a DNS Proxy. To do this I change the settings in my personal router and connect it to the Telecable modem. Telecable service has improved markedly in the past year (around 9 Mb) I am generally quite happy - except that my 500 mp monthly charge includes TV, which I never watch. If I could bundle the Internet with my existing Telmex landline, pay only 399 or even 599 mp/month, and continue to stream video, I'd be a very happy camper. The question is whether I can connect my router to the Telmex modem and still get my DNS Proxy service. BTW, I find the DNS proxy far more convenient than VPN which I only use when traveling. Thanks in advance for any responses - especially others who use DNS Proxy.
  6. Thanks. I guess what I need is someone to re-grout (and waterproof) the tile. We have some old cans of Thompson's Water Seal, but I'm not sure whether that's sufficient.
  7. My situation is perhaps somewhat different in as much as it is in the ceiling rather than walls or floors. It is not leaching moisture from the ground, rather the source of the water is above the ceiling (the floor tiles on the veranda). It might be helpful to know who your expert is so I might contact him. Thanks.
  8. We have boveda ceilings which have begun to show small spots of white (silitre) in several places. Part of the problem is likely due to leaks from our tiled second floor veranda, about 80 percent of which is covered with a roof and 20 percent exposed to the elements. I need recommendations of someone locally with expertise in dealing with silitre on boveda ceilings and who can also suggest waterproofing solutions for the exposed floor tiles on the veranda. We have had handymen try to "fix" the problem with "anti-silitre" chemicals but the siiitre often returns. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  9. I think you are suggesting that a DNS Proxy (like the one I use from ironsocket.com on my Telecable connection) will work with Ilox. Can I simply plug my Netgear router into the one provided by Ilox? (The Netgear router has been set so as to work with DNS proxy.) The DNS proxy works much better than the VPN - at least for me.
  10. It was open in early February and is located in Los Cedros just south of the macolibramento. I understand that the emissions hologram program has been suspended throughout the state pending adjustment.
  11. I highly recommend Pablo Nunez, who we have used over several years on numerous projects, large and small. His work is excellent as is his work ethic. He has always been punctual and met targets as promised. He will not take on a job unless he knows he can complete it on time. He speaks good English and is very easy to work with. His cell number is: 331-247-6426. Home: 766-1339. (Tell him he was recommended by Steve.)
  12. It's actually two or three doors west of the window/mirror shops on the mountain side of the carretera.
  13. 10.92 pesos per liter today from Zeta Gas. Same price I paid in early December.
  14. I highly recommend the former. Fast service at a very reasonable price. Wish I could recall the address but I believe it is just beyond the DHL office. My experiences at the other shop have been mixed - with the owner often absent and having to drop off shoes at another shop across the street.
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