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  1. Mudgirl, we run in different circles. Most people we know are old and ignorant. (Mutually exclusive categories, BTW). We carry a potable battery starter, which doesn't work with a completely dead battery.) Thanks for your input.
  2. Got a start. We've had the electrical system checked by Nissan last year and no problem. Seems to be the 3 months of inactivity. I bought a battery tender to maintain the charge while we're gone - a recommendation by a dealer in the US. Thanks for asking.
  3. Interesting. I have a 2017 Nissan Kicks. No cables, no fire extinguisher. Frequent dead batteries. Maybe not a "newer" Mexican-plated" car. Thanks for the info, though.
  4. Thanks. We live in Villanova. Few of our friends have cables and the ones that do have real jobs in the daytime. I'll try some of the repair shops. We just arrived in town last night and need transportation.
  5. My car battery is completely dead - beyond the capability of either my portable charger or my newly-purchased battery tender/charger. Left the car for three months in my garage. Battery is one year old and still under warranty from Nissan. Any ideas who I could call to come out for a jump start? Thanks in advance for suggestions.
  6. I am a current resident of California and before I got my PR visa, I drove a California-plated car in Mexico on a Temporal. To have your car registered in California (with California plates - wherever the car may be physically) you must show proof that you have a minimum liability coverage. This means coverage by a US company that can be verified by the DMV and I doubt Mexican insurance would be adequate. The question raised by California would be - why are you registering the car in CA, if you don't drive it there? If you do drive it there, you need minimum US insurance. You can try to register the car for "Planned Non-Operation" (see CA DMV website) but I don't think this is what you want. Additionally, this is done online and often gets lost by the DMV computers, leading to even more hassles.
  7. Everything appears totally above board and non-controversial, if that was the point of the post.
  8. Where can I dispose of old energy-efficient light bulbs (the tubular type), which I recall being told contain a small amount of mercury? What about old household chemicals, insecticides and old plant food and garden products? These were left by our home's previous owner and we have no use for them. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. Some US policies (mine is with United Healthcare) will reimburse for medical expenses incurred abroad as a resident or tourist, although at a lower rate that would be the case with an in-network provider in the US.
  10. Makes sense. Odd there was no sign. Thanks.
  11. Any idea why it was closed yesterday and today ((Wednesday). No sign just shuttered. Hope all is well with the family.
  12. Yes. We do it all the time, but it's generally not free unless your Mexican bank is owned by or has some arrangement with a US Bank. Banamex, for example, is owned by Citibank and transfers are free (and relatively easy) from your Citi account to Banamex. (We closed out the Banamex account for other reasons: they can be rather difficult to deal with face-to-face.). Now we use Multiva and transfer from our USAA acct (for $45 per international wire transfer).
  13. Perhaps slightly off topic, but the posts made me recall the story of guy who always packed a bomb in his luggage when he flew. Because the odds there would be two bombs on the same flight were practically zero. Old story. Different times.
  14. Thanks, slainte39. I tried a few hardware stores with no luck. Did not try Jara.
  15. For local delivery to hang next to our front gate. I’ve tried most of the logical shops (but my logic and local logic often differ.)
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