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  1. I just learned from the Washington Post that a nationwide referendum is scheduled here today. Wondering whether the usual rules and restrictions regarding alcohol sales etc, will apply and if so what are the specifics? (Guess I should get out more.)
  2. Space between two walls in about 6 inches. So that won’t solve the problem. Hoping they’ll be cooperative. Thanks for suggestions.
  3. Without meaning to hijack this thread, I'm wondering what rights a homeowner might have if the root system of a neighbor's gigantic ficus tree is undermining the foundation of his house? (I am in the process of negotiating permission to access the neighboring property in order to dig a trench get at the offending roots, so this is not yet a dispute.) Just wondering.
  4. He still comes in once a week; Tuesdays as I recall. Check with the receptionist.
  5. We visited last week. Good selection of taps and bottled microbrew. Tried the mead and enjoyed it, House porter also quite tasty. Food menu is limited but what we had was excellent. Somebody really knows how to cook! To find, look for signs on left side of carretera going west. Just across from the new gigantic assisted living center.
  6. Can we please return to topics of more immediate interest to us locally. Like the number of dams on the Lerma.
  7. I recommend Monica at Multiva. We've dealt with her for years now and have been totally satisfied.
  8. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where locally I might be able to buy a wi-fi extender for our home? Thank you in advance.
  9. I don’t think “essentially distilled” quite cuts it for my purposes. The concern is calcium and other mineral buildup rather than simply bacteria. Thanks for the suggestion. BTW, I suspect Arrowhead has an even greater likelihood of containing unwanted minerals unless it specifically says “distilled.” The water used for batteries and irons sound about right.
  10. I’m wondering where I might be able to buy distilled water for use in a humidifier. Any idea what it costs? Filtered or purified water will work but requires more frequent cleaning. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  11. Your cousin appears to be quite a handsome dude. Apparently it doesn’t run in the family. 😉
  12. I hope a certain anti-vote-by-mail constituency doesn't get hold of this photo.
  13. Check Costco online. They have a stationary bike that is far sturdier than the ones available at Walmart. The model is similar to Schwinn brand available in the US. We have both, the Costco model in Ajijic and a Schwinn in the US. The one we bought at Costco a year or two back for around MP10,000 is a Proform bicicleta recumbente 325 CSX.
  14. I always went across the highway and formally did the paperwork to exit the country (for the record) both when I had a temporal and later when we got permanent visas. I was told it is required.
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