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  1. The Garage thinks higher prices and outright rudeness will rule the day.....I think, NOT!
  2. Every time my wife or I have a "new medical event" according to our health insurance plan...we must hit a new deductible. In our case, it is a fairly high amount. If I am willing to pay out of pocket and forego the required "factura" I found a Mexican couple who pick up my required drugs at a savings of up to 60-70% off my discounted prices at the Farmacia. I only pay on delivery and the products have been fresh and sealed. I can give you their cell number if you pm or e-mail me. The are fluent in english.
  3. The second tower is being worked on and the first tower seems to be getting glass doors and more painting.
  4. Even if you keep Medicare/Medicaid but do not pay for another policy to cover the shortfall...you could be out 20% plus the difficulty in finding a doctor that accepts new Medicare patients....and then add the cost of getting back to the USA to be treated.
  5. I am reluctant to share much information but the question caught my attention and I know dozens of ex-pats with Mexican medical policies. We are a married couple...male in his 80's; female in her late 70's. All insurance in Mexico is charged with age as a strong factor. After 70 yrs old it becomes much harder to get but not impossible and your choices drop way down.....pre-existing conditions can leave you very, very few options. Agents are found from rank amateurs to very good and knowledgeable. Our policies started out when I was seventy and my wife in her sixties. It was several thousand USD dollars a year with a 6000 mx pesos deductible ....then, like or not, our deductible and annual cost rose. We now pay 11,000 usd with a 50,000 mxp deductible. My wife is very ill and her medical costs exceed 25,000 usd a year.....we are fully reimbursed for most of that minus a 10% copay as we have long since covered the deductible which is necessary only one time per medical incident. We can go to most hospitals, see any doctors and buy drugs at any source we wish as long as we present a "factura." So my costs, unless something new happens which I am sure will, are $11000 usd for the policy and 2500 usd for the deductible (which varies and can rise or fall).. I would love to not have to pay for a medical insurance plan and considered staying with the Mexican "free" plans but free is a lie and without insurance my wife's recent hospital stay of 728,000 mxp plus everything else would have destroyed us. So here are my terms......I will not recommend any agents nor any insurance companies unless I am reached privately but I will try to answer any questions you might have that are within our experiences.
  6. Home Depot carries two different push mowers.
  7. I remember his step father being frustrated at Jackie's understanding of running a business. I haven't used him in many years and have found local workers who can be more easily reached.
  8. I read your blog. Pulling chains is not as effective as slap on the side of their empty heads.
  9. I bought 15000 mxp prescription drugs at Costco on 28 December 2021 and then applied, as is required by them for my factura. The very stupid response was: "28 December 2021 was last year...you waited too long to request your factura..." I called and they said..."you should return your unopened drugs, get a credit and a new date of 5 January 2022, "which is this year" So I drove into the Costco....waited on line, showed the email from them...and was told...." drugs can't be returned for any reason!" Manager !!!!!! I demanded.....He said "go back and purchase the same items again and we will issue a new invoice and cancel the old invoice......" Result: An acceptable factura; an unnecessary trip to Costco; came home with exactly the same items that I was credited for......and a factura that should have been issued with no hassle. And this business is considered top of the top.......I worry about them.
  10. I get a discount of 50% on a base amount that does not exceed 500,000 pesos and my total discount on the rest is about 25%....my total house payment after conversion to the USD was 48.00usd and my Aqua bill for the year, which includes Basura was 75.00usd. I always present all my copies with last years billing.
  11. In Jocotepec...I present our citizenship copies, voter ID card and copies of our senior citizen proof. The 50% discount is for seniors who are citizens and not just for citizens. When we were refused years ago my attorney sent them a notice showing that we were entitled to the discount in the state of Jalisco...I always refer to that when and if questioned. For years now, they take my copies and issue the discount. Note that your voter card must be current if that is what you use as proof. We always make many copies but only one is ever kept with the "contribution" bill.
  12. No one expects a US citizen to give up his/her US Passport. The US dollar charge to give up your US Passport is excessive and I don't need or want to give up my US rights or protections.
  13. No one mentions the 50% discount on yearly taxes if you are a senior Mexican citizen but it can add up if you have expensive property. No one mentions the ease of selling a home or land if you are a citizen and the way your Mexican friends react to your choosing to be a Mexican citizen. A Mexican passport can easily exceed the power of a USA passport in some countries as well.
  14. Went to Betos Burger Shack today. Every table was full and everyone was receiving friendly service. The onion rings were good as were the fries. Parking is poor but certainly not their fault. All in all: Good value for the money paid. I am glad I gave it another chance.
  15. At 2:30 the lines are as long as thet were this morning.
  16. Bring water and an umbrella or sunhat. You won't see any shade until you enter the hospital gate. The hill going up to the hospital is steep so people with walkers need to move in short distances....coming down is easy. After your shot/vax you can just leave as there is no need to wait for a negative reaction. Flu shots are available as well...just ask and they will direct you to the line for that shot. Armed National guard are very much in attendance and everyone was very well behaved. parking is tight and crossing the road should be done with care.
  17. CDC says Astra Zeneca is ok for Sino Vac previous Vax!
  18. I called Z gaz back and they understood my spanish and they promised delivery in 90 minutes.....so I will give them another chance.
  19. I am looking for large bottles of Aqua Distillada......thanks
  20. Tried to eat there. No one in the front room....opened the swinging doors and called out..."Hola" and finally a bored young man came out.....told me it would be 15 more minutes. No menu provided after 5 minutes so I left.....I will not return.
  21. The penalty is a permanent increase for each year you had withdrawn from the plan and that payment is currently 10% per year and it is cumulative.
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