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  1. SUSAN.....tell Betty XXXLV that I signed in as Fred above and that I will never sell my photos in Ajijic again.....I swear! Fred Habacht
  2. Maybe Mod 2 should call a halt to Betty 7 and "mainecoon" for their attacks on others...... Fred Habacht
  3. I did everything that I had done before and most of that is wrong or different now. None of it is easier or less expensive. The necessary trip to Mexico City, which is now required, is a waste of your time and pesos. The need to change some of your paperwork that exceeds 90 days since being produced...silly......some agents require your current and old expired passports and some understand that only your most recent two years matters...... Fred
  4. Every few months and years....the rules and requirements have changed as has the final costs. We want to thank Intercasa for help on the paperwork and translations and many of our Mexican friends for their help and influence to get past the difficulty understanding the language test from an official who can't be understood in any language and certainly not Spanish and for breaking thru the red tape. Our most important advice is to bring every piece of paper concerning you as you can think of...ignore what they tell you to bring....BRING more and hope it is enough! Anyone that has any questions about any part of the process....ask....just remember that what I tell you this week may not be correct in the future. This was a long road for Barbara and I am thrilled that she completed the trip. Fred Habacht
  5. You pay no commission....the property owner includes that fee in the rent. Fred Habacht
  6. I got permission to say "apartment number @@ instead of unit number. BUT...there is NY based mail service that uses real apartment address and they can scan your mail or forward it...costs run between $295.00 to $400 depending on your volume. Fred Habacht
  7. my wife rented an O2 compressor unit from them. They will deliver and set-up. They will replace and repair for the duration of the rental. You should choose a unit that mixes fresh water into the O2 to reduce dryness. Fred Habacht
  8. my great respect in the way to responded to the town bully. 

    Fred Habacht

  9. Please do not pm us again. Thank you.

  10. He will be in his office fromc 10-1 on Saturday
  11. in the next two months she is planning on opening an office next to HSBC in the store front that used to be mailbox etc....that would put her with a view of the lovely Walmart
  12. look up "items we can bring into Mexico."..choose english and there you are. By plane supplements will be taken from you, by car we have brought in a lot.
  13. Thank you for the update but it is too late....I have moved our business to another nearby place that did not feel the need to argue with me over an unannounced upcharge....some years ago another restaurant charged for a refill and we questioned it....he held his ground and we never went back...we later heard that after two weeks he too changed hisc stand on refills.....maybe the customer is not always right but we can decide where to put our money.
  14. We went more than once a week...then he began charging 20p for ice tea and then 20 more pesos for a refill...his cost was probably less than 2 p....his loss....we will NOT go back and yes we did question the cost and his response was that it was a lARGER glass....we think he has every right to charge how ever much he wishes and we have the right to not eat there....
  15. We have driven to Ga four times now....we were hassled at the Laredo border some years ago so now we now cross at Pharr. We were stopped in Alabama by two morons but they let us go when they accepted that we had every right to be there.
  16. We have a Mexican friend whose wife developed internal worms that took many months to get rid of...during that time she was not a happy camper...but this is a very free country...do as you wish....good thing the mayor of New York City has no influence here!
  17. I am not 100 years old and probably never will be.

  18. Why not stop and ask one of the motor cycle cops...they both have a good command of english....
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