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  1. Driscoll Berry co is the largest employer in the area and many of their management people speak english...many of my Mexican neighbors are somewhat able to understand english.....most vendors speak english......I am fully able to exist with my marginal language ability.......Jocotepec, in my opinion, is better and more welcoming because of the lack of ex-pats. Learn the customs, be polite, don't tell people how you would do anything better than them and you are going to have that dream you think is here. There are some very uniformed folks that live here and some real, real negative ones.....they don't and won't have the quality of life that is waiting to be lived. Come visit.....
  2. Dante: In 17 yrs here I have seen many changes....I live in Jocotepec and very few expats have joined us....things are still somewhat uncrowded...but costs have gone up and rentals are few. My cost of living is still very low and my taxes are pocket change. The people are still friendly and very helpful. Good luck
  3. Thank you for the Davita lead. I believe you solved my receipe problem and some money as well.
  4. Thanks....I have developed kidney disease and want to eat as healthy as I can.....I have never shied away from some foods that I know are no longer welcome by my kidney. I have been told that my Met-Life policy will assist me with diet advice but my trust in Met-Life is very low so I was looking for someone that knew what they were doing.
  5. Kind of you to reply. I will be in that area on Saturday and I will try to make contact.
  6. I am having difficulty finding a dietician at lakeside that works with kidney problems.. I would appreciate any recommendations.
  7. I am told that a huge fire in the area of El Molino has damaged some electric transmitter lines.b The road from there to Guadalajara is closed so that fire fighters can fight the blaze.
  8. He has been doing a rope-a-dope on most of us....
  9. There is a calle in Chapala, actually a narrow alley, it is called "Pompous Fonetica". The small musical instrument shop at #29 would be a perfect stop for Northtek.....they sell Mexican "Toot your own horn too much." The owner Carlos Santana will also tell you what a border promotion is.......Don't miss this.
  10. This one was easier than most......he just showed his ### more and more as he posted....near the end I though he was going to ask for gas money for his car.
  11. We have been having problems with receiving Informa medical reports and now getting a simple factura after a visit to a specialist. Without this "annoying" paperwork our insurance company will not reimburse for the claim. Our issues is with doctors that visit the system and not the primary doctor. Requests for help have been slow to zero results. I appreciate the convenience of a local source for professional medical help but is there an alternative locally?
  12. I have un canceled US Stamps....they need to be glued on the package as the glue was heat damaged.......but the us postal service has never questioned them.
  13. He missed Mexico but his need for a lower altitude due to his breathing problems drove him out of Chapala and then back to the USA due to his help at the VA hospitals....My condolences .
  14. YES....the local Mexicans always say......."can I see your old person's card." So it is just the INAPAM card.
  15. I didn't use a link...I was returning from Costco and just drove into the "mall" and requested the appointment.... as to Chapala vs the mall...it is faster, for me, to drive to the "mall" than to Chapala as I live in Jocotepec.
  16. When my wife went to get her citizenship papers a new set of fingerprints were taken., no reason given and no doubt that they don't keep the new ones or the old ones
  17. I will share my experience.... 1st I needed a Cita (appointment) and I chose to go to the discount mall on the way to Guadalajara. The appointment was offered for 1 week later and at an early hour and I was offered an english speaking agent. 2nd I was told to pay for my renewal three days before my appointment and I chose to pay in Jocotepec at the government office on Matamoros Sud. They also inspected my paperwork and gave me a form stating all was in order and paid for. I am entitled to ½ off based on age and I received that reduced rate at that tijme and with zero comment. I arrived 15 minutes early for my appointment and brought with me....a copy of the following, (some of it was not looked at or taken from me) My Cfe bill...within 90 days...was not taken but was viewed. My RFC...although it is already on my old license...was taken. My Curp...same as above. Blood type....already on my old license and copied to the new one, no paperwork provided nor asked for. The first page of my US passport....not looked at Copy of my "old Person card"...was taken (front and back). Copy of my citizenship voter's card...was taken. No eye test was offered or given and no notice of the need for glasses appears on my renewal They took the photo. Everyone polite, friendly and quick. 15 minutes later I left with my renewal
  18. I have purchased the corned beef from the Smoke House and besides too much fat....I felt the price was much too high for what I received.
  19. I used to drive that route and the scene of healthy vineyards and villages will never be forgotten.
  20. The view is the same outside either 2nd or 1st class windows....the seats offer more space in first class....and is probably worth the 25.00 usd additional charge or not.
  21. My wife is on 75' surgical grade oxygen lines to allow as much mobility as I can provide her.....I used to pay 350 mxp to Lake Med for the packaged plastic lines, depending on the length and 70 mxp for a small bottle of surgical grade aqua....I pay considerably less from Amazon and I am not a fan of Amazon but the quality is better than local sources and the items last much longer as well......I would be suspect buying a line via Walmart for less than $2.00 usd after conversion. Even long length aquarium airpump lines cost more than 40 mxp, but I appreciate your response. For those not aware of the chance of infection in the lungs, great care should be taken as to the purity of the aqua added to the concentrators and the lines that provide air to the user even the filters on the concentrator must be carefully cleaned frequently. Since my wife's condition is not unusual, especially at high altitudes....I would add that she was given three to four years to live.....ten years ago. Quality Care doctors have been very helpful....there are also very new drugs, very expensive ones, that have slowed down the damage from her condition and helped with her quality of life.
  22. My wife is on oxygen concentrators 24/7 and we were very unhappy with some of the oxygen lines that we bought from Lake Med. In addition the owner refused to stand behind several defective lines ( no exchange and certainly no refunds)..some came with a kink which could not be removed and one came with the nose piece put on backwards. The losses to us by having to replace the defective products were not pleasant....our doctor suggested buying from Amazon....the products are guaranteed with no exceptions and they will be replaced for up to 6 months for any reason....they do not kink and the difference in quality is easy to discern. Downside: We cannot get a Factura so we do not get reimbursed by our health insurance but the quality difference is worth the extra expense. This is only our opinion and yours may be different.
  23. I live in Jocotepec and the trip to the mall is less than 30 minutes if I leave early in the AM...so for me it is easier, faster and less stressful due to the wide roads to that location.
  24. I had been told that the office for driver's license renewal was easier and faster at the outlet mall. I called for an appointment and one was available just 5 days later. My appointment was for 9:10 and I was sent instructions as to payment. I chose to pay, (from the list of offices), at the Jocotepec office on Matamoros Sud in Jocotepec...they inspected my paperwork and gave me a receipt for that and a separate receipt showing my paperwork was as required. My appointment was on time and my information was taken by an english speaking officer and 15 minutes later I had my renewal. There are benches and chairs while you wait and a copy machine if you fail to bring any copies that are required. Negatives: Minor to non-existent They neglected to say that I needed to wear glasses although it was stated on my expired license and there was NO eye test offered or requested. The outlet mall is virtually deserted and there were no signs directing you to the license office. There is a huge, empty, parking lot but it is Not free of charge. Masks were required.
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