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  1. Billboard in Jocotepec says it will be a Nissan Dealership
  2. Happy: New reality...last night Jocotepec was hit with 5-6 on off of the electric grid in quick succession...it even knocked out my solar array which had to be set up again today. My concentrator was also damaged. I took it in to the repair shop and they determined that it will still deliver three liters but no longer can you trust it to deliver the full four or five liters. They suggested I NOT sell it to you and offer it to the dealer who will pay for the repairs and rent it out....the new value before repairs is five thousand pesos at most. So, for your sake, our deal is over. Sorry. They are getting quotes for a portable should you still be interested.
  3. Done......give me a few days and subject to my 10 liter unit being delivered.
  4. Oxygen-Reyes has them but it surely is not low cost and there is lake Med and across from them and next to the pet shop is another rental and O2 repair shop...ask for Blanca as she is fluent in english....52-3321676722......
  5. I hope this is okay because there is no place for medical ads. My wife's lung condition has deteriorated to a point where I need a 10 liter O2 concentrator so I want to sell my 5 liter unit by Devilbiss. It is not a Chinese unit but a USA company product. It uses a water bottle system to lubricate the airflow. We fully serviced the unit this month...installing a new permanent filter and a new washable filter and even a new water bottle unit. The unit provides continuous flow up to 3.5 and 4-5 liters for a shorter period , strong airflow up to 50 feet away with the airline and cannula. I am asking 10000 mx pesos and can deliver to Ishop at your convenience. Questions and more information by calling me at 3313519102
  6. As promised here is my review of this service: Location is across from Vinos America and next the new pet shop. They pick up and deliver and speak enough english for most ex-pats. They take cash or credit cards and do not expect payment until you are satisfied. Our two units were rated at 5 liters of 02 but had trouble putting out 3-4 and now they put out the full 5 liters with no trouble. Questions?
  7. They, Meraki co of 11A in Ajijic on the highway Vinos America and the new pet shop...3333743635....arrived a day early and brought a loaner unit and service should take only one day and a factura will be provided when the unit is returned. A Great SOURCE for people like us who need oxygen 24/7 This company used to be across from Quality Care and now has moved further West. Note: our units do not use cannisters they are concentraters with an aqua bottle for moisture.
  8. A poster on the other board did answer and I will put the name and location of that repair shop for anyone interested on there when I verify that they do the service.
  9. I need a shop that services oxygen concentrators. Someone other than Lake Med if you know of anyone. Thanks.
  10. I certainly and delightfully accept your compliment.
  11. Answer to several e-mails: We live in Jocotepec. Our neighbors are ALL Mexicans. We chose to live in "Mexico" and not Gringolandia and we have never regretted that decision.
  12. I have thought frequently thought about leaving Mexico. I am blessed with decent health and good finances....and then I factor in my experiences with the people and I know that this is where I will stay. Last night, we had a power outage, one of many recently....and my oxygen deprived wife needed help as her air supply was failing.....one neighbor went and rented us a 14 hour o2 tank.....not easy on a Saturday night. Another one helped me get my generator up and running to charge our battery operated portable and two local women came and comforted my frightened wife. Offers to shop for us, (not needed but appreciated)....going with us to help get her into the doctor's office.....and much, much more. The Presidente in my village, yes I can call him and he has always been willing to get info as to CFE's progress in restoring power and last night was no different...WOW! When I think of the negative comments about local government, transitos, roads, noisy restaurants, etc.......I see my personal scale always tilts towards more pleasant thoughts. Is it perfect here? Certainly not but, pretty good for me.
  13. My kidney doctor informs me that he sells the pills in whatever quantity I might need and supplies a factura if needed.
  14. I can't honestly say yes or no.....I would probably take a long trip first and see if I miss what is here or what maybe way out there. I do know that the USA is a no, no and no.....but that leaves a lot of "elsewheres."
  15. Well, at least it brought some comments even though an insult to a poster brought it on.
  16. On a score of 1-100% Lakeside has been wrong in his postings 90% of the time and that is probably generous
  17. I want to come back on this topic: melon is okay on one site and is forbidden on another.....a vegetable omelette is okay on one site and on another says...do not eat more than one egg every few days.....so I sure hope I get it right. My wife is no longer able to help in the kitchen so that leaves just me to stumble along....I do appreciate the comments as it makes me believe I am not alone.
  18. I noticed them but over the years I have grown used to their sounds and consider more of the normal here.
  19. I offer it openly, in case anyone else wants to join in about this part of the lake. habachtfred@gmail.com Please note that there is a friendly and open group here called the WestEnders...all messages and info has been in english. They usually share rental information and answer, usually, without delay any questions about the area. I also have a USA telephone number. You won't be alone unless you want to be.
  20. Dante: It is somewhat difficult to share some truths on this venue......I would be willing to answer your questions with more detail via my e-mail. If that offer is acceptable.... ask for my email.
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