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  1. I took several iphone photos of my meter....showing all readings.....then brought to our local CFE office.....my next bill will show the corrected amount because the meter reader only read ONE LINE. There was no hassle and an apology was issued by the clerk....she then wrote out a receipt showing the corrected numbers.
  2. The card says "WORLDWIDE" so that might include where you might be going.
  3. No! I meant that someone like that Dr is who I would ONLY mention to that posrer. We use Quality Care and would hope that Eric does not.
  4. They are NOT really closed. You will find that the "mini" door in their gate is open and one man is always on duty. If the government shows upl....they are cleaning....if a customer comes....HOLA. We just ordered from them.
  5. Many have left....you sent many of us off to TOB and he took your advice.
  6. How about something positive about Mexico for a change...like very light virus problems in our area, like everything is opening up again ....?
  7. Mexico has admitted to doubling it's purchases of currency to help the peso hold below 23-24. They currently are awash in USD so they can do this for a long time.
  8. There are many hardware stores in Joco that sell supplies to the fields of berries...once I knew what I needed to ask for....it was easy to find.
  9. That worked....$25.00 usd after conversion including the head with saw and cutter plus and an extension post
  10. I will give that a try....thanks
  11. I am looking for a pole with a saw on the top. I need to prune a tall olive tree. Home Depot no longer carries that type of item. Thanks
  12. For better or worse,,,,most Barber shops are open in Joco. Cheap cuts and they look like it too but at least it gets cut.
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