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  1. I am looking for large bottles of Aqua Distillada......thanks
  2. Tried to eat there. No one in the front room....opened the swinging doors and called out..."Hola" and finally a bored young man came out.....told me it would be 15 more minutes. No menu provided after 5 minutes so I left.....I will not return.
  3. The penalty is a permanent increase for each year you had withdrawn from the plan and that payment is currently 10% per year and it is cumulative.
  4. There are lawyers that read this and also people who have been and are executors...I had hoped to hear of their experiences.....
  5. If I have a Mexican will and have no assets in any other country....must my executor pay a fee to have my will probated?
  6. It is the tri-strain. We were also given a pneumonia booster shot and was offered a tetanus booster but declined that. Now that I know the place doesn't exist, I probably won't return....even the doctors that I've known at that location probably weren't the real one's either. I guess that I was mostly lost!
  7. Of course you are almost right...the building still says Segura Popular as does my Government booklet that records our shots and they have Bomberos and equipment at the same building .....but if it said Carne and gave shots I still would pass along the info.
  8. I went to Segura Popular in Jocotepec this morning and had my shot within 10 minutes.
  9. I did ask and one man that I know well said that there is very little money available now and used clothing seems to be the only item that draws a crowd....and those prices are low!
  10. I supply a local pet shop at no cost....he will never run out of inventory.
  11. The fish will wait and there will be more next week than there were this week.
  12. I do still have the hose for you. The "pond" is actually a large rubber raised pool with steel wire holding up the sides.....the beauty, if any, is watching a couple hundred guppies and a water lily.
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