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  1. The only "catch" is that your account can NEVER have $10,000 or more as a total for even a single minute.
  2. I have installed several Magic Jacks and I find that they self install with few problems.
  3. False alarm on the power outages......Joco is still lit to the max.
  4. I think my information is correct! My wife is on 24 hours O2 with a concentrator. Our doctor informed me that the power grid will go off from 6:00 till 11:00 pm tonight. Mexico has an agreement with USA power grid and Texas will be drawing power from Mexico due to their weather emergency. Please have your alternate lighting devices handy. I have no other information at this time.
  5. Hensley does a better job and she doesn't put down the products offered. Some of the volunteers at the bazaar can be very critical of any dings and scratches....
  6. Freight/customs both ways plus their prices would reach $500.00 usd plus. It is the right place for my repair but the wrong country. What I've got is a figurine called "wild horses," three horses with their legs kicking by jjadro, (spelling), I ve got a crack showing and some space on the leg I have repaired.......I just can't pay that price and the maid will probably bust it again. Thanks for the contact.
  7. I used acetone to clean the broken horses leg from an earlier damage then bought a product called TOP because, Gorilla super glue was not to be found here and TOP has a 5 second grip and hold guarantee....it worked. There is an obvious seam where the repair was made....but the horse is back to a 4 legged variety. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Our maid, who we couldn't live without, breaks things...and this time it is a valued figurine. Does anyone Lakeside repair porcelain damage? My wife really loves this piece. Thanks.
  9. Thank you for this info. I have been listening to an oldie station out of TLV, Israel.
  10. I was looking forward to your report and I appreciate the details.
  11. I just returned from a stop at Walmart.....I have snow white hair and I am 81 yrs old....I couldn't get away with denying I am over 60 if my life depended on it....I stopped did the hand station, then temperature check....wiped the wagon down and walked in........on my way home, I stopped at Bodega, a Walmart owned unit, no one at the door and no one even looked at me..........
  12. The poster who "knows" someone who was denied entry "somewhere" is also the same one that couldn't find "large eggs" a few weeks ago and needed help.
  13. Saturday is not a regular business day unless you have an appointment for a doctor to come in just for you.
  14. I used to call my wife "HEY You" but there were too many women with the same name....so I have reverted back to "BELOVED"......
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