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  1. I have hundreds in a outdoor pond....you can have as many as you want...males, females and young....no charge.
  2. I needed to add an O2 tank to my wife's inventory. Her oxygen concentrators are some times unable to keep up with her medical needs and her portable battery operated unit cannot produce more than "3" without exhausting the batteries too quickly or needs to be recharged often. There is a local company that supplies refills, tanks of many sizes. English is spotty. You can PM me for further info.
  3. Mike....my wife is sorting thru the books and I will let you know when she is finished.
  4. We eat at the restaurant several times a week.....I am sure that some of you missed the fact that this part of the facility is :"outside." There is no roof over it....there are several entrances where you can transit from one side to the other. My wife is on a portable O2 machine and we can easily avoid smokers by sitting away from them as needed.
  5. I took the suggestion that the lake is very low, seriously....so I drove to the Jocotepec Malecon.....the water was over the shore line....the docks that protrude into the lake were under water...there was no longer a beach near the beach volley ball court....waves were up to the statue of Jesus on the spit of land that sticks out into the lake. The tour boat was able to pick up passengers....only from a bobbing floating dock.....I ofcourse accept the views that this will be a dry lake bed shortly...it is my eyes that are lying.
  6. Our sides were as described in the menu and were on the plate when delivered....there was no buffet offering nor has there been one in the last 4-5 weeks. Things change and some places can be better or become worse.
  7. My wife and I eat out a lot and we are very particular. We want good and prompt service, good value and tasty well presented food. It is also nice to see the owner available 7 days a week...that is by his choice. We eat with Pancho at least once a week and have not commented up to now because we wanted the negative comments to run their course. His grocery store is exceptional and the help....without exception is always welcoming.
  8. I bought one fit from S&S when I switched to Mexican plated cars...then it was totaled...so I was quoted on another Fit....I asked for automatic and was quoted on a stick shift and was told it was the only one available....then quoted on Auto when I asked again....I then went To Guad and was quoted less on the same car models with the same accessories...plus was offered other free products. I have, in 16 years here....bought another fit from a dealer in Guad.
  9. I have ALWAYS been able to get a better price at dealers and not at S&S.
  10. Due to over loaded trucks, the Jocotepec bypass is breaking up in the section nearest the Guadalajara highway. The ruts can be dangerous at night.
  11. My car was in for service so I rode the bus from Jocotepec to Ajijic and back. Less than half the people on the bus wore masks or even had them. Many people who did have a mask wore it on their chins. The driver on both buses had no mask. I am not making a judgement nor a complaint, just a warning.....if you don't want to be in close contact with people who do not wear masks....then you might consider not riding the local buses.
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