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  1. The peso, inspite of robust intervention has reached 25.23.
  2. They are louder when they suffer from the corona virus
  3. I had to drive to Texas to pick one up and then we unpacked it and my passenger wore it over her shoulder. We have one with 8 hour batteries and is FAA approved.
  4. feeling anxiety; some men vomit after second dose and some suffer dizziness. Some people suffer none of these side effects.......it is certainly worse than candy bars
  5. I agree!!!! After dealing with an agent that was charming and friendly but didn't know squat about his product lines....Francisco cleared up the mistakes that were made in the past, collected old claims and has been there for us 24/7.
  6. Fred Habacht


    She had made a copy but her license may have been restored. Her father has strong relationships.
  7. Fred Habacht


    There is plenty of parking too....even Mexicans seem to avoid her now. Delightful and likable...don't equal great doctors.
  8. Installation is FREE....time frame is 3-7 days and installation is clean and professional. They do not offer a telephone but the internet has been very reliable.
  9. Yes, on Lopez Mateos. Goof off was in the paint aisles where glue is kept. They also had their own label that mimicked goof off.
  10. I just got a small can at Home Depot
  11. When you enter Jocotepec....go past the 1st traffic light and park in the Guad Pharmacia parking lot. Then walk ½ block on the lake side to the China Inn. They are closed on Monday.
  12. Some Jocotepec markets still have some....the season is long over and the selection is not good now.
  13. I have a large pitcher bought in Istanbul many years ago
  14. My wife is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis caused by a drug she should not have been given some years ago. She may in fact be getting the best medical advice that is available or maybe not. I would appreciate any referrals for a lung specialist that visits lakeside. Bedside manner and compassion are as important as knowledge. I might be willing to see more than one specialist at a time just to be sure that we are treating this condition from every angle. A very honest thank you for your input and advice.
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