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  1. The actual rule is that "personal use" is not exempt if it exceeds $300 usd per person if brought in by car. "Personal use" does still not allow meat products whether cooked, smoked or raw for what ever reason you give. Dog or cat food that is in excess of estimated 30 days usage is not allowed. No dog/cat food can contain meat products.
  2. I was only asked for 376 mex pesos. I will have waited for about 5 months
  3. The Social Security payments for USA retirees will increase by 1.6% effective with the January 2020 payments.
  4. There are many jobs as pickers in the Jocotepec area. Very little training is needed.
  5. I have 4 boxes of Suphedrine by Kirkland decongestant pills. We don't use them anymore. They are expired but still do what they are meant to do. These are over 500 pills and there is no charge. I can bring them from Jocotepec to Ajijic.
  6. Their phone number is 387 688 0054. I too have pd for an ilex install and that was 5 months ago. These folks installed 4 days after I ordered the service. Their office is busy most days with people signing up and I see their trucks here in Joco....but I do not know their coverage.
  7. I have been on UNETC Telecom Internet here in Jocotepec and today I was offered an upgrade to 30 megs from 20 megs. No new installation charge and when I said yes....the change was immediate. My monthly cost is 499 mxp. The contract can be dropped after 6 months.
  8. One hour is really asking you to be able to run and climb over the rest of the crowd
  9. They can't be in a bag...they must be in an egg carton and they must be able to be opened on holidays.
  10. Open...yes, but are they selling large eggs ?
  11. The French in WW2 proved that not shooting your rifle at all, spares many more people than firing back at them.
  12. But that is without the "Gringo Charge" so Zeb might be interested.
  13. We had lunch there. We ordered the hamburgers...they were nearly too large to eat. The service was spotty but the wait staff was friendly.
  14. Frequently is: at least once a week. Very little mail is: less than 3 envelopes a week...on average. We are a small group that uses the mailbox as an "address" for banks and government mail rather than for general mail.
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