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  1. When you enter Jocotepec....go past the 1st traffic light and park in the Guad Pharmacia parking lot. Then walk ½ block on the lake side to the China Inn. They are closed on Monday.
  2. Some Jocotepec markets still have some....the season is long over and the selection is not good now.
  3. I have a large pitcher bought in Istanbul many years ago
  4. My wife is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis caused by a drug she should not have been given some years ago. She may in fact be getting the best medical advice that is available or maybe not. I would appreciate any referrals for a lung specialist that visits lakeside. Bedside manner and compassion are as important as knowledge. I might be willing to see more than one specialist at a time just to be sure that we are treating this condition from every angle. A very honest thank you for your input and advice.
  5. I have a hundred or so books. Some are fiction and some are books on different religious subjects. They would be free for the taking. Is there is anyone who might want them?
  6. They are at the seafood restaurants on the lakeside just before SJC tonight until fairly late
  7. My service is UNET. They are on Matamoros Norte #10 in Joco. The young girl at the desk speaks some english. They had a special when I joined so there was no installation charge. I have two services....one gives 30 megas and one gives 20 megas. They now offer a 30% off yearly cost if you pay in advance...I pay monthly. The do not offer a telephone service but they do offer TV. They have been very responsive t6o any problems....SO FAR.
  8. I asked for a refund from them because I was able to get a next day installation of a high speed new service in Jocotepec in stead of waiting for more months for them to show up. I was promised a check the following week and due to the New year's season it wasn't provided as promised. I went in the next week and got the same response. On the third attempt...I was offered cash instead of a check and felt that was a better offer. They were polite at all times and a bit confused but I did receive my money back with no hassle.
  9. The large boat that docked at the Jocotepec pier is no longer there.
  10. We have room for a person to share a P.O. box at Ishop. You must get very little mail and pick up what you get weekly. 14 months for $80.00 us in Mexican pesos.
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