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  1. Clueless is a "WhackaMole." He just keeps sticking his head up....getting whacked....pulling back and repeating the same conduct, many times about the same subject.
  2. I was promised Jocotepec set-up by July 15th and now it has been delayed by 4 months more...maybe I doubt that the girl at the sign up office has any real information as she just states a time and smiles or maybe has gas....either way I will try a local service in Joco that will do a set up in one week. I will probably lose my Illox installation cost as no refund was offered.
  3. About a week ago our home phone, (land lines) lost dial tone and the next morning no more internet. Off I went to the office in Ajijic.....the agent was very polite and opened a repair order and promised no more than a three day delay. No one showed up and no service was restored....In I went again and was informed that my line was checked and all was well...BUT, in the interest of good customer service a new order was opened and my cell phone received a copy with a 24 hour promise that the repair man would ring our bell and confirm all was well..... LOL...no one came! A local man who repairs wiring in the home and replaces "rotted" lines from the post to the house was suggested. Two hours later he was at my home. The break in the line was three meters from the post and he spliced and repaired it....200 mxp later and everything works. I can't wait to say goodbye to TelMex. I am scheduled for an installation by next week of a new service. I felt the same way when ATAND T was knocked apart in the USA.....
  4. I will use my I Phone but I wanted a small clock so that I could leave my Iphone at home ...
  5. I have tried Walmart and Soriana....anyone know if the wednesday market might have one?
  6. Jocotepec has a Honda scooter dealer with many models
  7. Strong meds are needed ASAP....and maybe some friends you can play with.....simple non-stress ones.
  8. As you enter the airport and before you reach the regular parking lots...there is a sign saying "CUSTOMS" in english and Espanol. There is only one sign and it is on the left as you are driving in.
  9. I will let you use my box for $80.00 per 13 months. @ I Shop
  10. No wonder they dropped you.....even though you are just as unfavorable to them as an ex-client.
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