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  1. Very, very helpful and without the negatives. Thank you so much! Fred Habacht
  2. So did we. The temperature difference with the white is great year round. Fred Habacht
  3. I thought you were dropped by ILLOX and not the other way around.......!!! Fred Habacht
  4. The current crossing time on all three bridges into Pharr/Mcallen is 55 minutes at 6-8 at night. Fred Habacht
  5. I am going north at the end of May if you still need help.
  6. I have spoken to her in english....mixed with spanglish. She has enough to understand us and she tries and smiles. Her biggest failure is that the open to close office hours are a very weak guideline. Fred Habacht
  7. I had to reboot my computer and then MJ came back up Fred Habacht
  8. I pay Lydia 1500 mxp a month. Fred Habacht
  9. RV lives in Alamo Texas and uses the local VA facilities.
  10. Well....I think I solved the problem....I bought a new one for $63.00 usd at Walmart. It would not, the new one, accept the remaining ink cartridges from the old one but it did accept the sample cartridges in the new box. It now prints a comple printing order and is readable. The old one would not complete a page of printing or it would be unreadable. I wasted a lot of ink getting the new set up but it is still cheaper than a service call...I think Thanks for your reply.
  11. Anyone lakeside that works on these units? Thanks
  12. We are in Jocotepec. I asked about the signal and they said it was an erratic one that was mostly picked up at night and seldom during the day.
  13. I have that and a picture of the truck and the two men. Today I had the earphones tested and they are NOT sending out a signal beyond the walls of our casa. Fred Habacht
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