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  1. barbara habacht

    Garbage Collection Problems (again)

    Calling for damage to municipal property should certainly get someone's attention! Of course when they offer to jail you.....then you yell..."we are fed up." Fred Habacht
  2. barbara habacht

    Garbage Collection Problems (again)

    It was trick to see if you would let him out alone! Fred Habacht
  3. barbara habacht

    Flu shots

    Late October
  4. barbara habacht

    Seguro Popular in Jocotepec

    There are two places in Joco and the municipal building is not one of them. You can go to the Segura Popular Clinic, which is next to the police station...Mon-Fri and plenty of parking. Very little english spoken or to the Segura Popular Hospital that is just before the turn off for the bypass and next to the large taco restaurant.
  5. On 15 September at 5:00 in the Jocotepec Plaza there will be a ceremony between Watsonville California city government and Jocotepec Municipal government announcing their agreement to be sister cities. There will be a flag raising; singing of the Mexican National Anthem; Mariachi band; Folkloric Ballet performance and speeches as they exchange paperwork. Driscoll executives will be in attendance. The Governor of Guadalajara will send representatives. Fred Habacht
  6. barbara habacht

    Antique Desk Phones for sale

    I have 5 US Bell and Western Electric desk phones from 1939 to 1945. All work and all have been reconditioned to plug into standard jacks. They can be sold individually. Prices are negotiable. Items are located in Jocotepec but can be brought to Ajijic for delivery or inspection. Please contact Fred Habacht at habachtfred@gmail.com
  7. barbara habacht

    20 inches of rain for the year-Below average?

    Jocotepec had 4.5 inches last night/morning. Rain varies at lakeside. Sometimes we get nothing and there are floods in Chapala.
  8. barbara habacht

    Recommendation for basic auto insurance.

    My auto agent said that my auto break-in....passenger window busted out and seat back ripped...was not covered, I went to another agent who was able to get my window replaced as well as repairing the seat back from the same auto company...and that was before I moved my auto policy to him. My input is that agents are like picking fruit....sometimes everything is good and then it can go bad and then it doesn't get better....I am glad that I changed agents.
  9. barbara habacht

    Recommendation for basic auto insurance.

    Bellon can be not all it claims to be.
  10. barbara habacht

    Mexican Citizenship test

    No attorney...used Spencer for translations and certifications. Had a friend go with us for voter's card and appointment for new passport.
  11. barbara habacht

    Mexican Citizenship test

    The man with the "cleft" palate is the current director. He is a serious block to understanding Spanish....yet his english is clear. You are ABLE to request a different person for the test. His assistant, a lady with crystal clear pronunciation gave us the Spanish test after we failed the first time at his desk. Senior Heraldo did stand behind her as she asked us questions but was polite when she declared that we were able to speak and understand her. Note...that he is retiring at the end of this year and she will replace him.
  12. barbara habacht

    Car Wash just west of Roberto's torn down

    I think you did a review of the the "fighting cocks" or maybe not. Fred Habacht
  13. FYI! My insurance agent offers Pet insurance. You PM me for further info...or at least what I know about it as of now.
  14. barbara habacht

    Specialist Doctor Required for COPD Patients

    My wife and I would most certainly NOT use him! Fred Habacht
  15. My home owner policy was delivered to me written in english. My agent photographed every room and every item in it. I do not, and it is in writing, need receipts. I am given replacements at full value. Can I collect...I don't know but I sleep better thinking that I am covered. Fred Habacht