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  1. "SILLY"....you mean like posting just to see how many posts you can put up? I've actually stopped eating or avoided eating at places that you pitch. Fred Habacht
  2. For a very seldom time....I agree with your opinion. I would also add that the MODS should try to remain neutral and voice their personal feelings with their alternate names or real ones if they can. Fred Habacht
  3. You certainly make enough use of "social media" so it must have some value. Fred Habacht
  4. barbara habacht

    Unlocking an iPhone

    I have done it twice here in Joco over the past few years.....I agree that it takes a few days. Fred Habacht
  5. barbara habacht

    Moringa Seed Pods

    I will drive in today and leave them as you request. Fred Habacht
  6. barbara habacht

    Moringa Seed Pods

    My Moringa tree has produced 6 huge Moringa Seed pods.....If you can use them....they are free. Let us know and we will cut them and drop them off in Ajijic or Jocotepec. Fred Habacht
  7. barbara habacht

    NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

    BUT, I live in Jocotepec.....and ½ off is better than 30% and there is no cap on our meager property nor has our land value ever been questioned when being discounted. Fred Habacht
  8. barbara habacht

    NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

    As to some of the reasons to get Mexican citizenship. We travel to some countries that are not friendly to the USA with the Mexican Passport....Turkey is one that comes to mind where you will not be charged an excessive amount for a tourist visa. We receive ½ off all our taxes....property, water, raw and farmed land. We were not welcome to ask for and get Mexican credit cards and now we are...and there is always the right to vote and probably more things we haven't become aware of. My wife has been treated with exceptional warmth by people here in Jocotepec. When getting the voter card....they posed with her for a photo. Fred Habacht
  9. barbara habacht

    Gas Water Heater Questions

    I have a three year old CINSA water heater. I have drained it every 6 months and it has no sediment in the run off. It lights fully. The hot water is very hot for 1-2 minutes then fades quickly to cool. When the outside temps are at 70+ then I use my solar hot water. Do I need to consider a replacement? An adjustment? Fred Habacht
  10. barbara habacht

    Taxi from Guadalajara Airport

    Maybe that is why they treat your ex-wife so badly.....
  11. barbara habacht

    Driving tips/directions for Manzanillo

    The toll road is to the left and is marked COLIMA. The first three tolls will take you past the old lake bed....as a point of interest look for the elephants and rhinoceros life sized figures on the rt. and left of the road. The lake bed should have some water in it now but will be fully dry within a few weeks and then the area is known for frequent dust devils that fly at a rapid speed. Fred Habacht
  12. barbara habacht

    Getting over Dengue

    I agree!!!! Quality care ignored us completely as did the overpriced med office in the same center...they charged 1800 pesos for a flu test and then said that we needed to go to the hospital and use him as our primary doctor .....good luck with that! Only Dr JESSICA, suggested by several friends, gave us the time and suggested a test for nearly everything. She was also the only one who called us back. Then we went back to Quality care and met Dr Anna and she was just as caring as well as knowing what these fevers are. For the Dr.s that were sure it was epstein-barr.....it wasn't. Fred Habacht
  13. barbara habacht

    Getting over Dengue

    I should have added that we both stopped eating and didn't drink much, big mistake, started to believe death was near and did not care much if it was. Fred Habacht
  14. barbara habacht

    Getting over Dengue

    My wife and I both are recovering from Dengue fever. We needed a blood test to know that we had it it. It seemed like a case of the flu but certainly different as time went on. It was the very worst we have felt with any illness. After four weeks we are finally back to almost normal. We are told by more than one doctor that next time, if we are unlucky enough to get it again, will be much worse. There is no immunization to prevent it and no drug to stop it. My reason for sharing is because not one of the doctors, and we went to four, ever suggested that we had it. One lectured me for annoying him with my complaints. Our insurance agent wanted us to go to the hospital because of how badly we were suffering, but he had no idea what the hospital could do for us except give us fluids.....so, if you think you've been infected....get a blood test! It won't be cheap as they will be forced to test for everything that it might be. Fred Habacht
  15. barbara habacht

    Living in San Luis Soyatlan