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  1. barbara habacht

    Our adventure with the Mexican FCC

    We are in Jocotepec. I asked about the signal and they said it was an erratic one that was mostly picked up at night and seldom during the day.
  2. barbara habacht

    Our adventure with the Mexican FCC

    I have that and a picture of the truck and the two men. Today I had the earphones tested and they are NOT sending out a signal beyond the walls of our casa. Fred Habacht
  3. Several days ago, we received a visit from two well dressed men with ID's from AT&T. They had equipment with them that showed we were "transmitting" a signal from our casa that was blocking their local signals. They asked to come in and scan the house. We allowed it and they found nothing. Then yesterday a large red government truck with antenna and a rotating "radar" dish began to circle our local streets and came to a stop in front of our property. These were uniformed Federal officials. They were polite. They said that a formal complaint was made against us by AT&T for transmitting an illegal signal.... Again we allowed a full search and finally their hand held devices pinpointed our "illegal transmitter." My wife uses a set of head phones from Steren to listen to TV at night......and that was the illegal device. After unplugging it....all signs of disturbance ceased. We were thanked for our cooperation and off they went....FYI Fred Habacht
  4. barbara habacht

    Mexican driver's license

    15 years of DL and recent renewal with no hassle and no tests. Fred Habacht
  5. barbara habacht

    Need a plumber in Jocotepec

    Actually I received a contact for a local man and he was at our house within 2 hours.....removed and replaced our malfunctioning hot water heater and he had some english as well. I have entered Alberto into my contact book for the future and I thank you both. Fred Habacht
  6. barbara habacht

    Need a plumber in Jocotepec

    Thanks for the contact. Fred Habacht
  7. barbara habacht

    Need a plumber in Jocotepec

    Jocotopeckers forum died with it's founder several years ago. Westenders, a poor replacement also faded from view. There are plumbers in SJC, who, with a large enough group of pack mules might reach us....but thanks for your knowledgeable and helpful response. Fred Habacht
  8. barbara habacht

    Need a plumber in Jocotepec

    Our regular plumber is very busy so we would appreciate adding another one to our list. Simple job of replacing a leaking hot water heater. Thanks. Fred Habacht
  9. barbara habacht

    What will I do with all this money?

    (edited by mod to remove gratuitous personal comment)
  10. The navy showed photos of two tankers with over 800,000 ltrs of stolen fuel. The crews were arrested and the ships will be held. Fred Habacht
  11. barbara habacht

    new pipeline explosion

    Several outlets have announced that the same pipeline that exploded before was breached 38 km away from the original site. There were injuries and some people may not survive. Fred Habacht
  12. barbara habacht

    Gas Availability

    Joco station pumping now.
  13. barbara habacht

    Gas Availability

    Thanks for the Joco info. More Tankers came...I got a full tank and they filled a container with another 22 liters. Everyone got served and they still had more to sell. El Chante is pumping now! Fred Habacht
  14. barbara habacht

    Gas siphoning warning

    Your Border Promotions are much harder to believe!!!
  15. barbara habacht

    Gas Availability

    Gas lines are long in Joco but they received their second tanker at 11:30