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  1. I highly recommend you start with Mirna at Ajijic Rentals. They have a large bank of properties, and they are rental agents and property managers. We rent our house out through them, and use them as property managers for the house, for both our protection and the protection of our tenants, as we are not in town when we rent our house out. This way, all bills can be paid within the rental amount, and everyone knows exactly what is and is not included. Mirna knows her properties well, has excellent relationships with the property owners, and listens to the tenants' needs.
  2. Ken - I am curious as to where you got the information that OHIP will not pay anything unless you have supplemental insurance while in Mexico. That was not my understanding, but I could well be wrong.
  3. Ive been very happy with Dr. Daniel. He lives and works in Guadalajara, but comes to care for his Lakeside clients every Monday. I have seen him monthly for a couple of years. He comes to your home. email aztirat@hotmail.com cell 33 1197 9322 Excellent English. Good 'bedside' manner.
  4. We have a walker for sale (the 4 wheel kind with brakes.) PM for details.
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