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  1. You might want to check with the folks at Lakeside Little Theatre. I know they were looking for a large number of books for a show in the upcoming season. I would help you with this but I am north for a few more months.
  2. We use Carmen and Luis on a regular basis. Knowledgeable and reliable.
  3. On the occasional times I've needed a taxi Lakeside, I have always found their rates very reasonable. Cost of gas, car maintenance, small population, etc put lots of pressures on people trying to earn an honest living. I feel no need to undercut that by searching out alternatives.
  4. Hoping for an update on this post from March. Or any other info on an acupuncturist Lakeside. Thanks.
  5. stuphel

    Fish Tacos

    We're currently up north, but I'm craving good fish tacos, and my favourites are either lunch/comida only (Lake Taco), long gone (Magana's, Just Chillin'). Can you suggest your favourite fish tacos places, open at supper time? And what makes a good fish taco in your mind?
  6. Maincoons, how long were your tiles in place before you needed to reseal the grout? Can you recommend a particular grout that does the job? Thanks.
  7. I'm sick of redoing my roof every few years, and am considering any possible alternatives. I wondered about tiling the flat part of my roof, but know that this doesn't seem to be a popular option. Does anyone have any experience living in a house with a tiled roof, or know any reason why this may (or may not) be a good idea? The flat part of my roof (about 1/2 the roof total) does have drainage for rain water.
  8. Pretty sure that is on the East side of the highway, making it the right if on the way to the airport from the lake 😉
  9. If you take them to El Bar Co, they are a drop off point for Tina Dawn Leon, who has set up a support system in Mezcala. Lots of need there for children's clothing.
  10. More information is being gathered. It was 'terrorism' in the sense that he inflicted terror on many, many people, but there appears to be no political or religious motivation to the attack. Pleased to see that 'most' people kept their heads and opinions open until they learned important details. Also, thanks to the training and professionalism of the police, the suspect was taken into custody and can answer some of the many questions a whole country has this morning. He is due in court later today.
  11. If you know the date you will be crossing, you can order the sticker online through Banercito. I usually do that and get the sticker within 3 or 4 days delivered to my home in Canada. I bring it with me, and put it on the car the night before we cross the border. It costs a little more (for shipping) but works well if you want to cut out time at the border itself. Just an option. Cheers.
  12. Well, this is just about the pettiest and stupidest thread I've read on this board. Hope you all are proud of yourselves.
  13. OP is from Dec. 2014 . I'll bet she has her new dishes by now!
  14. What you want is the hotel that used to be called the American Business Hotel, but is now the Sheraton Four Points or Four Points Sheraton. It went through a period of being pet friendly, then wasn't, but since it changed to a Four Points, is pet friendly again. They do charge a surcharge for pets, and in various online sites that's been noted as up to $100 American, but I emailed the manager the last time we stayed there, and he assured me that the cost was $10us per pet, and so it was. It's not a luxury hotel, but it's very accessible, the section they put pets and their owners in is a separate building from the rest, there is room to walk your animals, and the room is reasonable (though overpriced.) They have an indoor pool, and a restaurant. I'd email them and reserve directly through them (English is no problem) and confirm your pet situation and the cost before landing there.
  15. Walmart's puff pastry is found where the fancy full size cakes and cake slices are, at the far end of the bakery. There may be cooling associated with that open shelf.
  16. Sent you a pm, Bri. Email address would not work for me.
  17. Sadly you will need to PM the information I had to delete. Sorry about that. But those are the rules here Mod5
  18. I don't think you are expected to return the bowls, although I have seen others giving them some back - so I believe that is up to you. It has never been mentioned, and we have found those little bowls useful, decorative and have even given guests of ours a small set of them as a keepsake on more than one occasion.
  19. A couple at of the stalls in the Wednesday market in Ajijic (they sell cheese, yoghurt and flan-to-die-for in ceramic bowls) also sells green chorizo. It's not always out with the cheese and other dairy goods. Ask if you don't see it. The stall is on the west side of the market, closer to the vegetable stalls than the carreterra.
  20. I highly recommend you start with Mirna at Ajijic Rentals. They have a large bank of properties, and they are rental agents and property managers. We rent our house out through them, and use them as property managers for the house, for both our protection and the protection of our tenants, as we are not in town when we rent our house out. This way, all bills can be paid within the rental amount, and everyone knows exactly what is and is not included. Mirna knows her properties well, has excellent relationships with the property owners, and listens to the tenants' needs.
  21. Ken - I am curious as to where you got the information that OHIP will not pay anything unless you have supplemental insurance while in Mexico. That was not my understanding, but I could well be wrong.
  22. Ive been very happy with Dr. Daniel. He lives and works in Guadalajara, but comes to care for his Lakeside clients every Monday. I have seen him monthly for a couple of years. He comes to your home. email aztirat@hotmail.com cell 33 1197 9322 Excellent English. Good 'bedside' manner.
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