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  1. We have a quite new Maytag stove. The burners work well. The oven ignites and heats to (approximately) the temperature on the dial. However, often, after about 15 minutes, there is no more flame. We think that it turns itself off when it reaches the set temperature. The problem is, it doesn't come back on as the oven cools. We basically have to stand and watch the oven when something is cooking, and turn the oven back on manually when it turns itself off. We wondered if it is a lack of oxygen to fuel the flame, and have opened up the broiling cupboard underneath to see if that helps, but it doesn't seem to. Before we call a repairman in, does anyone have any insight as to what's going on?
  2. Thanks so much, gringal and Ferret. I've ordered two of these in 'my' colors from Amazon, and should be sitting in one of them in a couple of weeks. This site is a great resource and I appreciate your help.
  3. I quite like those egg-shaped, metal-framed, vinyl strapping chairs that are outside the ice-cream place next to Pranza. Does anyone know where I buy get a couple in a colour of my choice? Any idea of price? Thanks
  4. You can probably wash it, but dry cleaning is not expensive, and the place in West Ajijic does a good job. I also recommend them for clothing alterations.
  5. The car dealer and the line of cars 'parked' on San Juan is a real problem, indeed. Although I very much appreciated the paving of the road when the Pemex first came in (remember the huge canyons in the road previous to that?) I've started entering the carretera from San Jorge and risking the potholes outside the Presbyterian church, rather than deal with the bumper car game that is the San Juan /Pemex/ Oxxo turnoff. Of course, there one has to weave between the cars parked willy-nilly outside the Bridge Club and Mom's.
  6. I hope no one was hurt, but as someone who lives nearby, I'm not surprised that there was an accident at this spot. Because the OXXO and Pemex are on opposite corners of the carretera and San Juan, and they have paved their parking lots and the street with no distinction between road and parking lots, people head into the two places of businesses and treat the street between like an extension of their lots. In addition, although we love the paved street and paved lateral, it means that service station and OXXO traffic is always turning, backing in and out, and generally using the whole area like a giant parking lot without lines. Add people waiting at the 'bus stop' in the area, and it's a bit of a recipe for disaster if you add a driver who isn't watching carefully. Again, hopefully no one was hurt. And if you drive in the area, keep your eyes carefully on the road and watch all around you.
  7. Fine here on Av de la Ribera between the Pemex and Mom's.
  8. Gringal, does your post mean that the man we are looking to contact is named Saul? Do you have is contact information?
  9. Does Dermika take credit cards? I'd like to use my canadian mastercard for services and prescriptions.
  10. For several years we have been getting firewood from a guy/family who come around on spec to our house in Riberas from time to time. They have stopped by a couple of times in the last month, but we told them we have plenty of wood for the time being, and to come back in the New Year. However, with the colder-than-normal weather, we are using up our wood, and may need a supply earlier than that. We would like to stick with the same people if possible, but don't have a way to get in touch with them. We have always relied on their dropping by. I hope, from the clues below, that someone will recognize them and pass on some contact information: -the father used to come by, in his truck, but he died perhaps three years ago -we think one of the brother's name is Victor -one young brother stops by our house in Riberas on his bike when he asks us about buying wood -they have brought us starter kindling (the sap-heavy stuff) which they say comes from Jocotepec from time to time. Anyone recognize this family and have contact info? Thanks
  11. We're looking for someone to do what we think is a reasonably small job: one of our upper kitchen cabinets appears to be slipping down at one side. There are no visible anchors holding the box in place, so we need someone who might know how such a cabinet box was constructed to loosen it or take it down, and then reinstall it. I don't think a maestro carpenter is needed, but someone with some tools and ability who is willing to take on a smallish job. We're in Riberas. Any recommendations?
  12. Our garage doors need to be repaired or replaced. The original doors are wrought-iron fretwork, but a former owner faced them with plain metal sheets, riveted to the original doors for privacy These sheets are beginning to rust and come away at the seams, so we either need to replace them or perhaps replace the whole pair of doors with something more interesting. Obviously, looking around at all the different designs in the region, there must be a number of places that specialize in making (or renovating?) these doors, but I don't know any names. Do I go to any metalworker? Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks.
  13. We haven't been here for 18 months and were surprised that Dusty Chicken (and several other food stands) are no longer on the lateral near Walmart. Are they still in business somewhere else? I love their partiular recipe .
  14. We're arriving by car on Saturday afternoon, and today in Texas got a chip in our windshield. Nowhere to get it fixed before we cross the border tomorrow. Is there somewhere in Chapala or area where we can get the chip filled? I don't think it's big enough to need a new windshield. Thanks
  15. Eugene Levy on SCTV first took the Littlest Hobo song and made it a slow ballad, in the persona of a lounge singer character he played. I remember listening to the lyrics for the first time when he did that, and thinking they were better than I'd realized before.
  16. Mirna at Ajijic Rentals (Continental Realty) has managed our home, with us in it and empty, for 11 years. She is excellent.
  17. BeeBee: Dr Daniel speaks perfect English. Very personable, good sense of humor, very thorough, and gentle.
  18. Walmart and Soriana have both carried the eggcrate things in the past. sm1mex's idea of showing clerks a picture is a good one. Also, the mattress store on the carreterra carries duvets and things. Perhaps they have what you want?
  19. 'OHIP or other provinces are usually happy to pay for what would have cost a lot more in Canada.' Ferret, The OHIP out-of-country emergency medical coverage is a lot more limited than I, or most people, understand. Two years ago, I had a meniscus tear resulting from an accident, and the doctor recommended I have arthroscopic surgery ASAP, as I could not drive (could barely walk) and we drive to Mexico and back with our two dogs. I had the procedure, which involved an MRI, an overnight hospital stay, and some appointments after the surgery. I submitted all the paperwork to OHIP, including all doctor's paperwork, and a claim for about $3000. I received a cheque for $33 (the initial doctor's appointment) and was told I should have flown back and had the work done in Ontario. I looked into appealing, but when I looked at a number of appeal decisions (you can see them online) I realized that virtually nobody who appealed under the OHIP out-of-country rules received any compensation at all, and a number of them were truly emergency cases where they didn't, in my mind, have alternatives to medical treatment in the foreign land. I was able to submit my claims against my income tax for the year, and received some recompense. That experience taught me not to rely on OHIP for out-of-country emergency medical, and is why I am looking into alternatives now.
  20. I am 67 years old, a Canadian who spends just under 180 days each year Lakeside. I own a house and have my Permanente. I understand I am eligible for Seguro Popular, and intend to apply as soon as I arrive in November. I have OHIP in Ontario, but no additional health insurance that covers me out of province. I would like to look into additional insurance covering my time in Mexico each year, but do not need a 12 month annual policy. I have hypertension (under good control with medication for over 25 years) and take a blood thinner prophylactically as I had a clot in my leg less than a year ago. Could anyone advise me as to options to look into? I have done some research, but end up more confused than edified when I search online.
  21. I'm coming down in early November, and wish to sign up (I have my Permanente). When, after signing up, does coverage become active? I'd like to arrange with a facilitator in advance, so I can do this as soon after arriving as possible.
  22. Computer Guy - I am trying to follow your post and figure out where this outage will be, but for the life of me I can't place San Lorenzo. Any hint you can give will be appreciated. Thanks
  23. Six trips from the border and back, and several winters Lakeside, and we've been stopped perhaps 6 times. Four times we got away with a warning (once with some heavy hints for mordida, which we pretended not to understand and insisted on the ticket, with lots of protestations of regret for whatever the infraction was) and two times we got well-deserved tickets. Paid promptly in the legal way, and went about our lives. Mostly, just accept the cop's judgment and insist on a ticket if s/he doesn't appear to want to let you off with a warning. If s/he talks about all the hassles to you in paying tickets, and that it can be settled at the curb, just keep saying you'll take the ticket. S/he'll either give up or give you the ticket. If you pay it within 7(?) days, it's 1/2 the fine. Seldom is the infraction more than the mordida (bribe) would be, and you keep everything honest and the wheels of justice roll on.
  24. I've sent you a private message, with particular advice.
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