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  1. thank you for the replies. I will try the castor oil (couldn't hurt....I see it's used by humans for themselves and animals, re: Google) I'll be happy if it helps her at all. I also take to heart your advice not to submit her to surgery, and be thankful that she will likely be resilient and continue to age gracefully. She's pretty healthy otherwise, so I'll just be the best companion I can for her, and we'll support each other in our 'golden years'. Thanks again for the support.
  2. I'm currently in Canada, but my senior dog (adopted in Mexico) has developed cataracts. Dr Ladron gave me some vitamins to give her to slow down (and he suggested, even reverse to some degree) the development of the cataracts. Her vet here in Canada says one eye is in bad shape, with little vision, but the other is still pretty good. Surgery here runs about $4000 per eye. I wonder if anyone has had surgery performed on their dog at Lakeside, and an approximate cost. I'm thinking of having the better eye operated on to maintain vision in that eye at least. We will not be back Lakeside until November. Any advice?
  3. pappysmarket: if that is a Mexican gene, it has certainly mutated. Lots of people here in Canada suffer from the same genetic predisposition!
  4. Mirna at Ajijic rentals manages our home, and has for about 11 years. We are very happy with her service.
  5. I like the fish and chips at The Brew House, but I'm up for an adventure and will give this place a try. Thanks, ComputerGuy.
  6. We usually cross into the US at Columbia, and have been watching the wait times over the last two weeks or so. We will be leaving in two weeks. I saw today that Columbia bridge is closed to auto traffic and has about a 3 hour wait for commercial.
  7. Thank you for your advice concerning using CBD for my dog. Another question: I see that CBD from hemp is legal here, in the US and in Canada. But does anyone know about taking a vial (by car) over the borders?
  8. I'm intrigued by the idea of this oil in calming my anxious dog....she's always been upset by cohetes, etc, but her anxiety is increasing as her eyesight gets worse. Does anyone have experience using this product to calm animals, and if so, do you have any advice or recommendations?
  9. If anyone can offer me information or advice on getting an upper arm reduction done by a local plastic surgeon, or one in Guadalajara, I would appreciate hearing from you.
  10. Thanks everyone. We clicked the correct area, chose to pay at the OXXO down the street, did so, and presumably our purchase will be on its way to us shortly. Easy peasy when you know how!
  11. but I'm not a mexican citizen and don't have such a card. What do I do now? Does anyone know?
  12. The problem is that I don't understand what ID they want. I have a Permanente, but I don't believe I have any INF (what is that?) info to give them.
  13. I have made purchases on my canadian credit card through mercado libre before, but today, when I went to make a purchase, they would not complete it unless I validated my phone and my documentation, which seemed to involve me sending them a picture and INF documentation (which I do not believe I have.) I was informed that, unless I did this, my purchase would be cancelled. Has anyone else encountered this and how did you resolve it?
  14. I need a small can of high-gloss or enamal paint (pure white) for some cupboards. I really want latex, and have brought some down from Canada on other occasions, but have run out. I've tried several places around Lakeside, and checked Home Depot in Guad, but no one has latex, or only in gallon containers. Does anyone know where I can get a small can (litre or less) of latex enamel in the area? Thanks.
  15. stuphel


    I had a delicious cut of lamb (bonesless, not a chop or shank) at Viva Mexico in San Juan Cosala. I almost always get their chiles nogada, but decided on a change. Ordered it medium rare and it was delicious. I'll definitely order it again.
  16. Al Berka, I looked in Soriana last week, and I did, indeed, see those rubber shower mats. They are clear plastic with either pink or blue accents. Not particularly large. They were hanging low down on the shelving, and were not exactly where i expected them, but not too far out of the way. I have not been to Coppel. If you go and check them out, could you let me know if they have opaque ones, preferably in off-white? Thanks.
  17. I got it at Walmart, but I've also seen it and a NoName equivalent at SmallMart the dollar store place at the Ajijic plaza. (Watch the NoName version....I bought it once and the nozzle didn't work. I hate it when aerosol nozzles are duds.)
  18. There is a cleaners on the north (mountain) side of the carreterra, west Ajijic, who does a great job on simple alterations, hems, etc. I don't know the name of the cleaners, but they are just east of Casa de Waffle, on the hill going out of Ajijic. I've had pants hemmed for less than $100pesos.
  19. If you're looking for vinyl covers in standard shapes for lawn furniture, the Home Depot in Guadalajara carries a number of them. I don't know how well they'll take the sun over time, but they aren't expensive.
  20. I posted this on Dec 14, and someone gave me the phone number of a man who repaired a cupboard for them. I have lost the number. My search of topics led me back to my initial topic, but gives no responses. If you were the person who originally gave me a contact number to call, and are willing to do so again, I would be very grateful. If by chance anyone else knows someone I could call, I would be equally grateful. Thanks
  21. You must have Mexican Insurance, which you can get in advance or at the border. Suspend your NOB insurance for the time you are down here. We suspend ours and then contact our NOB agent to reinstate it for the day we cross back over. Mexican insurance is less than our NOB insurance We get our Mexican insurance through Jesus Tejeda, who comes recommended on this board, but we've never had a claim, so can't confirm how effective he is if you really need him. You have to have proof of Mexican insurance in order to get the "temporary import" sticker (TIP) that you place on your car at the border. You can get this in advance as well by going to the appropriate website, or at the border. You pay a substantial deposit for this sticker, but the money is returned to you when you stop and have it removed at the border on your way back north.
  22. Is there a method and/or dentist you'd recommend for this procedure?
  23. Gas in Riberas, 9:45 am Tuesday. No lineup yet.
  24. Does anyone know if the computer repair places in the area can/will look at our Canon printer? It's relatively new, we have ink cartridges for it, and would prefer not to have to buy a new one (again) if it can be repaired at a reasonable cost. Or do you know who would look at it if not the computer techs.
  25. Riberas station is pumping. Very long lines.
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