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  1. Nothing I have read so far on this subject makes any sense whatsoever, at least as it pertains to my bill. First of all, my bills are not marked with an x to denote if they were meter read or estimated. Then, for as long as I have been in this particular house, my bills were no more than 169 (maybe 200? in winter? but maybe not, certainly never above that). The previous house I lived in which had a bigger fridge I had bills of 250. All of a sudden this month my bill is 577. The only difference I can see is that is that 1. the kwh basico is the same =250. The intermedio has gone from 2
  2. You misunderstand my questiion. I am not asking what tires to buy. I have a huge leak in one tire and I need it fixed TODAY if possible and wanted to know if anyone knows if the Bridgestone store is open today.
  4. Did anyone feel any tremors last night? Sometime around or after 10:30 p.m. (Thursday evening) I was sleeping and woke up when my bed was shaking.... just for a few seconds. I live near La Floresta.
  5. Hi, there are 3 of us who have had a mailbox at first Mailboxes, etc. and now Ishop. We are "losing" 3 members. We would like to have 2 or 3 more "light" users, that is people who don't have a lot of mail or magazines. The 3 of us just have light usage also. Let me know if you are interested. 766-3025
  6. I have made this trip every year for the last 8 or 9 years. I don't know why people tell you to go through Guadalajara. Take the Chapala highway up to the Periferico, which you will hit before you get to Guad. Go to Highway 15. The sign says either Puerto Vallarta or Nogales. Take it WEST. After about 15 minutes (?) the road splits to the free road (libre) and the toll road (cuota) after the west side of Guadalajara. The free road is ok, but it does take longer... from a half hour to an hour longer depending on the traffic in going out of Guadalajara, and going through some local tow
  7. I have taken many people on tours to Mezcala Island. First of all, the boat is safe and there are life jackets for everyone in the boat. There are usually not big waves on the lake, except perhaps at night. I have never seen waves on the lake during the day. HOWEVER, there is a long hike up a hill when you get off the boat and probably too much for a little one. AND if you want to see all of the place, it is a very long hike to the other side of the island. Further, there are many interesting buildings there that still exist from the last century, both from the Indians initially and then
  8. You really do not want to eat ceviche in Mexico. Ceviche is "cooked" by letting it sit in lemon juice. But it is not cooked over a fire or boiled in water or anything that would kill bacteria. In the states or other countries, you can attest for the raw fish that they use, but here sanitary conditions are largely unknown, and you can get really sick from local ceviche.
  9. There are many art galleries on Colon in Ajijic. One exceptional one is Sol Mexicano, which has all sorts of Mexican art and photography (some done by me, Jill Flyer). For local art in general, you can't beat Oaxada. There is every kind of art available, from alebrijes (painted, sculpted fantasy animals) pottery, masks, rugs, catrinas, textiles... you name it, Oaxaca has it. The Feria will be here in November, but frankly, even though it is a 3 day affair, there is only enough "stuff" for a one day's entertainment. And, despite what they say, the prices are higher than in Oaxaca.
  10. So what happened to La Cocina? No longer there?
  11. I have opted out of Telecable. The last straw is when they took off CNN on the basic subscription. Chapala says this comes from Mexico City. They are obviously trying to shove everyone in to package deals including digital, which costs more. They have been busy changing their service and screwing up because they never wait to check what they are doing when they are "upgrading" before they sic it onto their clients. I opted out about a week or two ago, and they had screwed up many things besides CNN.
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