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  1. My thanks to all for the informative replies. We will be taking your recommendations.
  2. We currently use a local, well known Vet, and have no problem with the service or care. The issue is that the prices have really increased. Does anybody have a recommendation for a local Vet that is reasonably priced, qualified, and have provided good service? Spanish speaking is fine. Thank you in advance.
  3. Can you provide the approximate cost for this service? Thanks
  4. After looking at various options in security camera systems, I decided to buy from SIAS TECH. They are located in San Antonio across from the Corona distributor. I went to the store, and they had all the different cameras on display and hooked up to a monitor so I could see the difference. The features of each camera were explained and demonstrated by Alberto. I wanted one indoor camera and three outdoor cameras. I wanted motion sensors and alarms that I could turn off/on and set the sensitivity via my phone. After determining the package I thought would suit me best, Alberto offered to meet me at my home and verify that this setup would work best for me. That afternoon, Alberto arrived and made a few suggestions for changes after seeing my home/property layout. I agreed with his changes, which were insightful and demonstrated his hands-on experience with these systems. Alberto presented me with a quote for the system, including all “extras” and installation. He asked for a 70% deposit, which I thought was reasonable considering the cost of the equipment was the vast majority of the camera system versus that of the labor. We set a time for the installation a few days later. The level of service I received during the whole process of purchasing this camera system is the primary reason I am writing this post. Alberto arrived and provided the most professional installation of anything I have ever had installed in Mexico (been full time since 2008). He laid out all the cables with concealment in mind. He brought with him the PVC channels that hide the cables and can be painted for the few cables that could not be hidden. He used a level, drill, and the proper wall fasteners to install the power box/CPU, and concealed it in my home where it is not visible. Next, he asked for our cell phones and programmed them for the camera systems. He downloaded the apps and taught us to use them. He later sent me a user guide that I have yet to open because the system works great, and I have been taught how to use it. Before leaving, he swept the floors and removed all the debris, boxes, packaging, etc. We have all had different experiences with services here, from excellent to bad. I think that those businesses that provide outstanding service should be recognized for that, so others that may be looking for something similar have another option. For reference, I have no financial interest in this business. For those wondering if this is something that fits in the budget, my total cost was approximately 11,000 Pesos. PM me if you need more information.
  5. Thank you for all the responses. A technician responded thanks to the provided information.
  6. I am having no luck using their website and the contact numbers they give. Thanks in advance.
  7. You did not state your age or family size, so I will just provide a little of my experience on this subject. We had IMSS in 2009 and then had the unfortunate experience of a friend having major health issues and admitted to the IMSS hospital in Guadalajara. During his stay there of 2 weeks, I visited many times to bring his wife tolitries, change of clothes, etc. as she had to stay there to attend to him as these services are not provided. After my experience and observations there I bought my family our first health insurance in Mexico. That was with MetLife. At that time a family of four (2 adults about 40 year old and two young children) our yearly cost was about 14000 pesos or $1000 USD at that time. I ended up needing surgery for an injury and could not have been happier with the hospital/doctor/coverage. Since then we have had policies with ING, WEA, and VUNI. In the last 1.5-2 years there has been a huge increase in costs for health insurance in Mexico. Personally, my policy went up 30% in one year, and after shopping around I found this was pretty much across the board with all health insurance providers in Mexico. For a very similar policy now (low deductible, high maximums) our cost is about 88,000 pesos or $4400 dollars per year. Obviously some of the increase was for children getting older, but it is a very significant increase. This is the first year we are considering going with the "cash" policy or having a catastrophic policy with a very large deductable, but generally paying cash for everything. For a high deductible policy I am being quoted about 20,000 pesos per year. I find much of the advice above to be right on- cost is based on age, sex, heath history, etc. Also, consider your financial position. IMSS might be the care that fits one person best, while going with cash fits another best.
  8. Sally Beauty Supply has them. One of their locations in Guadalajara is at Gallerias Mall.
  9. rckrckr, You, sir, receive a gold star for the day!!! Thank you!
  10. Thanks, AndyPanda. I have the swift code, clabe, etc. This seems to be a new requirement that is specific to each branch of a banking institution in Mexico. First I have heard of it, but it seems I need it to make a direct deposit happen.
  11. Does anyone know the 3 digit bank code and the 3 digit branch code for Bancomer in Ajijic. I am not in the area right now, and can not get anyone to answer the phone at Bancomer. For reference, I am trying to get direct deposit into Bancomer from the US. The powers that be in the US have recently changed forms and this information in now required. Any help is appreciated.
  12. I highly recommend Alfonso to paint your cabinets. I have had him do a lot of painting and he is superb. He was a professional painter in the US for many years and is trustworthy and reliable. He is very knowledgable on kitchen cabinet painting. You will need to speak some Spanish. His phone number is 33 1273 5896
  13. Looks really good-- thanks for the photos
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