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  1. Although having been absent for a period of time, there are some interesting changes at Bancomer ( in Chapala) One is limited to a 4 digit password at the ATM. Which means if one wished to get monies form the U.S.A. and one has longer than 4 digits on your VISA, you have to go to BAMAMEX to get cash, then go back to the other bank to do whatever. This seems to require the foreign community to get one of their cards. There is no more a preferred customer line. You just have to behave like the common folk. I believe that this is a good move, although it seems to be directed at the foreign community. These have been the only situations I have encountered, Perhaps you can relate more ? R
  2. I find it interesting that we complain about the few traffic lights yet ignore the many,many solar powered lights on the entrance to Chapala. Talk about overkill.. I seems the city made somebody rich. There are enough lights for a Hollywood musical. Besides the awful lights in the city itself. Whoever presumes to be the design consultant .......... is nuts.
  3. Does anyone have the email for chapalaloco.? Need work done and need info. Thank you R.
  4. Good wind-up clock repair in Guadalajara. I've tried the locals to no avail. If you have had one done their please relate the information. Thank you R
  5. Not the kind one smokes, but the kind to put green things in to grow (Hmmmm) I am looking for good quality pots in the area or Guadalajara. Most of what I've seen are of poor quality. Something large enough for Bouganvllia (?) or other larger type green things. Thank you R.
  6. Can one purchase a small amount for personal use. Or is it still outlawed by those in government? Thank you R
  7. Has anyone been to a GOOD dietician in the area ? ( not the one at Dr. Leon's). Thank you R.
  8. A few years ago, when the lake was low, there was a hue and cry on the board about bringing up the lake level. This year ,,,,, nothing. I believe there was even an organization formed at that time to this end. Does no one care anymore, or have all the gringos who did care moved back NOB ? R
  9. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the function at LCS concerning the nationalzation of autos. Was thee anything said of note ........ or was it the same-old, same-old ? Thank you R
  10. Is there someplace either at lakeside or in Guadalajara that will repair a DYSON vacuum? Thank you R
  11. I am interested in receiving SHAW TV, What process does one go through to obtain it, even if one is from the USA?. I was told that I cannot receive it because I do not have a Canadian address, Is this correct? Thank you R.
  12. I have noticed that the construction people mix concrete with another product in order to make it water repellent. Does anyone know what the proportions might be? Thank you R
  13. Is here anyone who delivers from Home Depot as Lakeside Express does from Costco? Thank you R
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