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  1. Can anyone tell me how to find info on Total Play? I'd like to try.
  2. Where can one rent a 10-12 person van, preferably a lux van for fund raiser?
  3. So all of us who are SOL because of the misinformation...what do we do now?? SO NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW!
  4. My husband and I each had medical emergencies this month. Mine involved my heart. I went to San Antonio hospital. Same type of service as I would have received in the USA. No cardiologist on duty. No problem, he drove down from Guadalajara and monitored my case as he came. Insurance covered costs. I have a new cardiologist and am on a treatment program and was satisfied with my treatment. My husband had an emergency that required surgery. The neurosurgeon did a wonderful job. His treatment in intensive care was good. He's home now healing.
  5. My fault: They ran a law office in the late 2000
  6. Does anyone have contact information fro Kevin and Adriana(?) We need to contact them and our info is outdated.
  7. USA banks non-filers. On SSDI both, He got his check, I didn't get mine. Grrrrrr.
  8. I use BEST LAB in Riberas. They have comprehensive services. Professional, and personable. Their prices are the best I have paid after using many different labs over the past 12 years. They do home visits when necessary. Results are sent via email if you want and are always done when promised. Gabby and Fransisco go out of their way to be helpful. I wish I never needed to use a lab, but since I do, I am very happy they are easy to find, easy to work with, and easy on my bank account.
  9. johnny, there often isn't any reliable information available, and some people whose names I won't mention feel that a smart A** comment is better than none. Monday, it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive from Riberas to Farmacia Christina in Ajijic because there were gas lines. BP Amoco had gas, and the Ajijic Pemex on the careterra had gas, and road we jammed. It took about two hours for transito to respond to the tie up. The worst place was the intersection by Super Lake, and Papelaria Trinidad. My passenger got out of the car, walked to a restaurant and ordered an ice tea and returned to the car which had only move one car length. No farmacias and restaurants won't deliver, if you walk to one, they are out of stock and waiting for their deliveries from Guadalajara. One poster must think the delivery people have secret supplies of gasoline if they can deliver continuously. I also noticed people removing gas from vehicles on the Hildago in Chapala. Hopefully there will be more today, Tuesday. Good luck.
  10. OK: I don't want to discuss the how's and why's and what could be done differently. I just want to know if anyone has found gas at Lakeside TODAY?
  11. They were robbed. It had nothing to do with the complaint. The thieves cased the neighborhood, saw them leave with luggage, and assumed the house would be empty. It was not. They were murdered with items in their own home. They had taken visitors to the airport. Changes in La Floresta security were made due to the murders.
  12. Thank you so much BMH, at least your post heads me in the right direction.
  13. Zeb: The premier pain physician in Mexico is Dr. Guillermo Aréchiga Ornelas in Guadalajara. He is not expensive. He is very understanding. He has dealt with my husband's intractable pain for 11 years. Office is localized at Eulogio Parra 3022 in front if San Javier Hospital phone office 36404191 36404195
  14. Sorry to hear this, but I found two of the pieces at the pawn shop and must go through this exercise to claim them.
  15. Hola~. I need to go to Ministerio Publico to file a robbery complaint. Can anyone tell me where it is, what documents I need to bring, I have a translator who will go with me. How does this process work? Thank you.
  16. There will be a Celebration of the life of Jim Tipton at La Bodega on Friday, June 29, from 3-5:00. Everyone is invited.
  17. I made one from a pillow case--the type that splits in the middle. A sham. It's wonderful!
  18. A while back there was a gentleman who sold fountain pen and other handmade pens at the Monday market. I need to locate him, but he's not at the Monday market and I cannot find his card. Does anyone know how to reach him? Thank you!
  19. Which Ramon Carona? In Ajijic, or Chapala??
  20. The Ajijic Writers' Group meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Anyone and everyone is welcome. The readers read for about 12 minutes and get feedback from the group. Afterward we often stay and network. Alex Grattan started this group over 30 years ago, and it is still going strong. The contact for getting on the readers' list is victoriaAschmidt@gmail.com.
  21. Even though I'm indicted as "newbie" I do use this forum from time-to-time for the last 11 years. I see lots of people who answer the topic by, "try Jose on colon." Or something similar. Every. Single. Town/village/City has a Colon, Hildago, Morelos, Zaragoza, etc. It would be helpful to those of us who use the forum if you say, Colon in Ajijic, or Zaragoza in Chapala. Also, if you have an address or description of the location, it would be helpful, especially to newcomers. Thank you very much.
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