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  1. How can I call Donna? She has not called and no one has made contact with me today?
  2. I have not heard from anyone this morning. I was supposed to have a phone call at 10:00 am and now it is 11:00 am. What is up? I hope someone is coming today, I have pulled all of the garage sale stuff into the living room thinking someone would be here soon to pick it up. I can barely walk in here now. Please let me know if no one is coming or if they are when? Thank you, Beverley Dawson
  3. I will be here tomorrow and it will be fine to come and pick up the things I am donating to this young man. Sounds like it is getting done quickly. I hope he recovers soon and that he heals without complications. Do call before you come. Thank you, this also helps me. Beverley
  4. I have tons of stuff that I was going to use for a garage sale, but I will be glad to donate it to this if someone can pick it up. My car is broken and I can't drive it right now. Or you may email or call me dawson_beverley@yahoo.com - there is an extra "e" in beverley Landline is 106 0848 or Cell is 331 245 8651. If anyone can help I have a lot of good stuff for selling. Thank you, Beverley Dawson
  5. Has anyone ever heard of or been to Gabriel de J. Varela Rizo. M.D.? Any comments, good or bad will be appreciated. Also, a nurse named Adriana? I do not know her last name. Thank you for your comments and help.
  6. Does anyone know a good doctor here that treats kidneys. I would like one that comes in a few days a week from Guadalajara. Does not have to be just a preference. I need name and telephone number and location. Thank you,
  7. Dr. Peralta is a great lung specialist. He has offices in Guadalajara but comes here 2 or 3 days a week. I have had lung tests with him. The costs depends on which tests. Some are $400 pesos others up to $1000. pesos. His office is in the shopping center where the Pemex and Oxxo businesses are on the Libremiento. Here is his information. Office: 376 - 766 - 1870 or Mobile: 333 - 467 - 1065 I highly recommend him.
  8. We are looking for a reasonably priced monitor. We had 3 but 2 of them have quit working. If anyone knows where to look, please let me know. Or if you have one for sale. Thank you,
  9. The Dollar store on the Ajijic Plaza usually has Christmas lights. Try there.
  10. Does anyone happen to have any of the pattern called "Tonola" made by El Palomar in Tlaquepaque? It is the pattern with the pale blue birds and flowers and butterfly. I am in the market to buy it if anyone has any. If so please please either email me at dawson_beverley@yahoo.com Note there is an extra "e" in Beverley. or call me on my cell 331 245 8651 or my landline (376) 106-0848. Thank you,
  11. There is a new Aromatherapy store right next door to SuperLake. I went in just to see if they had essential oils. They do and they have a wide variety of them. I'm sorry I did not price them, I did not think of that until I got home. It is a very nice store and the two ladies there were very helpful. Hope this helps everyone looking for essential oils. Between SuperLake and the liquor store.
  12. I am a salted butter buyer, but prefer to buy it at Superlake. And for those that don't like salted butter, for the sake of this post, I'd keep that to myself out of respect for her work.
  13. In Chapala, there is a very good tv repairman, named Luis. He is on Av. Pepe Guizar down about 2 blocks toward the lake before the turn to go to Santa Cruz. He speaks fluent English and is very good and honest. At this time I can't remember the name of his company, but I know it has a sign that says TV Repair. It is on the right hand side of the Pepe Guizar as you travel toward the lake.
  14. I am a retired Realtor both in the US and Mexico. What I am seeing and hearing when I talk to the active Realtors is that the market is still slow. Believe it or not the level of the lake also contributes to the real estate market. When the lake is high as in the past prices are highter and when the lake is low the real estate prices are lower. I guess that makes sense when you have a lake view home or lake front home for sale and there is not lake! Other than that the prices are considerably lower than before. Even though I am retired, I still check the new listings and the price reductions on the Chapala MLS system. I am seeing more listings than before going on the market and I am seeing larger price reductions in existing listings. Those are both indications of a slow market. I have been coming to Mexico for over 50 years and my first destination was Cuernvaca. At that time, it was a small village very much like our here at lakeside, now it is a city over a million people. Long term that is what I see here. But, that is far into the future. For the current time I see another 3 years of lower prices and slow markets. The prices got out of control during the really good years caused by the foreign buyers. I don't think it was an intentional thing but the prices were so low in comparison to the US that they were just paying asking prices. No longer, it is now a buyers market and prices must come down to sell the properties. We currently have 7 properties listed over a million and they are taking significant price reductions if they really want to sell. The sellers have to know and understand what it means to have a buyers market, otherwise, their property will just be a listing and never a sale!
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