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  1. How can I call Donna? She has not called and no one has made contact with me today?
  2. I have not heard from anyone this morning. I was supposed to have a phone call at 10:00 am and now it is 11:00 am. What is up? I hope someone is coming today, I have pulled all of the garage sale stuff into the living room thinking someone would be here soon to pick it up. I can barely walk in here now. Please let me know if no one is coming or if they are when? Thank you, Beverley Dawson
  3. I will be here tomorrow and it will be fine to come and pick up the things I am donating to this young man. Sounds like it is getting done quickly. I hope he recovers soon and that he heals without complications. Do call before you come. Thank you, this also helps me. Beverley
  4. I have tons of stuff that I was going to use for a garage sale, but I will be glad to donate it to this if someone can pick it up. My car is broken and I can't drive it right now. Or you may email or call me dawson_beverley@yahoo.com - there is an extra "e" in beverley Landline is 106 0848 or Cell is 331 245 8651. If anyone can help I have a lot of good stuff for selling. Thank you, Beverley Dawson
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