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  1. I had a friend that moved to the Boston area and rented a house in a small neighborhood. It was the safest neighborhood in the state because the mafia lived there. There was no crime in that area.
  2. I use ALLY which is a total internet bank and also Wells Fargo. Ally rebates ATM fees and has a reasonable exchange rate. Allows $1000 a day withdrawal amount. WF charges a fee of $5.50 and a daily rate of $600 a day. The problem can be that the ATM will limit the amount of withdrawal per transaction. With 2 cards, you can double the amount per machine. Sometimes the problem is physical. Most ATMs spit out 500P notes. When they run low, they will spit out 200P notes. The slot will only allow so many notes to be spit out at once, so you may have to make 2 withdrawals.
  3. Ally Bank refunds all fees from any ATM and doesn't care where you withdraw. I do have a US address that I use.
  4. Look for a job on the internet. I've been here 9 years and always had a job of some kind on the internet. Anything that you can do sitting at a desk with a computer can be done anywhere in the world now.
  5. I vote Sol & Luna. iShop is expensive and Handy Mail is hard to get into and out of because of parking. iShop allows 4 in a box but will eat you alive on packages. S&L charges nothing to receive. I don't ship outbound, so no advice.
  6. Harry, it depends on how you shop. If you stay out of the "gringo places", shop the smaller groceries and "Buy Mexican", you can save 1/3 over shopping unwisely. I live really well on about $800 a month (US) (after rent) including a car and an expensive smoking habit. I know people that live on a lot less Restaurant food is cheaper, groceries are about the same as the US unless you shop in the smaller places. It has changed some over the past decade, but: If a place has a cash register with a tape; it is one price a cash register with NO tape: cheaper No cash register: Cheaper still Local market: Cheaper Back of a truck: even cheaper There can be a 50% difference......
  7. Years ago there was no road between Chapala and Ajijic. One of the old times told me it was very convenient because everyone from Hollywood brought their lover here. The deal was that someone would call and warn the people that their spouse was on the way and no one got caught. I don't know when the road actually went in
  8. When I came down, I left a trail of breadcrumbs and never found them again. Still in MX, Chickens, eh?
  9. I use LINUX because of Microsoft. A little problem to learn but a heck of a lot easier to live with
  10. Ceiling fans won't do much because the heat is up high. A floor fan helps much more. I have a flat roof and a mirador up there. Just as the sun sets, I have a sprinker that I run for about an hour. It takes the heat off the roof and keeps the inside cooler.
  11. In early 2008, the Peso was 10/1. Then the US recession hit and it went as bad as 16/1 late in the fall of 2008. If you watch the US today, it is slowly sinking into another recession.
  12. Don't you need a license to be that ugly? Before you use that one again, can I buy some life insurance on you?
  13. I don't need hearing aids but I often pretend that I do. I've found when you hit 70, it is a great excuse I don't see things I don't want to see I don't hear anything I don't want to hear And I instantly "forget" anything I don't want to do "I'm sorry at my age..........." is my favorite excuse
  14. Apples and oranges. God makes diamonds, men make hearing aids. I'M an EE and know what is in a hearing aid. Total components can't exceed $20 per side. Just think about it. You can buy a top of the line iPhone for half of that amount and it has a microphone, speakers, dual cameras, bluetooth, WiFi, an RF transmitter/reciever, memory and a hard drive. I'll bet anything that you can buy the same thing somewhere else in the world for 1/10th the cost. There's a drug. Harvoni for HepC. Treatment is 90 tablets, one a day. It is only made by one company and the only plant is in India. US cost is $94,500 for 90 pills, cost in India is $1000 for 90 pills.
  15. I have no real idea, never used one. However, the prices for such a small item seems way out of line. I bought a shredder at Costco for $50US that weighs 10KG, has a motor, circuit board etc. How can something that small cost that much?
  16. I can't believe the prices I'm seeing. A friend of mine bought some from China (Banggood or Alibaba) for just a few dollars. Say they work as good as any he has tried. Not Bluetooth. Included charger etc. I'd do a google search.
  17. Those things work differently than I thought. You have a steel drum with a rubber bladder inside. The drum is pressurized and the water goes into the bladder. If there is just air coming out, the bladder is probably OK and the air valve is just bad. If water comes out the bladder is shot and you have to replace the whole thing. RV is correct, just replace the valve and recharge with air and see what happens. Replacing the tank is not hard if you have the tools, some teflon tape and some muscles. Personally. a plumber with a helper is cheaper than the visit to my doctor.
  18. The problem with Canada is that a lot of people from China are laundering money into homes in the west of Canada. Now, they are buying in eastern Canada also. There are a lot of empty houses bought that way in western Canada. The same problem is beginning to show up in Australia now. Eventually, the bubble will burst and we will see a replay of 2007-2009
  19. OMG!!! Now my life is ruined!!! At least the Easter Bunny is real.
  20. Are you telling me that the Rain Birds have nothing to do with the start of the rainy season? Next you will be telling me the Tooth Fairy is not real..............
  21. If you look at what is happening to the housing prices in Canada at the moment, homes down here look like they are "free". I just saw a story that the average house in one of the west coast Canada cities went up 27% last year. My best guess is that there's a huge housing bubble building both in the US and Canada. The last time it popped in 2008, the Peso went from around 10 to 15 in a couple of months and house sales here went to almost nothing.
  22. I saw a story where some python ate a guy. They found him inside (or at least what was left of him). Unlike a dog, they don't bark and you don't have to walk them. Sounds interesting....... How do you say "Beware of the snake" in Spanish?
  23. I was talking to one of the business owners recently and he was saying that he was seeing more younger people with kids that work remotely in the US. There's a lot less Gringos here today than when I arrived 9 years ago, from what I see. A lot more prosperous Mexicans is what I see. Someone is driving a lot more cars than 9 years ago, of that, I'm certain. There's probably more traffic on a weekday now than on weekends in summer when I arrived.
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