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  1. I love articles like that. I used to tell my doctor that the most dangerous thing I did was come in to see him.
  2. I came here 10 years ago to spend a year. Haven't been back since. Next trip NOB will be by UPS in a cardboard box.
  3. I'm almost tempted to make a trip NOB just to see if I can get someone to look at my smart phone. I've had it 3+ years and I've called 2 numbers, my house to see if it worked and my mail service occassionally to see if I have mail. I don't text, don't surf the internet, use it for email or do "social media". I do keep a private server in the bathroom, but that's another story. They would probably lock me up because they would think I'm hiding something
  4. After careful research, I have discovered that no matter what you eat or what quantities you eat, you eventually die. Therefore, I eat whatever I want. Every time, I find a doctor that bitches about my smoking, I ask "If I quit smoking will I become immortal?" The answer is always "no", so I still smoke.
  5. I will tell this story on Adelitas. You have to remember that we don't go to just eat, we go to learn and observe. The first time was perfect. The waiter had a tablet to take the order, up sold the meal correctly, the meal was delivered correctly and the bill was right. Service was better than average, food was correct and good. The second time was different. The waiter wrote the order and screwed it up (ordered penne pasta, got spaghetti), service was lower and the bill was half what it should have been. The third time, it was perfect again. The lesson was that one bad waiter can screw up the whole experience. In our escapade of checking out restaurants, Ives, Tango and Min Wah are always consistent and they have all been in business for a lot of years. Obviously, we haven't been everywhere but those three are always consistent. There's a lot of good restaurants in the area that serve a lot of really good food but they seem to come and go quickly.
  6. I took on the job of mentoring a young lady who thought she wanted to run a restaurant. We tried a lot of restaurants, successful and unsuccessful and looked to see what was happening. After a year of eating at various places, we decided that cleanliness and consistency were probably the most important. Cleanliness is easy to see. Consistency means waiters, food, service are good, doesn't have to be perfect but you should get what you order, in a reasonable amount of time, it should be the same as a few weeks before and the bill should be right. If you look at the restaurants that have been in business for years, they all have cleanliness and consistency down pat. It is not the food or the price that keeps them in business, it is the consistency. As long as you put out good food at a reasonable price, you can stay in business. There's a taco stand that I've been eating at for 9 years. I get the same thing there today that I got 9 years ago. It may not be the best in town, but I know what I'm getting and what it will cost and it is good. It's been in the same place for at least 9 years. You have to depend on repeat customers to survive and if you give them a reason not to return, they will go elsewhere.
  7. I hate to hijack this thread but in Mexico, there are 3 problems: 1. The AC is dirty. By that I mean that instead of a nice sine wave, there are all kinds of other pulses that run on the line, especially if someone decides to hook up a welder in the neighborhood. Regulators can't see or handle that problem. 2. Low voltage/brownouts. Most modern electronics (TV, computers) will run down to 90 volts or so. Motors take a beating as the voltage drops. Regulators that will drop out totally around that point will protect the motors. Either a whole house or individual regulators will protect from low voltage 3. High voltage/surges. There are two types. The surge that happens when CFE restores power (up to 500 volts momentarily) and really high surges like lightning strikes. Voltage regulators are pretty good about dropping out with the lower kind but useless with lightning strikes etc, You need a surge protector to trap those. I work on the web a lot and I want dependability. I'm also an electrical engineer. I also have a rather expensive computer setup. I run the power through a regulator (about $20) then through an uninterruptible power supply that also has surge protection (about $100). The result is a nice, clean, consistent power source. In 9 years I've never had any problems. I have lost a timer on the stove and a water pump, neither of which was protected. I also have a TV with DVD player, etc that I have a regulator on and a power strip with surge protection. I cut the whole thing off at the power strip when not in use. My best advice for electronics (TV, cable boxes, satellite etc) is to buy a cheap power strip with a switch and surge protection and plug everything into it. When it is not being used, cut the strip off. Most modern electronics are not "off" when you cut them off, they go to standby. If the power goes off, cut everything off at the strip and wait 10 minutes after the power returns before switching it back on. When CFE reconnects, I've seen voltage surges of 500vts or more and that will kill electronics in a heartbeat. Just remember that you are living in Mexico, it's different here
  8. I flew with the Air Force out of England for a year in the early 70s. Visibility was almost always bad early in the morning and late at night. Spent a lot of time practicing low approaches "sniffing for concrete". I've never seen anything in MX close to what you saw in England
  9. It rained in west Ajijic also. Humidity is up around 34%. We generally need about 40% before the rainy season starts.
  10. The thunderstorms are slowly moving closer. Several about 100 miles east last night, first ime that close since the last rainy season. My best guess is 10-14 days until we start getting some rain. The haze is down some today. I can actually see the mountains across the lake.
  11. Daisy was the gal with the short shorts on Dukes of Hazard. Oh, how the mind goes............
  12. I'm not exactly sure where you will be living but this may help generally: The long buses run the carretera depending on the route from Chapala to Joco (says PLUS). The others run from Chapala to the west end of Ajijic. The short buses go down on the lake side through the neighborhoods. There are also Directo buses that direct run into Guad both from Chapala and Joco/Ajijic. As far as I know, no bus goes through the neighborhoods north of the Carretera. Buses run generally from just before dawn until just after dark. Sometimes later if there is a fiesta going on. Getting on a bus during rush hour can be difficult since they fill up fast. Otherwise, not much problem
  13. You people are just so rude. Here you are guests in another country and you are insulting the local population. You should be ashamed of yourself!! The correct way to handle this is to listen to the guy, he is lonely and has no friends. Listen to his problems and assure him that you are there to help. You will do anything possible to help, just name it. If you do this correctly, you can keep him talking for 10 minutes or more. When the conversation begins to get boring say "I was talking to your mother just yesterday. She said she was so embarrassed that her son has sunk to the level of being a con man and a thief. How could you do that to that nice old lady?"
  14. Ally Bank refunds all fees from any ATM and doesn't care where you withdraw. I do have a US address that I use.
  15. Look for a job on the internet. I've been here 9 years and always had a job of some kind on the internet. Anything that you can do sitting at a desk with a computer can be done anywhere in the world now.
  16. I don't need hearing aids but I often pretend that I do. I've found when you hit 70, it is a great excuse I don't see things I don't want to see I don't hear anything I don't want to hear And I instantly "forget" anything I don't want to do "I'm sorry at my age..........." is my favorite excuse
  17. Apples and oranges. God makes diamonds, men make hearing aids. I'M an EE and know what is in a hearing aid. Total components can't exceed $20 per side. Just think about it. You can buy a top of the line iPhone for half of that amount and it has a microphone, speakers, dual cameras, bluetooth, WiFi, an RF transmitter/reciever, memory and a hard drive. I'll bet anything that you can buy the same thing somewhere else in the world for 1/10th the cost. There's a drug. Harvoni for HepC. Treatment is 90 tablets, one a day. It is only made by one company and the only plant is in India. US cost is $94,500 for 90 pills, cost in India is $1000 for 90 pills.
  18. I have no real idea, never used one. However, the prices for such a small item seems way out of line. I bought a shredder at Costco for $50US that weighs 10KG, has a motor, circuit board etc. How can something that small cost that much?
  19. I can't believe the prices I'm seeing. A friend of mine bought some from China (Banggood or Alibaba) for just a few dollars. Say they work as good as any he has tried. Not Bluetooth. Included charger etc. I'd do a google search.
  20. Just set up a mail forwarder out of the states. Sol & Luna, Handi Mail and iShop all provide that service for around $15 a month. They all will accept packages also. It is none of anyones business where you live. The government do not own you, you own the government. I tell the Mexicans where I live because I'm a guest in their country, but I no longer live in the US so it is not any of their business.
  21. That may be true but expats are having all kinds of problems with banks and investment houses because of FATCA on both sides of the border. Many banks worldwide will not even open a bank account for a US citizen anymore. They just don't want the reporting paperwork so the easiest thing is to just not have any American accounts. As far as any of my banks, investment brokers etc know, I live in a PO Box in Laredo. I just "vacation in Mexico" a lot. Been doing that for a decade.
  22. Have your relatives buy a scanner, scan anything important and send it email. Anything that I have to send back, I FAX. I have a US Vonage phone number and for some reason, a FAX is generally accepted rather than an email attachment. Or, any of the mail services here will take mail to the US and get a US mail stamp when it is mailed. Windows has a FAX built in. I've lived in MX for a decade and none of the banks, brokerages etc know where I live. As far as anyone knows, I live in TX.
  23. I find you get what you pay for. I've had the same housekeeper for years and pay her better than any number mentioned here. She never misses a day, always does great work and is totally honest. Inflation is beginning to hit here so keep that in mind.
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