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  1. Here's what I have found: If there is a cash register with a tape in it, it is the most expensive If there is a cash register with NO tape it is cheaper If NO cash register, cheaper still Local markets generally cheaper and better produce Back of a truck, cheapest Sometimes there is a 50% or greater difference 9 years ago, cash registers were uncommon. See more and more these days.... If you become a "regular" with vendors, you often get a little better deal. With groceries, I probably pay 40% less than when I first arrived 9 years ago just knowing where to shop now
  2. So did I, 9 years ago. You can figure out who got elected then........
  3. I think the internet has made a big difference plus cheap phone calls and Skype. People used to come here to retire, now more and more come here and work on the internet. If you look at the "gringo schools" there are a lot of younger kids here now that even 9 years ago. Their parents have to be younger than retirement age. If you go drive around Guad, there are hundreds of US companies have operations here now and I'm sure that they have some US people working here. More and more are showing up to live here and work in Guad.
  4. Your wife is correct. That's why I don't have a wife, I don't need to be reminded. I have found a smart phone makes a great bedside clock. Big numbers, easy to read. Other than that, I haven't found much use for one.........
  5. I'd go to one of the hardware stores and just strip it. 100' is nothing to strip. Casa Plomero in W. Ajijic has all gauges available.
  6. There is also a HP service center in Guad that can sort it out
  7. All I know is that every time I go down the careterra, I seem to be behind one
  8. I'm tempted to take a trip NOB just to go through customs and be able to say "What's a cell phone?"
  9. Why not? Batteries are batteries, golf cart batteries are just deep draw batteries. As long as the voltage is correct, any charger should work. I use a couple deep draw batteries on a UPS and use that WalMart charger to help recharge them after use. No problem at all.
  10. I bought one at WalMart that does 6 and 12 volts for about $30
  11. Banks set the exchange rates, then ATMs have a fee for using them.
  12. It probably looks more suspicious not to have a computer than to have one. Today, everyone travels with a computer, netbook, tablet, cell phone and God know what else.
  13. Actually, I did a clean install of W7 and it didn't help much, so I pulled it apart, put in a new fan and redid the transfer paste. It was still running on the high side and noisy. It's an HP, one of the thinner ones and really packed together. There's several blogs about the problem and I tried any fix that I could find with no success. It was just noisy. Streaming video, it just ran hot. I added Linus Mint as a dual boot just playing and the heat problem went away. I can stream the same program in Linus and W7 and see the heat difference. Linux just runs with less overhead and CPU usage.
  14. I have an HP laptop that was running hot. Added a cooling pad and it helped just a little. Switched the OS to Linus and the problem went away.
  15. The only thing I know for sure is when I read all these tech forums, it is always "Microsoft" that has problems. I seldom see any problems with Macs and never any problems with Linux. If you want to run Microsoft, I'd suggest that you do a clean install, add all your programs, check everything and then clone a disk the same size as the original drive. Not image, but clone. Then swap out the disks, make sure that it works and store the original disk. When the system goes to hell, swap out the drives, clone it again and store that one. I actually run Linux and find it to work every day without fail. I hate Microsoft. It is more "user friendly" but it is bloated and horribly slow. It is worse than a nagging wife when it comes to updates. If something works, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!
  16. They use dynamic within a certain range. It shouldn't be noticeable to your computer system
  17. Pete, you are basically right, but....... It will change if you disconnect or if TelMex drops out. My lightning station and router never cut off but the IP has been changing recently so TelMex must be dropping out
  18. I saw a story that eating a lot of french fries will cause death. I think not eating french fries will also cause death. I'm going the French fry route..........
  19. There's also a product called "Bartenders Helper" that works on most things. Superlake used to carry it
  20. As far as I know, the MX just look at retirement income. They don't want you being a drag on their economy. I would think that SS and the Trust Fund would be counted. They don't care if you make money in the US or not since they don't tax it.
  21. Looks like more tonight http://en.blitzortung.org/live_dynamic_maps.php
  22. black socks My favorite sport at this time of the year is spotting the first snowbird/sunbird returning to the nest Most days, I really don't have any plans and the day just speeds away. It can be exhausting doing nothing so I always manage a nap to recover
  23. Someone has hit you with a virus, not ransomware. There are several good virus checking programs for free (Google and download one) Personally, I use Linux because it is much harder to infect.
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