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  1. A few months ago, he gave a ticket for driving the wrong way on the lateral. The perp turned in at the market entrance and then turned west and parked in front of Salvadors. Perfectly correct ticket. The perp was a hard liberal from Oregon that was convinced that he did not have to obey the rules in MX. It cost him 200MXN and I was all for awarding the cop a medal.
  2. You can go to Legal Zoom or someone like that and get it done cheaply. The simplest thing to do is to put both kids (or one if you trust just one of them) on the bank account. When you die, they take over. No will, no problem, nothing legal to probate. My daughter is on all my accounts. Can write checks, access the accounts, move money etc. If something happens to me, she can handle everything from the US. When I die, it all belongs to her, no fuss, no muss.....
  3. It was just a general statement with no one person in mind. I think we should at least act like guests. I see way too many people down here, especially during the snowbird season who are "ugly Americans" and "ugly Canadians".
  4. I don't know about the others but Sol&Luna will let you use their address as a drop off point without an account. I think they charge either 20 or 40MXN. per package.
  5. If you truly want to disappear, run a small ad and look for an individual that will receive, open and scan your stuff. You can probably find someone to do this for $20 a month. What do you get of real importance anymore by mail? Everything financial is "paperless". If you get a credit card, they can mail or Fedex it. I have 2 CC and I get a new one every 4 years. Otherwise, all I get is "junk mail". If it wasn't for the CCs, I'd close the mail drop.
  6. There are operations in the US that will receive your mail, scan it and email it to you the same day. Rather expensive but they exist. There are also places like some RV parks that will forward mail and they are not generally known because they are so small. Also you can run an ad and have a private individual get your mail and forward it. There are a million ways that you can stay invisible if you so desire. About the only thing I get anymore of importance is a new credit card. I get a ton of "You are approved for a credit card" and "Please send us money" junk mail. Everything financial is now paperless.
  7. We are guests here. The Mexican government has graciously allowed us to live here. It can kick us out at any time. I am constantly amazed that people come her and bitch that it is not like their home country. It is a "foreign country" and the rules, regulations and customs are different. If you don't like what goes on here, don't go trying to change it, just pack up and go somewhere else.
  8. There is another solution that works well. If you have a relative or trusted friend in the US, set up a joint account and use their address. Then use 'Paperless' option to get your statements. I use my daughter to receive some things that I don't people to know where I live. She scans them and sends them email.
  9. If I see a number come up that I don't recognize I just answer "Federal Bureau of Investigation, Telephone Fraud Division" You would be surprised how fast they hang up.
  10. I sure hope that Mother Nature reads this and knows that the new hot spot is not the start of a new volcano. I've noticed that she has left the sprinklers on too late in the morning recently. She knows to cut off the rain by daybreak but keeps forgetting.
  11. During WWII, the US sent a contingent of soldiers that camped on the west end of the lake. There were reports of strange flying things and the US was worried that the Germans were up to something. Great posting if you could get it. As far as I've read, short of some liver damage from excess beer drinking, nothing ever happened.
  12. Lake Chapala is technically not a lake. I know it look like it but it might be more accurately called a pool in the river. The river comes in and goes out on the east side of the lake so the lake is technically part of the river against what you normally thing of as a river flowing through from east to west or vice versa. I've never seen anything else like this. Technically, a caudera is an extinct volcano pit and the lake bed of lake Chapala fits that description. At some point in the past. there was a heck of a big volcano here. If you look at the mountains around the lake, there are no real rock slabs in those mountains, just piles of stones tossed out by volcanoes. About 9-10 years ago, there was a rock slide out in the racket club area and I went to look. Most of the boulders were pretty much round, not sharp and they rolled through a couple of homes. That kind of stuff is volcanic. I live near the top of Villa Nova and there is a road cut through the hill one street up. I' went up and looked at that cut and it is almost all volcanic ash. Why it doesn't collapse is beyond me. I guess the tree roots hold everything in place. I'm betting that if it does shift, the houses above me will keep it from getting to my house. If you look at the cobblestones here, most are rounded. They got that way when they were blasted up in the air and came down like raindrops, cooling on the way. This is a most interesting place. Many oddities here. At one point the wall and the patio of the house I live in fell off and out into the street. There is no foundation and nothing but sand to build a foundation on here. Imagine taking a box of marbles, pouring in some sand and building on that as a foundation because that is basically what happens here. I look at these tall buildings going up and think "Not me baby". A good earthquake and no telling what will happen but probably not good. If you will check back in a few thousand years, you will find that Mother Nature has washed enough off the mountains and filled the lake with sand and stone. If you buy now, it will be a great long term investment.
  13. I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think so. Cars and Visas are separate items. The problem will be in bringing in another car, You are only allowed one car and if you don't check out, they will not let you bring in another car. It really doesn't matter since you can't drive a US plated car with a PR visa anyway.
  14. No one has even mentioned asteroids. The big one that killed the dinosaurs landed in MX. There was a song that was the theme song for the series Highlander with the line "Who wants to live forever" A good asteroid hit with no warning sounds like a great way to go. I just hope I owe a lot of money on that day..........
  15. this book will tell you more than you ever want to know about MX volcanos and fault lines https://books.google.com.mx/books?id=aQdlV8dal1UC&pg=PA164&lpg=PA164&dq=Los+Azufres+caudera&source=bl&ots=u9jtCjsAD_&sig=bXCNnGoHqjh1sL3UyJ3yLqRXLv8&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2neLAmILVAhXHcT4KHQH2BhY4ChDoAQhKMAg#v=onepage&q=Los Azufres caudera&f=false
  16. If that puppy goes, we are all modern day dinosaurs. I'm really hoping to miss that one. Of course, I wouldn't be too happy if the local one came to life again either. That hot spot about 50 miles east shows that the area is still active. There's fault lines all throughout MX and these are masonry houses. Doesn't take much to shake one apart. Don't worry, be happy. No one lives forever.............
  17. Maybe it is because they are illiterate or don't know about Google. Those scientific papers do use 3 and 4 syllable words at times. Just a thought.........
  18. How about just looking around? See all those mountains all around the valley? Look at the soil in the mountains. It is all volcanic upchuck. The mountains were formed when the volcano was young and active and the lake was formed when the center collapsed. The lake at one time filled this whole valley, you can see the lap marks on the east end of the valley as you top the hill going toward the airport. The west end washed out at some point a long time ago and the lake actually extended westward for a much bigger area until they put the dam in where the road goes to the south side of the lake. Actually, at one point there was a huge lake in this area that covers what is now Guadalajara. That was a long time ago. There are hot springs on both ends of the lake that show there is still hot magma in the area. Places like this have been known to "burp occasionally" and emit large amounts of CO2 and other gasses. There are documented cases in Africa where this has happened and caused 1000s of deaths. That's a nice thought, isn't it? There are 3 tectonic plates that converge in this area, a rather rare occurrence, so the place is prone to earthquakes also and in 9 years, there have been several in the area. There's big volcanoes at Colima and at CD Mexico and we are on that line. Volcanoes are unpredictable beasts. They can puff along benignly for centuries, then blow up in a hurry. Mt St Helens in the US is a great example and that big volcano in the Philippines is another. Now, that I've totally ruined your day, I've known this since I arrived 9 years ago and I sleep well at night.
  19. 40-50 miles is not a long ways in some instances. I don't think it is a danger at the moment, but something to keep an eye on.
  20. This whole valley is a caldera, an extinct volcano pit. There are hot springs on each end of the lake. Mother Nature has cut down the heat but still has the pilot light lit
  21. They were both bank debit cards, they are both the same VISA.
  22. Recently, I withdrew 15000MXN from an ATM from 2 banks, Wells Fargo and Ally. Ally didn't charge me an ATM fee, WF got me for $5.50US. The actual cost from both banks was within a few pennies. WF gave a little better rate and then got $5.50, Ally gave a slightly worse rate but charged me nothing. It is one of those "pay me now" or "pay me later" kind of deals. Each bank made the same thing, just charged differently I find that the banks through ATMs give about .25MXN off the spot rate at the time of the withdrawal.
  23. Reading all this, most of you want the US. It is 700 miles north of here. If you want to pay US taxes and put up with the US laws, you can get all that stuff. The easiest thing to do is just go back to the US. Then you can have all those things. Personally, I miss a lot of things about the US. The high taxes, silly laws, constant surveillance, 28" of snow in the winter, high cost of living etc.
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