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  1. If it's MRI images it should be simple. No encryption to worry about. Anyone with a computer and a DVD player/recorder can do it. Nothing special is required.
  2. If you have a computer and a DVD drive, you can. You just copy it to the hard drive, then copy it back to a new DVD
  3. 18 months ago, right after IZZY took over, a rep showed up at my door wanting to provide me with cable. I paid 150MXN and was told that they would do the install in 3-5 days. Haven't seen them since. I consider the 150MXN to be a cheap price to learn how great their service is.......
  4. NetFlix is toast also. There is a limited amount of stuff to watch and when you have seen everything that interests you, you are gone. NetFlix says it will invest $20 Billion in new material, but it doesn't have $20 Billion and new material takes time.
  5. If you want to drive for UBER, I suggest that you do it soon. I don't think UBER is going to exist much longer. For ever $3 Uber bills, it spends $4 not a great business plan.
  6. Personally. I'm glad to see it happening. In the 9 years I've been here, I've known of at least 2 pedestrians killed and one seriously hurt, all by drunk drivers. There's no telling how many of the wrecks have alcohol involved. Maybe the checkpoints will slow some of that down.
  7. I use a dual headset with a mic. You would be surprised how much more you can hear. Amazon has telephone sets like that
  8. Mine isn't either but I can probably do it if you can't find someone. I have the equipment to do it.
  9. What do you mean micro soldering? I've done a lot of really fine work but I've never heard the term.
  10. Termites eat wood, not concrete or bricks. My best guess is that you have a leak in the roof and water is slowly dissolving the concrete below causing the bricks to shift. It is a common problem here because of the weather. You need someone to fix the roof and seal it.
  11. I go from Villa Nova to Salvadors every morning between 7:30 and 8 am. There are always people, dogs, cats, horses, cows etc in the road. Most make it home alive daily. It is just remarkable to me.
  12. I used to buy and flip houses in the Atlanta area. I bought a house with a full basement that had a door to a small room that was under the front porch. It had a steel door and poured concrete walls and a concrete roof. I have no idea why it was there. Wine cellar, panic room? When I was selling the house, I sat a bookcase in front of the door and no one ever suspected the room was there. Once I had a buyer, I showed him it was there. In Western NC, there's a lot of big "summer houses" that are empty a good part of the year. It is not unusual for them to have a hidden room to store valuables over the winter. I know of one that has a full "safe door" on it. I've seen closets will a false wall on one side and a space big enough to hid a gun cabinet in.
  13. If you are talking about a 50" TV or laptop, you can't hide them. You can just lock them up but if I have some time, they would be mine. Go on Google and put in "hiding valuables" and then DON'T use any of those places. Crooks use Google also. If it's easy to get to, it is easy to find. Think like a burglar. You have a limited amount of time, so where do you look? Then don't leave stuff there. Don't put it all in one place either. I had an aunt that died and she had 3 closets full of clothes. She kept $20 bills in the pockets. It took 2 of us 3 days to find most of the money. I used to keep $5000 in $100 bills under the rug in the living room when I lived NOB. I also kept $5000 in my post office box. I wouldn't recommend that here. I just mailed an empty padded envelope, removed it, put the money in and put it back in place. Available anytime, day or night. There's a lot of spare space in some appliances. No one will steal a toaster. My mother used to have a red tool box that sat on the fireplace hearth. If you looked in, there was a tray with tools, under that was more tools. Under the piece of cardboard, she has the bottom full of $20 bills. It sat in full view of the world for decades. To really search a small house takes a police team a couple of days. A burglar only has a few hours at most.
  14. A few years ago, I came home and found my neighbor stringing razor wire everywhere. I stopped and asked him what was going on and he said "I got hit, they took everything" I thought "Aw, Gawd" My gardener told me the real story was that he and his wife had a fight, she moved out and then came back with her relatives and cleaned out the house. So, if you are married and have a fight, keep an eye on the furniture.........
  15. Living in NM for 4 years, you get used to "Navajo time". If someone says "i'll see you around 2, you ask "regular time or Navajo time?" Navajo time means sometime between noon and dark. "Manana" doesn't mean tomorrow it means "not today but eventually". I find it is about the same in Spanish...
  16. Before you invest in a big safe, you might want to read this article http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-40760648 Nothing is safe anymore
  17. As a contractor who does repair work on my house told me "We built these houses, we can always get in if we want to". A "good thief" given time can find everything but most thieves are amateurs. Leave them something small to find and they quit looking. If I were going to burgle your house, I'd start with the refrigerator, then the bedroom, then radiate out from there. There are literally 1000s of places to hide stuff in a house. They can't look in all the places. People start looking at eye level and lower, seldom look up high. If you don't mind doing a little repair work, buy a cheap safe and have it installed, just don't put anything of value in it. Or go get a handful of costume jewelry and toss it in. Camera, even fake ones. mounted high tend to deter thieves. Go on Google and google "lock picking". There was never a lock made that can't be defeated. I went down to get an emission sticker and they couldn't get the lock to the office open. They went next door to the metal shop and an old guy with a crowbar and a hammer destroyed the lock with 2 blows. Mexican "master key". When I lived in GA, I lived deep in the country. Had a big yard and garden. Bought 2' of 8" plastic pipe, a glue on end and a screw on end and buried it in the corner of the garden. Not very convenient, but totally safe. However, I had 2 old maids that lived 1/2 mile away that were better than a camera. They had binoculars and saw everything that moved.
  18. I got an email this morning saying that there was suspicious activity on my BoA account and that I'd have to change my password to access my account. It all looked good but there is a problem. I don't have a BoA account, never have had one. You all be careful out there.............
  19. I tried a little bit of everything with short grain rice with no luck. El Torito sells a long grain rice, looks almost transparent. I cover it well with cold water, put on high heat for 25 minutes. Then drain the water, put back on high heat 20-30 seconds covered and then let it sit a few minutes to finish steaming Works great. Nice fluffy, rice.
  20. Some work through the internet and you can watch them rob you on your cell phone.
  21. #11 because people park too far off the curb. If you are more that 1" from the curb, you are in danger. Fold in your mirror anyway. Sometimes you can get a "twofer" get a mirror on each side at the same time.
  22. I have no personal experience but on an average day, you have emission stickers, cell phones and seat belts. All of those are visible to a cop. My bet is that half of the people have something to ticket. I've sat at the intersection at Salvadors and 1 of 3 people passing are talking on the phone. As we used to say in the military "It's a target rich environment" The strange thing is that most locals KNOW that he is there on Wednesdays and just ignore it. My guess is that he can make more in 2 hours than he can make in a month of salary.
  23. In a decade, I've only known 2 people with expired VISAs. One is dead now, so that leaves just 1 out of the 100s of people I've known. I've never heard of anyone being kicked out for just a VISA expiration or VISA absence. I have known of a couple of people that the US Government snatched on fugitive warrants. I have a Permanente Visa but it actually belongs to the Mexican government. They issued it and they can take it away at any time.
  24. Having lived here a decade and having wandered around the world a bit in my younger days, I would have moved here sooner. 5-8 years earlier. But you have to understand, I just came here for a years vacation. That was easy. Leaving is what I can't seem to do.....
  25. With this liberal, he wore it like a bright jacket. This was Jerry, he died a few months later and I really miss him. He was great fun. He came down on a 180 day VISA, bought a house and wanted a Permanente. He absolutely refused to go back NOB and do it right. He paid several attorneys and got nowhere and just would not accept that he needed to go to a consulate NOB. When he died, he was illegal and so was his car. Before the election, we often sat at the same table for breakfast at Salvadors. I was talking to one of the other guys and said I thought Trump might win so we bet 5 breakfasts on the outcome. Breakfast is 40P, so I figured I could stand the loss. Jerry jumped in and wanted the same bet, so I took it. Then later, he doubled down to 10 breakfasts, then to 20. 2 days before the election, he stopped me on the way to breakfast and doubled down again to 40 breakfasts. By that time, I was fairly convinced that Trump had a good chance of winning. When Trump won, it almost killed Jerry. He paid for 5 days (the original bet) and I let him off. He looked like I had killed his dog every day that he paid. When he got into it with the cop, the cop took his license and wanted 200P to give it back. That is $10 and he was guilty. We finally talked Jerry into swallowing his pride and paying the 200P but it was an ordeal. He was just determined to swim against the current in every instance.
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