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    Yes, it's hurricane season, nothing new. But the strength of these hurricanes in the last couple of years is unprecedented. I'm curious- what do man-made climate change deniers think the VAST majority of the world's scientists stand to gain by lying to the public about the damage we continue to do by our greed? (whereas the companies that continue to cause this destruction have plenty to gain)

    Because they need a job.  

    The VAST majority of scientists do not think that man made global warming exists because they know that they have no way of measuring what is happening closely enough to tell.

    If you really go back and look at the start of all this, you will find Maggie Thatcher involved.  The coal miners in England were giving Maggie fits with strikes and Maggie started this to scare the miners back to work by wanting alternative energy sources, mainly natural gas.

    If you want government money for grants there are two things that will almost always guarantee a grant.  "Man made global warming" is one and "for the children" is the other.


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  2. Some phones have an OTG (on the go) feature where you can plug in an adapter (Steren) and it gives you a USB port in/out.  Mine doesn't so I just load pictures onto my computer and print that way.

    Or you can email the picture to yourself and print it off that way.



  3. 25 minutes ago, bournemouth said:

    See here:  http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?atlc

    and here:  https://m.accuweather.com/en/mx/national/satellite?play=1


    Family in Tampa went to the store this morning to stock up and all the large bottles of water were already gone.  People are taking this very seriously, after Texas.

    You would think that people that live in those areas would keep a few empty bottles around and fill them with tap water.

    I don't even remember seeing bottled water until a couple of decades ago.

    This kinda reminds me of the comedy movie where the two guys are trying to get a fire started rubbing sticks together, can't do it and decide to take a cigarette break and light their cigarettes with a lighter.

    Now, people are fighting over bottled water BEFORE the storm hits?

    Go buy some one gallon freezer bags and fill them with water.  Put them in the freezer and you are set.


  4. 1 hour ago, ComputerGuy said:

    This BS is best left to those who are experts in the field.

    There are no "experts in the field".  The problem is so large that no one knows enough to be an "expert".  

    Mankind has survived for many 1000s of years of climate change.  Humanity is much more like to nuke itself out of existence than die of climate change.

  5. The truth is we don't know and most of the projections come from computers, the same computers that have no idea where Irma will be in 3 days.  

    How do you measure the temperature of the earth anyway?  With sensors every 10' sampled once a second?  We don't have enough information to know what is happening and may never have enough data points to know.

    Someone points to some place and says "The ice is melting, the climate is warming".  Someone else points to another place and says "The ice is growing, we are going to freeze to death".  Both are right, both are wrong.  

    We just don't know.

    In my earlier days, I flew all over the world.  I have some idea just how big it is.  You can fly for hours over the oceans and some sections of the world and not see a human.  We are just not big enough or populous enough to influence the climate.  


  6. 2 hours ago, snowyco said:

     Tree ring widths, coral growth, isotope variations in ice cores, ocean and lake sediments, cave deposits, fossils, ice cores, borehole temperatures, and glacier length records show minor warming 1,000 years ago,   but recent heating has made the earth 0.6 deg warmer than the  small warming 1,000 years ago.


    A quick review of the last 2,000 years shows that   all 9 kinds   of temperature measurement data  show it was roughly 0.6 deg.  COLDER   1,000 years ago  than now.

    Average global surface temperatures for the last 25 years have been higher than any comparable period since AD 1600.

    Since 1978, we've lost over 80% of the ice in the Arctic Ocean.

    Re Man's Contributions:
    Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the earth had net cooling over the past 120,000 years (according to glacial ice core, cave & sediment temperature data).**


    Since 1780,   just 140 years of Industrial Revolution  driven global heating  has  completely wiped-out   the previous 120,000 years of cooling.

    Notice the rapid blue spike up since man's Industrial Revolution.

    Finally,   notice that burning just 1 car-tank of gasoline creates over 300 pounds of CO2 ...   and then multiply by 260 million vehicles in just the USA.

    I don't know, I wasn't there at the time.  However, I have seen pictures painted hundreds of years ago in some "period" where the painters did landscapes of pretty ladies in fields of flowers in France.  Those flowers don't grow there now because the climate is too cold.  Either it was warmer then or a bunch of painters were pulling a great fraud.

    CO2 is what plants eat and in greenhouses, they pump it in to help the plants grow better.  It can't be totally bad stuff


  7. I think the most interesting question is "What is the ideal temperature?"

    The world was at least 1 degree C hotter 1000 years ago and it was one of the best times for humans.  Longer growing seasons, more food etc.  The population exploded.

    When the last cool spell hit (the Maunder Minimum in the 12th century) the temp dropped 3-6 degrees C in less than a decade and lots of people starved.  Grain was imported from China with rats with fleas with the Plague and 25-50% of the population died.

    Humanity has been around for a long time, through ups and downs in temps.  We must have survived because we are still here.

    My guess is that humanity will survive nature.  Whether it can survive humanity is in doubt.



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  8. I noticed that summer came by for a few minutes yesterday and then departed again.  Maybe we will get a revisit tomorrow for a few minutes.

    As far as climate change, the climate has always changed, that is not surprising.  "Man made climate change" is where I disagree.  

    I flew all over the world with the Air Force.  I know how big and how empty it really is.  If you took all of the people of the world, they would fit in TX and not be able to touch their neighbors if spaced out.  To think that that little bit of humanity can jerk the temperature of the world around is just arrogance.  By volume, there's 4 times as much insects in the world as humans.  Maybe the insects are to blame.

    There was a recent study that looked back 2000 years using tree rings, plant seeds etc that determined that just before the Maunder Minimum started (no one knows why the Maunder Minimum started) the earth was at least 1 degree C hotter than today.  It must not have been fatal because we are all still here.

    The earth has been warming since the depth of the Maunder Minimum and that was way before the industrial age started.  It will probably keep warming until the next cooling cycle starts, no matter what humans do.





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  9. 13 hours ago, dichosalocura said:

    Betty, I agree with you, this cool rainy weather is truly wonderful after the hot dry sunny weather we´ve had for most of the year.  It reminds me of where I come from, from Western North Carolina.  But after like two or three days of this dark weather I remember why I left that land to come to beautiful sunny Jalisco where it rains mostly at night and the days are warm, sunny, and surrounded by gorgeous flowers year round.  For those that dislike the sunny warm weather here and are becoming disillusioned with Chapala, I encourage them to check out the gorgeous city of Xalapa Veracruz where the weather is cool and rainy throughout the year.  They call it the chipi-chipi or constant drizzle.  The city offers a much more affordable life style than here and is truly a wonderful place to be, especially for those that hate the sun.  During these rainy days, generally on day three, I begin to pray to the ancient Mesoamerican gods beseeching Tlaloc to go away and take his rain clouds with him and I beg Tonatiuh to return with his wonderful rays of sunshine.   Mexico is a huge country, with a special place for everyone.  If you are miserable here, there are many other wonderful places in this blessed land where you, G-d willing, will be much happier.

    I grew up in Western North Carolina and remember the winters there.  That's one of the reasons I'm here.

    My sister has been trying to get me to move back.  Not likely if I'm above room temperature


  10. Personally, I think the center of Ajijic as a choke point works pretty well.  You can't speed through that congested area.  Open it up and put in a bike lane and the speed will go up.

    As weird as the logic seems, the reason that so few people get hurt in that area is because it is such a dangerous area.  

    You will never stop the jaywalkers, much less the dogs, cats, kids etc from being in the road.  

    I'm extremely alert in that area from La Floresta to the top of the hill going west because I just know someone will do something stupid in that area and I'm rarely disappointed..

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  11. On 8/27/2017 at 8:54 AM, Sonia said:

    There is not one traffic light in all of San Miguel and rarely an accident at cross streets. The rule is one car goes and then the next one coming to the side goes. We have enough congestion in centro esp that no one wants traffic lights. And the first rule here is pedestrians first. It surprisingly works well for a city of 90,000 and 180,000 in the total municipality. And never an issue of traffic lights not working.

    SMA also now closes some streets to traffic around the jardine giving pedestrians priority.


    We have 7-8 traffic lights in Ajijic but few people actually obey them.  None of the bicyclists ever obey them.  There are all kinds of "no left turn" signs that are ignored by everyone, all the time.

    No pedestrians cross at the lights.  That's just not "macho".  Jaywalking is a local sport

    The cops don't show up until 9am.  Before that, it is "every man for himself" but very few accidents or fatalities.

    As far as pedestrians, I watched a woman jaywalk this morning by simply walking into the road, holding up her hand and stopping traffic both ways.  She was about 30' from the corner with a light.  Worked for her.  If she had tried that in the US, she would have been a hood ornament.

    After a decade of living here, I just consider it "normal" to find people parked halfway in the roadway, people in the street etc.  The only thing that has buffaloed me was the day a pony came out of the side street and headed down my lane.  I stopped, he stuck his nose in the drivers side window, apparently didn't find what he wanted and continued on down the road, checking cars.  That was unusual even for Ajijic.

    Even finding 4 cows crossing the highway one Sunday morning didn't seem all that strange.  

    I keep seeing all this stuff about "driver less cars".  When they can build one that can go from Joco to Chapala and back twice with no dents, I'm going to buy one.........




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  12. They were stringing new cable in Villa Nova about 18 months ago.  I paid 150MXN for installation and never saw them again.

    I know that they have cable on west of you.

    I get 8mb on Telmex down at the top of Villa Nova so you have something wrong.  I had to get a lineman out to rework the connections a couple of years ago and it has been fine ever since.  I suggest you go to the Telmex office and get a service call or call *2222 and talk to a tech.  A tech can get a service call started also.


  13. 5 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    No Pete, I think most understand that this proposal won't do much for the auto traffic.  It seems to offer only a better sidewalk on one side and completion of the bike lane through Centro.  The decision is obviously already made about 4 lanes, that was the original proposal and it is dead as a door nail because it is clear the Mexican merchant community in that area wants no part of it.

    It seems to me if we have to settle for just a better sidewalk and completion of the bike lane this proposal is about as good as any.  I'm wondering if any of you agree.


    Probably the best solution would be to pave to the sidewalks, put in real parallel parking and improve the sidewalks so people like myself can hobble down them.  

  14. Years ago, Dolly Parton had a bra strap break on Johnny Carson.  As she was stuffing things back into place, she said "You just can't put 5 pounds on a 4 pound sack"

    The area through Ajijic is a 2 lane road and no matter what you do, it will always be a 2 lane road unless you start wiping out some buildings.

    If you add a bike path, it will just become a passing lane like in front of Telmex now.  I pass in that lane especially at the light and so does everyone else.  

    21 minutes ago, SunshineyDay said:





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