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  1. 1 hour ago, sem123 said:

    On a safety note, don't put the mixture back in the syrup bottle, just in case someone grabs it for pancakes by mistake. Put it in a difference container and clearly make it in Spanish and English.

    Even if you put it on pancakes, it won't really hurt you.  Not great for you but boric acid is used in a lot of foods for preservative.

    I do mark the bottle


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  2. A small bottle 469 grams is what this one says

    As long as you don't put too much boric in, it will work.  The object is to get it back to the nest.  The workers collect the food and feed the queen, killing her.

    Ants have a short lifespan so when the queen dies, the whole place dies out.

    It generally takes about a week to work.

    The little bastards are impervious to insecticide.  I've sprayed them with everything over the years.  They seem to love RAID ant and roach killer.  You can spray a whole can on them and they survive.

    Windex works good for a direct spray.  I think the soap drowns them.  

    Boric acid is also good to kill roaches in powder form.  Just put it out where roaches hid and they will end up dead.

    I live in Villa Nova and there is a vacant lot 2 houses down.  When I moved in, I was covered up with ants, so I've become an expert to survive.  There were several nests in the vacant lot and the ground was literally black with them.  I've slowly killed them off over the years but they just come back.

    Ants leave a scent trail for the others.  If you spray ammonia around the house, they won't cross the ammonia but it wears off within a few days.  The only real solution is death by boric acid.



  3. Actually, those are the RULES of the road here, the reality is something different.

    If someone wants to turn left, slow down and let them.  

    If a light is out, it probably means that it is "green".  Be careful because the whole light may be out and the cross traffic thinks the same thing.

    Bicycles obey no rules.  Just because YOU have a green light means nothing to them.  Motorcycles may or may not obey the lights.

    Motorcycle helmets are to be worn when raining, anytime else is optional.

    Dogs, cats, horses, cows and humans jaywalk without looking.  People open car doors without looking.

    I only obey 2 rules absolutely:  Don't hit anyone, don't let anyone hit you



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  4. Here's the formula to make the stuff:

    Go to a hardware store and buy boric acid, a white powder.  (Acido Borico)

    Go buy a small cheap bottle of pancake syrup.

    Put the pancake syrup in a measuring cup and warm in the microwave.  Add 1 level tablespoon of Boric acid and stir in well.

    Put the pancake syrup back in the original bottle and put 1 drop where ever you see the ants.


    In a few days, they will disappear until a new nest moves in.

    If you want to kill them on surfaces, Windex works well and is safe.  The syrup compound is also safe for humans and pets.  You find boric acid in a lot of foods as a preservative.

    If you will take ammonia and put it in a spray bottle and spray all openings, the ants will not cross the ammonia lines.

    The recipe for the boric acid is critical.  Put too much Boric in and the ants will die on the way back to the nest.  They have to return home and feed the queen to for this to work.

    If you can find the nest, which will be in the ground outside and bait around it, it will work quicker or if you can find the trail and bait in it it will work quicker.  





  5. I got a call today from the friendly Microsoft fraudster with the Indian accent.

    I swear the quality of these people is slipping tremendously.  His English was so bad that he had no idea what a "Fraudster" was.  I told him that I knew his mama and she was terribly disappointed that he had turned out to be a con man and a fraudster and he didn't catch on.  

    He was just no fun at all.

    If these people want to call and annoy me, they are going to have to improve their language skills.  Otherwise, how can I lead them on?



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  6. I just use LINUX.  That solves the whole problem of Bill Gates system.

    I bought a used HP laptop that ran hot.  Tried everything including replacing the fan.  Put Linux on and the problem went away.  Linus is much lighter than W7

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  7. 8 hours ago, Jistme said:

    Aquaman could you also give your forecast for the Canadian dollar, thanks.

    I'm guessing that you're a retired banker, stockbroker, money guy, etc.,

    No, businessman and engineer.  However, i have been known to dabble in the stock market.  Successfully, I might add....

    I have two rules.  Never bet baseball or trade FOREX.  Too many things unexpected can happen.

    IF I were going to bet the USD/MXN trade, long term, I'd bet about 15/1.  I think Mexico is rising and the US is falling.

    The Petrodollar (also called the US dollar) is losing its influence in the world.  If the US dollar loses its position as the preferred currency of the world, you might see a 1/5 USD/MXN trade.




  8. 6 hours ago, Aquaponicsman said:

    Peso to Dollar Forecast

    Mexican Peso to US Dollar Exchange Rates Forecast Values

    Mexico New Peso per One U.S. Dollar. Average of Month.

    Month Date Forecast Value Avg Error
    0 Aug 2017  17.797 ±0.00
    1 Sep 2017  17.76 ±0.22
    2 Oct 2017  17.98 ±0.30
    3 Nov 2017  18.29 ±0.35
    4 Dec 2017  18.66 ±0.40
    5 Jan 2018  20.09 ±0.44
    6 Feb 2018  19.26 ±0.48

    Updated Sep 2017

    I just love forecasts like that.

    Try trading on FOREX.  

    I know several homeless people that believe stuff like that......

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  9. On 9/21/2017 at 4:50 PM, elisabeth said:

    I know some of you bank with the SDFCU; are there any free ATMs to use Lakeside (Chapala especially). Looking on the SDFCU website, I saw locations as close to Chapala as Ixtlahuacan, and one on the Jocotepec - Chapala Libramiento - but is seems like if there are several locations in Ixtla. there should also be several in Chapala.  Any insight?

    We were going to go with USAA but I have read they will stop reimbursing for ATM fees outside the US.  Ally is another bank of interest - if any of you use it, what are the fee-free ATM options?

    Thanks in advance.



    I use ALLY.  They reimburse ATM fees from MX

  10. On 9/20/2017 at 9:08 PM, TheBestSideOfTheWall said:

    I lost my debit card. This wasn't the first time to do so but the first time since I moved to Mexico. No biggie. I just picked up the phone to cancel it and have them send me a new one.

    But, the lovely Chase woman told me since I had recently changed my address I would have to physically come into a bank to get a new one. WTFudge!!!

    I explained I had changed my address because I was renting out my US home and living for a while in Mexico. I did not want my statements to go to my renters. Apparently, since I changed addresses then ask for a new card to be sent I was flagged as a Nigerian Prince. No card without walking into a Chase bank.

    They did give me the option of waiting (first she told me a month then she said three,) and then they would mail one to the new Mexico address.  I called again today and spoke with someone different and got the one month timeline.  

    So, I have opened a HSBC account here and a Charles Schwab International. This "present your body" BS was my message from the banking gods to move on. Anyone else have this problem? 

    I had the same problem with Wells Fargo.  My card quit working.  They would not overnight to MX, but would overnight to a WF branch.  They did mail me a new card but it took about 3 weeks to get it.

    Having at least 2 bank accounts is an absolute necessity here.

    Also have a months supply of cash around

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  11. 22 hours ago, Zeb said:

    I am not certain that this last sentence above is intended for me or not.  In case it is, I am disagreeing with the term guest.  I like it here just fine.  I don't like people who are nasty to me and feel the need to attack, because they don't like my commentary on a word.  I don't tell other people to go home because they disagree with something in their location.  There are things to dislike in every country and each person has a right to his/her opinion.  It's not for me to judge them or how they should feel.

    I don't consider myself a guest when I pay fees.  

    It wasn't personally directed at anybody, it was a general observation.  We all live here at the pleasure of the MX government who can cancel our VISAs and toss us out at any time they wish, so I do consider myself a "guest".  I try to act like a "guest".

    Most of the permanent people here seem to feel about the same, however, I see a few people (mostly visitors, sunbirds and snowbirds) that think this is "USA South" and expect the same things they find in the USA.  This is not the USA, it is Mexico and it is different.

    My internet has been out for 3 days.  When I reported it, they said 1-3 days.  In the US if it wasn't up and running in a day, I'd have been having a fit.  I knew that they'd get it fixed eventually and as you can see, they did.  It's the first time in several years, so it was no big deal.  I could have called every day to check but that would have done nothing and I've learned that over the past decade of living here.  So, I caught up on my reading.









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  12. On 9/10/2017 at 6:29 PM, Mainecoons said:

    Not sure how you went 10 years ago, now there is a toll bypass cutoff that starts well south of town and does not go through any urban areas at all.  That may not have been there 10 years ago.

    It was not an urban area.  It looked like a junk yard that had been bombed, then burnt.  Worst area I've ever seen.  I almost turned around and went back NOB


    i have an old propane tank that is probably past the average life expectancy and is in full sun and showing quite a bit of rust.

    I really don't want to buy a new one, yet.

    Can painting it increase its life expectancy?

    if so, what kind of prep and paint?

    Thank you.

    I would not paint an old tank to increase its life expectancy, especially if it has rust spots.

    A new tank is a great life insurance policy.

    I'd buy a new tank and paint it

    If you've ever seen what happens when one leaks and blows up, you wouldn't even think of it



    Mudgirl, excellent point!  Scientists preaching about the dangers of man made climate change have absolutely nothing to gain except encouraging Americans and the world to search for and adopt cleaner renewable energy sources.  But the evil lobbying mega corporations have everything to gain when they convince the public that there is nothing to worry about and to just sit back and allow them to continue fracking, polluting, destroying entire mountains and whatever.  Drill baby drill!  Let them get filthy rich while everything goes to Hades around the world.  Maybe just maybe we are not the entire cause of our climate changing.  But please open your eyes, study the evidence,  and recognize we are doing great harm to this planet regardless.  The giantic island of Sumatra famous for its rain forests and the only place where tigers, elephants and rhinos coexist in the world just recently, mostly in the past ten years has had nearly all of their forest burned down to build palm tree oil farms.  Only about 10% of their forest remains.  Now they are eyeing Borneo to do the same.  Wake up please and recognize that things cannot continue as they are!

    Who do you think does all this "alternate green energy" stuff?  Small mom and pop companies?  Huge companies do it.  Ever seen a wind farm or a solar generating station in CA?  

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