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  1. I always get a ton of kids up on the hill in Villa Nova.  I think they are great.

    There's always a few 2 year olds with big masks that they can't see out of that are just precious.

    I try to get some small candies for the kids and some better stuff for the Mamas that have to haul them around.

    I wouldn't miss it for the world...........




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  2. On 10/1/2017 at 10:56 PM, ComputerGuy said:

    Switching from Windows to Linux is an answer for almost nobody. Further, I am willing to be I would have been able to stop that Windows system from overheating.

    If so, you are better than most people.  It is an HP with a long ancestry of hardware running hot.

    Microsoft is like the Winchester House, too much garbage.  Easy to run but bloated beyond belief.


  3. Most of the mail services will receive packages for a small fee.  They are open daily.  That's what I use.

    With the delivery companies, it depends on the drivers.  Some drivers understand the numbering system, some don't.

    Even if they find your house, if you aren't home, what happens next is anyones guess.

    As far as DHL, they couldn't find my address and it has been in the same place at least 20 years



  4. Actually, the last time hurt my pride more than my nose.

    I was throwing fireworks and the cops got after us.  It was dark so we pulled into a driveway in a rural area, bailed out and started running.  I was running down a path and looked back to see where the cops were and when I looked forward again, I found out where the path led.  To the outhouse.  I hit it wide open, face first.




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  5. 18 hours ago, JayBearII said:

    Is there a shortage of landlines, or are you 'selling" a particular number? I don't comprehend. Me, I have a perfect TelMex number: it is my bra size vs. the size I want to be. So easy to remember.

    2233?  (AADD)

  6. 8 hours ago, Al Berca said:

    Let's try again. Anyone have an answer to the original question of recommending a fumigation service that deals with sugar ants without harm to pets? Thanks

    When I lived in Albuquerque, I had a pest service in a couple of times and they sprayed.  The ants just ate the stuff and grew stronger.  

    I really haven't found anything that works other than the baits.

    My gardener sprays something for scorpions and wears a filter mask when he sprays.  When my gardener wears a mask, you can bet the stuff is not good for pets or humans.  Even that stuff doesn't seem to deter the ants.

    The baits are harmless to pets.

    Short of nuclear blasts, I don't think anything will kill the little buggers

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