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  1. At least you didn't give Telecable (IZZY) any money. They brought new cable through here (upper Villa Nova) over a year ago. I paid 150P for installation, haven't seen them since. My friends wanted me to go get my 150P back but I consider it a small price to pay to see their service level...........
  2. I don't know that I've ever noticed it from the ground but I used to see it in my flying days. We would see it run along the tops of the clouds, especially over the north Atlantic. Sometimes you could see it run for 100s of miles across the tops of cold fronts. Beautiful, isn't it?
  3. I always get a ton of kids up on the hill in Villa Nova. I think they are great. There's always a few 2 year olds with big masks that they can't see out of that are just precious. I try to get some small candies for the kids and some better stuff for the Mamas that have to haul them around. I wouldn't miss it for the world...........
  4. If so, you are better than most people. It is an HP with a long ancestry of hardware running hot. Microsoft is like the Winchester House, too much garbage. Easy to run but bloated beyond belief.
  5. I came in 2008 for a one year vacation. Haven't been back NOB since. I have no idea why I'm still here, lazy I guess.........
  6. Most of the mail services will receive packages for a small fee. They are open daily. That's what I use. With the delivery companies, it depends on the drivers. Some drivers understand the numbering system, some don't. Even if they find your house, if you aren't home, what happens next is anyones guess. As far as DHL, they couldn't find my address and it has been in the same place at least 20 years
  7. I don't know why but finding anything in cotton in MX is a real pain. I looked everywhere for 100% cotton shorts with no luck. I finally ended up getting them from Amazon. I haven't ever looked for bras but from of the comments from women who have, they are not easy to find in MX.
  8. Cured epoxy is inert. Super glue is Cyanoacrylate. It is mildly toxic, especially the fumes.
  9. epoxy glue works better. You can find it at every hardware store. Read the instructions and clamp well. If you let it cure, it has no taste
  10. Actually, I pay my housekeeper about twice what I did 10 years ago. Most of the things I buy are up quite a bit
  11. When I came here in 2008, American cigarettes were 26P a pack and the exchange was about 10/1 Now, 50P a pack and 19/1 exchange Basically, no change
  12. I did a survey on motorcycles and found that 7 out of 8 do not wear helmets unless it is raining. I watched a guy and gal where the gal was on the back, carrying a helmet.
  13. I'm immortal and will tell her so if she calls me.............
  14. I bought 2 cases of beer, 2 bottles of cheap Tequila and a ham sandwich. I'm ready for any catastrophe.
  15. Actually, the last time hurt my pride more than my nose. I was throwing fireworks and the cops got after us. It was dark so we pulled into a driveway in a rural area, bailed out and started running. I was running down a path and looked back to see where the cops were and when I looked forward again, I found out where the path led. To the outhouse. I hit it wide open, face first.
  16. I broke mine 3 times during my high school years many years ago. They stuffed my nose with cotton and sent me home each time. You may be looking for a plastic surgeon rather than a regular surgeon
  17. Peachtree City, Ga was set up for golf carts. You weren't supposed to drive on the regular roads but you could go anywhere on golf cart trails. Only place I ever saw
  18. print off the picture and take it. Works better.
  19. When I lived in Albuquerque, I had a pest service in a couple of times and they sprayed. The ants just ate the stuff and grew stronger. I really haven't found anything that works other than the baits. My gardener sprays something for scorpions and wears a filter mask when he sprays. When my gardener wears a mask, you can bet the stuff is not good for pets or humans. Even that stuff doesn't seem to deter the ants. The baits are harmless to pets. Short of nuclear blasts, I don't think anything will kill the little buggers
  20. The flex lines that connect most appliances in MX are only rated for 10 years. If you have someone out, they should all be replaced while he is there. Cheap insurance......
  21. Pete, Are you back terrorizing our little community?
  22. Height at my house which is almost at the top of Villa Nova is 1586.4 meters. Best I can do for you.
  23. Which one? There is one in Chapala and one in the hills above Ajijic http://www.heywhatsthat.com/ That app will give you all the heights anywhere
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