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  1. I build folders and just encrypt what I want hidden. It stays on my key ring and is rarely out of my sight. I'm more worried about someone stealing my smart phone than my thumb drive. I don't keep any information on my phone or use it for any financial stuff at all.
  2. I have a small thumb drive that is on my keychain In that drive I have: Scanned everything that I have in my wallet. INAPAM Card, drivers license, permanente card etc Passport, birth certificate, lease, car insurance, Seguro Popular etc All my contacts, names, address, phone number, emails Who to contact in the US in case of problems Medical records for the past 10 years with doctors and contacts, bloodwork etc A list of all my financial cards, bank accounts, passwords etc (encrypted) LCS paperwork You can always find a computer to stick it into I also keep a backup of all that at home on another thumbdrive. If I have to leave in a hurry for some reason, I don't need to lug around a computer, just the drive. For about $5 you can buy an adapter and you can download an app for a Smartphone to read the drive.
  3. I've used Dental Express for the past 9 years and been happy both with the service and price. Had several extractions and several crowns plus fillings etc. In the process of having a bridge made at the moment.
  4. I'd try Amazon Mexico. Mexico is funny about medical equipment coming across the border
  5. T. Falcon lived here for many years before she died a few years ago. T said that there was no road between Chapala and Ajijic and the Hollywood crowd brought their boyfriends/girlfriends here to party. If their mates showed up, they had to come by boat from Chapala and someone would call and warn them to ditch the lovers before their spouse arrived. T said there were some great parties in Ajijic down on the lake that would go all weekend. I live here because of the view of the lake and mountains.
  6. 3M makes a stick on picture hanger that will work on smooth surfaces that is really good. To get it off, it has a pull tab that you pull and it will release. Might look on Amazon and see if they have them
  7. I've been running a dual boot Linux 17.2/Windows 7 system on my work computer for about a year. There is a difference. Linux is faster but not very user friendly, Windows is slower and very user friendly. The item being advertised just allows you to boot one of the earlier, smaller Linux operating systems. You can go on line and get it for free so you are basically paying $25 for a thumb drive and some convenience. The new Windows 10 system is so large that it eats up a lot of CPU usage and memory just to run which makes the older computers slow. Add in a bunch of background programs that tend to accumulate on computers and you are down to snail speed. There are lots of cheap things that you can do to speed up an old computer. Go on google and you can find plenty of step by step advice. One of the easiest things to do if you have the original install disks is to copy off any files you want to keep and reinstall a clean operating system. Cost is basically zero. Then, you can spend money to expand the memory, get a faster hard drive etc. By the time you upgrade everything, you can generally buy a new, faster computer with more bells and whistles for the same money. I was helping a friend set up a scanner on an older machine a few days ago and it seemed so slow that it was painful. However, a few years ago, they were the fastest things around. Speed is relative. 20 years ago, I owned a small business and the computer run most of the night generating reports. Today, a cheap laptop can do that in 10 minutes.
  8. Where did you put it? Couldn't find it. Anyway, it is just a "lite" version of Linux which you can download for free.
  9. go to goggle. put in the model and "lock picking" Chances are that you will find a YouTube that shows how to defeat the lock without a combination
  10. What email service is this coming in on? Hotmail? Gmail? ??????
  11. I work on the internet and I need it to work constantly. I also have a lightning station and an aircraft positioning station that needs to work all the time. I come out of the wall into a good regulator that feeds a good surge protector into two different UPS systems. One of the UPS feeds the router, a lamp and the lightning station and aircraft station and my Vonage phone. The other UPS (the big one) feeds power to a desktop and a laptop. I also have a relay in line with the wall plug that drops out when the power drops too low and has to be reset manually because the real problems hit when CFE turns the power back on, sometimes the power goes to the 200 vt range. The big UPS uses an auto battery for the supply. The worst around here (Villa Nova) was when a big tree fell and took out the neighborhood and power was out for 3 days. I'd take the car battery to my car, hook up jumper cables and recharge it. Worked 8 hours all 3 days. What I have is definite overkill 99% of the time but for that 1%, it's worth it to me. Never lost a computer to a power problem. I've been her for 10 years and 10 years ago, it was a lot worse. I knew if the power went out after dark, it wasn't coming back on until mid morning.
  12. Surge suppressors are designed to "give up their life" when they work. The "arcing off" to ground is hot and destroys the actual part that is the arc suppressor. When you design power lines, especially lines that run long distances, the top line (or lines) are there so that lightning strikes hit them and are shunted off to ground. The surge has to jump off somewhere and where it jumps off generally damages the insulators so the linemen change the insulator to a shorter one where the lines cross a road. That way, the lightning has an easier place to arc off and they don't have to walk for a few miles across country to replace them when lightning strikes. The real problem around here is not Mother Nature, it is CFE. The incoming voltage is "dirty" meaning that there's all kinds of high frequency spikes on the waveform that cause trouble. A voltage regulator has a transformer in it that tends to dampen out those high frequency spikes a lot.
  13. The biggest thing is that you actually have a ground in the wall. Most surge suppressors are just two pieces of wire spaced apart in a container. When the voltage exceeds a certain point, they arc to ground and are generally destroyed in the process. Surge protectors don't care what is plugged into them, laptops or desktops. Most computers today have pretty good protection in their internal power supplies. Almost all the UPS work pretty good. You want one with AVR (automatic voltage regulation) works like a regulator only smoother and faster. Cuts off all outside power at a lower and upper limit and goes to battery. The minimum size on a UPS needs to be at least 3X the average draw. I'm running a desktop and a laptop and the draw is just about 120 watts. Then you can buy whatever battery size you need to give you the duration you want. Most UPS have manuals on line with a graph showing duration times. You have to watch the smaller UPS units because although they are rated higher, they are designed to just run long enough to drain the battery. I have a big auto battery on a small unit and it will overheat and shut off in about 10 minutes running at 25% capacity because that is when the small internal battery would have run out. Mercado Libre has a 980 watt unit for about $100 that is supposed to run at full draw for 15 minutes. It will probably run a laptop and a router for 4-6 hours
  14. Steren sell those bug traps. Don't know if they will work or not
  15. I'm the klutz of the bunch. I fell in my bathroom on a flat surface. I always figured I'd fall on the cobblestones or trip on a sidewalk, but no, I fall in my bathroom.
  16. Also most modern logs have an oxygen sensor that shuts off the logs if the oxygen level drops. You need to have a fresh air source or it will cut off to keep from killing you
  17. I went down one day to get an emission sticker and they couldn't get into their office. Had a lock on it the size of a grapefruit. An old guy from the metal shop next door showed up with a 2 pound sledge hammer and a short crowbar. About 3 strokes later, lock parts went everywhere. I'm pretty sure he can open it, probably won't ever close again. Next door to the emission place in Chapala
  18. If Telmex, call *2222, ask for English and talk to a tech
  19. I haven't noticed any difference in attitude. I think that in another week, something else will the "news"
  20. Print out the picture and take it with you. Saves trying to get it right in Spanish. My secret to successful shopping in MX is to gat a picture on my cell phone and go from there. Gotta love technology
  21. There's a picture on the wall of my rented house with a beggar and these words "This house protected by extreme poverty" I really don't need any passwords
  22. I haven't lived in the US for a decade but it used to be that you had to have a regular number to get a toll free number. The last business that i had in the US had 5 lines, all separate numbers. If you called the main number, and it was busy, it "rolled over" to the next number. If you called the 800 number, it would come up on any of the lines that were open. What all that boils down to is that business has to have a regular number (area code) (standard 7 digit number) to have a toll free inbound line. I'd google the business and see if they had a website with a standard number or just google the business + (phone number) and see what comes up. They may not publish their local number but they have one.
  23. I don't use a password manager because I don't know where the data is kept. The ones that I looked at, if your computer is stolen the password manager is useless and if they take your password manager also, you are really in trouble. They may not be able to use the password manager but you don't know the passwords to your sites either. I found a tiny 8gb thumb drive and put everything on it. All my passwords, medical records, insurance stuff, a copy of everything in my wallet and a list of all my friends etc. Everything is encrypted except my friends list. It stays on my key chain and no one ever notices it. If something happens, chances are that I will have my keys and you can find computers anywhere. Just pop the drive in and call some of my friends to come rescue me. I broke my hip and spent 6 days in the hospital. They have some great "joy juice" in that place. Never felt a single pain. I also could barely tell you my name, much less remember my families phone numbers. My little toy saved me.
  24. I'll have to try that. I'm finding that the USPS is quickly becoming about as bad as the Mexican mail system. I ordered 4 pairs of shorts and Amazon sent them USPS to a US address. Vanished completely. Amazon reshipped by UPS and they arrived in time to be brought down. The last time I had something sent USPS was a small printed circuit board and it cost $18 to ship and they wanted $51 to add a tracking number. It took 7 weeks to make it from AZ to here.
  25. I have bank accounts with Wells Fargo and ALLY. Ally gives a better rate and refunds any ATM charges plus has a higher daily rate
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