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  1. no. Leaf cutters are farmers, they want the leaves to grow fungus. The small ants are "sugar ants", they will eat almost anything but love sugary things. Go buy a small bottle of pancake syrup and some boric acid (hardware store). Pour the syrup into a glass container and warm it in the microwave. Add 1 tablespoon of boric acid to the syrup and mix well. Let cool and put back in the squeeze bottle. Put a drop or two wherever you see the ants and wait. The ants ingest it and take it back to the nest to feed the queen, who will die. Then the whole colony will die. Takes a few days, so be patient. Boric acid in small quantities is safe, in fact, it is used as a preservative in some foods so there is no real danger to pets. Windex works wonders to kill them on counters etc and is safe also. The trick with the Boric acid is to not use too much. The ants have to survive long enough to get back home or they will die on the way and the queen will not die.
  2. Just set up a mail forwarder out of the states. Sol & Luna, Handi Mail and iShop all provide that service for around $15 a month. They all will accept packages also. It is none of anyones business where you live. The government do not own you, you own the government. I tell the Mexicans where I live because I'm a guest in their country, but I no longer live in the US so it is not any of their business.
  3. Almost everything that is not a local land line phone to local land line phone call goes on the net somehow and is recorded by the NSA or some other intelligence operation. There is NOTHING, let me say that again, NOTHING that is 100% secure. However, the chances of someone going after you individually is so close to zero that it doesn't even register. Your big problem, my big problem and everyone elses big problem is the information that is stored in huge data banks somewhere with millions of other peoples information.You would be surprised just how many people have your information. 1. Governments 2. Banks 3. Insurance companies 4. Credit card companies 5. Retailers 6. Medical (doctors, hospitals, drugstores etc) I looked at it one day and came up with more than 20 data banks that have my information. You can buy "information packets" off the web for $.40-$.60 a packet so It doesn't make any sense to go after you individually. Thieves want millions of packets to sell so they go after the data bases. Don't worry about how you give it out, worry about who you give it to. Give as little as possible to as few places as possible and hope that they can protect it.
  4. That may be true but expats are having all kinds of problems with banks and investment houses because of FATCA on both sides of the border. Many banks worldwide will not even open a bank account for a US citizen anymore. They just don't want the reporting paperwork so the easiest thing is to just not have any American accounts. As far as any of my banks, investment brokers etc know, I live in a PO Box in Laredo. I just "vacation in Mexico" a lot. Been doing that for a decade.
  5. If you have a US based phone, the latest scam goes like this: Someone calls and says something then asks "can you hear me?" If you answer "Yes", they will continue the conversation and you can end up with a phone purchase because they splice together a tape and use the "Yes" to show you approved the purchase. Always something new to watch out for.....
  6. Have your relatives buy a scanner, scan anything important and send it email. Anything that I have to send back, I FAX. I have a US Vonage phone number and for some reason, a FAX is generally accepted rather than an email attachment. Or, any of the mail services here will take mail to the US and get a US mail stamp when it is mailed. Windows has a FAX built in. I've lived in MX for a decade and none of the banks, brokerages etc know where I live. As far as anyone knows, I live in TX.
  7. I find you get what you pay for. I've had the same housekeeper for years and pay her better than any number mentioned here. She never misses a day, always does great work and is totally honest. Inflation is beginning to hit here so keep that in mind.
  8. I guess opinions vary. I was talking to someone in Cleveland today and it was in the teens and she said she liked the winter. I like watching it snow. I can sit and watch it on TV all day long........... I was living in Albuquerque 10 years ago and it snowed 28" and no one seemed to notice. I looked at that and got on the web and found this place. If it ever snows 28" here, I'm outta here also
  9. jrm30655


    Thanks. That's what I think also. Been there before, good place
  10. jrm30655


    Anyone know where this restaurant is? Somewhere west of Ajijic, mountain side is all I know. Good directions appreciated
  11. I've used Dental Express for the past 9 years and been happy both with the service and price. Had several extractions and several crowns plus fillings etc. In the process of having a bridge made at the moment.
  12. T. Falcon lived here for many years before she died a few years ago. T said that there was no road between Chapala and Ajijic and the Hollywood crowd brought their boyfriends/girlfriends here to party. If their mates showed up, they had to come by boat from Chapala and someone would call and warn them to ditch the lovers before their spouse arrived. T said there were some great parties in Ajijic down on the lake that would go all weekend. I live here because of the view of the lake and mountains.
  13. I haven't lived in the US for a decade but it used to be that you had to have a regular number to get a toll free number. The last business that i had in the US had 5 lines, all separate numbers. If you called the main number, and it was busy, it "rolled over" to the next number. If you called the 800 number, it would come up on any of the lines that were open. What all that boils down to is that business has to have a regular number (area code) (standard 7 digit number) to have a toll free inbound line. I'd google the business and see if they had a website with a standard number or just google the business + (phone number) and see what comes up. They may not publish their local number but they have one.
  14. Most electric clocks now run off of internal oscillators. When they actually ran off of 110vts, they depended on line frequency. Today, oscillator chips are much cheaper than motors. The frequency should be pretty stable since the MX grid is tied into the US grid. MX sells power to southern US everyday in the summer.
  15. I think what they are talking about is what AT&T Uverse is in the US. They bring a fiber optic cable to the distribution box, set in a second box with DSL cards and run DSL throughout the neighborhood. With Uverse, AT&T could get a minimum of 24 MB down and about 2mb up. They split the signal at the router into 4 X 6mb feeds which gave you 3 TV downloads and a computer tap. We could reprogram the feeds and often did for game players into 5,5,5 and 9mb splits. If TELMEX is quoting 10mb with new equipment, they are just looking for money. I'm getting 10mb now (9.5 down, .5 up) and I live on top of the hill.
  16. Unless you need off site access, a NAS is a pain to keep up.  I set one up and eventually abandoned it.

    Instead I bought a PROBOX from Amazon for about $100 and 2 2TB regular 5.25 drives and 2 1TB drives.

    I took the main 2TB drive and split it into 2 folders.  Then I set up to copy both folders to the 2nd 2TB drive and each folder to one of the 1TB drives.

    If you run Windows "Synctoy" is powerful and can backup automatically.  On Linux "Luckybackup" will also do the same thing.

    By doing it this way, I have 2 backups of everything on the master.

    These copy programs are really quick.  They can update everything within a couple of minutes.


  17. Try *2222 and ask for English. TelMex has a service center in the US somewhere. If you hang in long enough you can get there. You used to have to punch 2 to get the internet service. Just use "Internet English" and you will eventually get someone.
  18. If you are going to store fabrics for long periods, you need to seal them in plastic bags and make sure that they have low moisture when you store them. For 8 months of the year it is dry here but the other 4 months are damp and things will mold. Those bags you can vacuum out and seal will really make a difference with clothes, however they tend to leak over time and re-expand.
  19. at my age, a little glow would be appreciated
  20. During WWII, the US government sent some soldiers down to the west end of the lake because there was rumors that the Germans were up to something in this area. The soldiers "saw" just enough to remain stationed here during the war. I'd imagine that if they had been sent to the Arctic they would not have seen anything. Something about the good weather and cheap beer probably helped the sightings..............
  21. Someone sends up those paper balloons occasionally. I've seen them several times between 2 and 3am. There's also some people that have those quad rotor toys that fly them occasionally over the lake. The first time I saw the balloons, they really looked weird. With my telescope, I could see the flicker of the flames. I don't think we are being invaded by aliens, just snowbirds.
  22. I don't care about the brand, just the quantity. Obviously, I'm quitting too early
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