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  1. I've lived here 9 years and never had any real problems. The only thing that I worry about is things I eat raw that grows close to the ground; strawberries, lettuce etc. If you cook veggies, it will kill everything bad. I caught Salmonella at one point and my old doctor told me to never eat anything raw in a restaurant. Conditions in kitchens here vary greatly. He said he just washes with water everything at home and has never had any problems.
  2. A typical Mexican solution. You are going native on us......... A tube of silicone adhesive will hold the old pieces together. It's holding my pedestal table base together. (I didn't have a piece of wood). Make sure it is "adhesive", there is a difference
  3. I'm all for saving the kiddies but they are the wrong kind. They should have put in the rattler topes. If a motorcyclist hits one wrong, you have a spill and someone hurt, so the motorcycle guys whip out into the other lane. I almost hit one head on in my lane the other morning with the full sun in my eyes. I saw him at the last moment.
  4. Many, many years ago, I was working at a TV station in Atlanta and we were getting phone calls where someone was playing loud music in the phone. This had been going on for some time and the receptionists were not happy. The next call that came in, I listened until the music dropped off, figuring they were listening to see if the receptionist had hung up and started pounding the phone on the desk and screaming and cussing the caller. I finished up saying "And don't ever call here again. Understand?" This little girls voice said "yes sir". I felt about 2" tall but it stopped the calls......
  5. I bought some years ago at one of the big drug stores but I have no idea which one. Farmacia Guadalajara would be my guess. If that fails, I'd try the hardware store next to TelMex in Ajijic. I've never asked for anything there that they couldn't find somewhere in the store.
  6. I have no idea if we have the best or second best weather in the world, but during the rainy season, we have some fantastic thunderstorms, the best I've ever seen that weren't terribly destructive. I live up near the top of Villa Nova and from my house, I can watch them coming up the lake. The really good ones seem to come from the east. The really good ones seem to start about 2am and run until dawn. A really good storm will have lightning that is almost continuous for hours. Mother Nature putting on one of her best shows......
  7. You can go on YouTube and see how it is really done. A "steel" does not sharpen. When you use a knife the edge tends to bend because it is so fine. A "steel" simply straightens out the edge again so it cuts better. Sharpening a knife actually removes metal and resets the angle. When I worked in a restaurant kitchen, a guy would come around about every 8 weeks and sharpen knives for $10 a knife. He had a machine and they were sharp as razors. Knives will stay sharp for months if properly handled. Never put one in a dishwasher. Wipe it down with a damp cloth, DRY it and wipe it down with a drop of olive oil and store it in its holder. Never let the edge touch anything that you are not cutting. There's a town about 40 miles south of here (Sayula?) that has a plant that manufactures some of the best knives I've ever seen and they are cheap. Take her down there and turn her loose and she will go crazy.
  8. Life expectancy has been growing at about 1 month per year sine the 1940s. People born today can reasonably expect to live int their 90s or 100s I always love listening to the old farts that are 100+. They always say something like "The doctors tell me not to do ..........., but I do. The doctors die and I live on"
  9. Parking has always been a problem, especially during snowbird season and it is getting worse. A decade ago, there were half the cars there are now. I had a friend who was here 40 years ago. There were two cars in town. Parking was not a problem
  10. I lived at 6 Corners for a year. I had a deal with the owner of the shop across the street from my garage. He could park in front of my garage during business hours and if I needed out, I'd walk across the street and have him move his truck until I got out. When I got back, I'd beep and he'd move his truck so I could get in. It worked out great. He had a place to park during the day to take stuff into his store and I had a watchman that watched my house. No one else could park there because it was already taken.
  11. Dropbox has the advantage if you need to send a file to multiple places because you can send it to Dropbox and it can be downloaded to multiple places simultaneously at a high speed. Dropbox also has the advantage that it will restart loading if interrupted. I leave my laptop running and upload all night when I have big files
  12. You used to be able to buy Lime Away at SuperLake. I've also seen it at the "Dollar Store" on the south side of Ajijic Plaza. I haven't bought it in a couple of years so I have no idea if they still carry it.
  13. Lots of sirens in West Ajijic today. What is happening?
  14. Ex CIA guys are good at this. They can make it look like you are in Russia.
  15. My gardener goes around with something and spays the exterior walls with something 1-2 times a year. The only scorpion I've seen in 8 years came in on a box from the grocery store. Mosquitoes vary with the year. Some years they are horrible, some years, non existent. The people and the weather are always great.
  16. I consider driving in Ajijic, especially in snowbird season, as being a test of dexterity and reflexes. What's a few golf carts in the mix? I used to think flying an F-4 in combat required good reflexes, but I never had to dodge cows, horses, dogs, cats, pedestrians, kids on bicycles, motor bikes cutting in and out, busses etc, just a few missles. Rather tame compared to driving in Ajijic.
  17. I have no idea where they live but they are indestructible. I had a greenhouse in the US and nothing seemed to kill them. Then I ordered 1000 wasp of some kind. Came in a tube the size of a hypodermic needle. They were so small that I could barely see them but they did the trick. Killed all the white flies within a week.
  18. It's not like you are going to lose your citizenship just because your passport expires, so no big panic. I think in 9 years, I've need mine about 10 times. I used to need it for immigration but now have a Permanente card so that is gone. Think I need it for a drivers license every 4 years and I think I had to show it for an INAPAM and Seguro Popular. They will let you back into the US, no problem. If you go to Guad, you will have it back in 3 weeks, if you go to the LCS or American Legion, it is back in about 4 weeks. Or if you are going to the states, you can get it expedited while there in 3-5 days
  19. Over the past decade 2 small packages sent USPS/Mex mail have not arrived. I blamed the Mex Mail, however, Amazon shipped 2 packages USPS to my daughter in the states and neither ever arrived, so it could be the USPS
  20. US passport will take almost any pictures, no problems. I used Farn Guad photo with no problem, just had to get the size right
  21. Motorcyclists, bicycles and livestock are exempt from traffic rules. I'm sure that is in the Mexican traffic rules somewhere because none of those obey any traffic laws.
  22. After living here 9 years, I've seen almost everything on the roads. The theory seems to be "Live and let live. Don't hit anything or let anyone hit you". Beyond that everything seems to be legal as long as a cop is not around. Signs and traffic lights are just "suggestions". Dogs, cats, kids, pedestrians, horses and cows have the right away at all times. You learn to drive defensively and ignore all the violations, otherwise you will go crazy.
  23. If you have spare time, the thing to do is to just string him along. If you work it right, you can run him all over town for a few hours before you tell him that you have dropped the money off at the police station and he can go to the police station and pick it up. When you are retired, you have time to screw with people like that.......
  24. I would try the "Dollar Store" south side of the Plaza in Ajijic. They have all kinds of sizes. Ask the clerk because they keep them out of sight somewhere
  25. I found Citronella oil in El Toritos. In the cleaning aisle as best I remember
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