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  1. A bit off the subject, but......

    When I lived in GA, I lived in a rural area.  One of my neighbors put in a hot tub.  It was one of those partially in the ground deals.  He bought the tub and hired some people to dig the hole and get it in place.  Then he called me to help him wire it.  I don't remember exactly how much power it took but a lot.

    We got it wired up and he filled it up.  Ran the well dry twice doing it.  He tried it out and said it was great....

    In GA, it can get to 100+ in summer and below freezing a lot in the winter.  Plus, it rains a lot in GA and we have hardwoods that drop leaves all year.  He was always having to remove water and leaves, so he called me and wanted to build a gazebo to protect it.  So, we, did, out of redwood, benches all around, wood shake roof, etc.  Looked great.  I have no idea what that cost.

    When winter hit and he got the power bill, he about had a heart attack, but you can't just cut them off or they will freeze.  In summer, it is not too bad.  Doesn't take much power when it's 100 degrees outside.  

    The next fall, I looked out and he was filling it in with topsoil and planting shade tolerant plants in it.

    When I kidded him about it, he said that he had figured out that he and his wife could go to the Holiday Inn twice a month, enjoy their hot tub, sauna, pool and get a free breakfast and come out cheaper.





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  2. 2 hours ago, TheBestSideOfTheWall said:

    Makes sense. And it must work. I haven’t seen an evil spirit since I got here. A few cranky old men but no evil spirits. 

    I had a cat that claimed I needed him to keep the elephants out of the garden.  He got himself run over and the elephants didn't return.

    We have probably scared all the evil spirits away for the next few centuries.


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  3. I came here a decade ago and decided not to buy a house, to just rent.  I also looked at the banking here and decided there was no way I wanted to deal with any of them.  Things have probably improved in the last decade, I really haven't looked.  I don't have any bank accounts here and get along just fine.

    If you are looking for just straight investment for income, the Caymans are great.  They handle a lot of huge funds, have the people and the experience and run under British law.

    Lots of really good investment houses there.

    Mexico is growing rapidly which should mean that there are good investment opportunities here but I don't understand the legal system or speak the language well enough to handle my own stuff here, so I go else where.



  4. I live in Villa Nova and occasionally, there will be a "marching band" practicing somewhere around here in the middle of the night.  They definitely need the practice.

    The very first night I was in MX, in April 2008, there was one practicing at 4am on Guadalupe-Victoria just outside my window.  That's when I knew why they didn't let me bring my gun into MX.



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  5. I lived on Hildago, just a couple of houses from 6 corners.  parking was always at a premium.

    There was a family that owned a bodega across the street and we had a deal.  They parked their truck in front of my garage.  If I wanted out I just walked across the street and they would back the truck out, I'd get out and tell them roughly how long I'd be gone.  When I came back, I'd beep the horn and he'd move the truck, I'd get in the garage and he'd park in front of the doors again.  

    It worked great.  He had a guaranteed parking spot and I knew who was parked there.

    The kids played soccer in the street and they'd kick the ball over the wall.  I'd let them in to get the ball and if it was in one of the trees, go get a pole to get it out.  They were always polite and always said thanks.

    In a year, I never had any problems at all.

    About 6 months after I left, the people that rented it next saw me and were bitching and moaning about the neighborhood.  He had called the cops several times about people parking in front of the garage and he said he had a big collection of soccer balls.  They had been robbed twice and were very unhappy.

    I never had any of those problems.  The kids stood guard while I was gone.  They knew that I was a good guy that always got their ball back.

    Being a good neighbor works almost everywhere in the world, including Mexico.  






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  6. I do auditing of apartment rates in the US over the net.  Most apartments (2 br) charge $45-65 a month for water, sewer, trash.  Electrical will average $100-200 a month depending on climate and type of stove.  I hear these prices and just cringe.  My average electrical bill per YEAR is around $200US.

    Electricity may be "expensive" in MX, but you use a lot less because of the climate

  7. 10 hours ago, gringal said:

    Maybe a lot of them are hearing impaired.

    The positive side:  Without the Snowbirds, we probably wouldn't have such a variety of decent restaurants.  They probably keep the books balanced.


    They do help support the economy, although not as much as in the past.  More than anything else, they bring new topics of conversation.  I dearly love listening to them bitch about things NOB

  8. Amazon has an "Amazon essentials" keyboard for around $11. (USB corded).  I buy a couple at a time and they last about 2 years before I wear the letters off.

    Kaliber Gaming makes a backlit keyboard for about $40 (Amazon US USB corded also).  They are full sized and heavy duty. I just bought one and it has a good feel and sound when typing.

    Gaming keyboards are built to take a beating.

    If you want a real keyboard look for one with mechanical switches.  The cheap ones just have a rubber piece with a contact on the backside and the rubber returns the keys.  Eventually the rubber wears out and weird things happen.  They are expensive but last.



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  9. I left Salvadors this morning headed home.  I have to turn left onto the Carreterra.

    Since the cross road is wide there, I pull up into the center and put on my blinker.  That way, there is enough room for someone turning right to get by me on the right and a full lane on the left for people turning in.  Traffic is heavy and a guy is on my right trying to turn right.  There is still a full lane to my left.

    Suddenly, I look up and a woman in a land yacht is turning left off the Carreterra headed directly at both of us.  Where she thought she was going was beyond me, there was plenty of room to my left.

    Now, she has a mini gridlock going on, blocking everyone in all directions

    I backed up and let her in.  When she passed, I checked the tag.  

    Yep, a Snowbird.

    I do hope she brought plenty of money to spend and improve the economy.........


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