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  1. I just helped someone return another vehicle to Canada.... it is just too expensive and too much trouble to nationalize. (No fee involved, just helping a friend)

    We are often warned to be very careful who we engage to assist with nationalization. Here is a bit of a rant from the other side of the transaction.

    Some of the reputable people, who have been doing this for years, have had their reputations dragged through the mud because some broker provided a false document along the way. What is really ironic is that some Americans and Canadians who do not have legal title to the vehicles they have been driving have given money to someone to import their vehicle, fully knowing that it can not possibly be imported, without someone providing a phony title along the way...... then, when the vehicle gets stuck on the US side of the border, or the car is impounded in Mexico... they extort money from the person they hired to import the vehicle.

    I know two Mexican business people who had to pay their client for vehicles, unsuccessfully imported..... to avoid having their reputations ruined or being accused of stealing the vehicle and taking it to the US.

    Take your car back to its home country and sell it, or pay someone to do it for you. And if you do not have the title for your car, do not be an A hole and try and persuade some poor sucker to "take care of it" for you.

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  2. Before trying any fast watercraft, I suggest kayaking. There are many hidden trees and fences under the water. It is very shallow in places. Kayaking would allow you to learn about where these objects are, and where it would be safe to jetski.

    The experience of kayaking is just amazing. Try it!

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  3. Just wanted to let you all know that the volunteers at Upscale Resale are working on expanding our use of the internet, including using Chapala.Com free Classified Ads and Mercado Libre, for some of the bigger items such as musical instruments.

    There are a lot of great Thrift shops and Bazars in Riberas and, it appears, quite a few people from Guadalajara have made that discovery.

    The volunteer staff at Upscale Resale are always open to hear ideas, answer questions or concerns. They love to tell you about the two organizations that this effort supports:

    Hope House and La Ola

    You can read more about Upscale Resale consignment shop here: http://shopupscale.webs.com/ Feel free to phone or send email via the link provided on that site.

    Its a great day to spend some time in Riberas visiting Upscale Resale and all of the non profit thrift shops in the area. All support worthy causes.

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  4. I've been reading an interesting blog by a lady living lakeside who does not have a car and she seems to get by fine without one. However I get the feeling that she is definitely in the minority. Obviously many locals make do without one, but how many expats live here without a car?

    I lived without a car for three months, after moving here. I had visited, many times, without a car. You do not need one. I used to drop about 5 - 10 pounds each visit here because I walked 5 -10 miles a day. After getting a little car, I gained thirty!!

    A car, if you live in walking distance to groceries and a farmacia, is not a necessity. You can rent a car, once a month or so, when you want to do a little more exploring. You can take one of the organized bus trips to Guadalajara if you want to go to the big stores and there are always taxi's for the evening.

    I bought my car because I wanted to drive and explore other parts of Mexico. I wish it would refuse to drive anywhere I could walk to. ^_^

  5. Also try joining the facebook group expats in mexico. A lot of the members are in their 20s and 30s and some live in the guadalajara area. There are thousands of American/Mexican couples moving to Mexico from the states though many settle near border towns. I know there is a group in the guadalajara area for sure.

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